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$ 50.00 (2011-02-27)
As ordered am very pleased thank you, Gerry is very good to deal with. The delivery was incredible and well packaged.

Webster - Canada
Khaki Bush Jacket (2011-02-18)
Very pleased with jacket.After a few washes, it felt like I'd had it for years.Plastic buckle & belt length aside,It was great value for money and a very quick delivery time.

B.Jones - GB
Officers Bush Jacket (2011-01-28)
Lovely jacket, well made and just the right style. Just a little bit of tweeking and it's perfect.
And as always the near light speed shipping!

Squiers - US
Researcher (2011-01-19)
I never have this jacket brfore but really love it!

UK Belted Jacket (khaki) (2011-01-17)
WPG sent the jacket via FEDEX... So, I paid US$ 150.00 of custom taxes... Next time, please, send by MAIL, which does not pay taxes. Thanks.

Fernando A. Silva - Brazil
perfect (2010-12-23)
WPG always satisfies my needs.

Thomson - CA
Tim (2010-10-22)
Great product, sized correctly and well made!

Watson - NZ
British Khaki Safari Jacket (2010-10-20)
Excelent jacket, but the belt is very long.
The color is ok...
Thanks WPG.

Fernando Augusto da Silva - Brasil
Great! (2010-09-17)
I''m very pleased with this jacket. The item arrived quickly, and it was just as described. About the sizing: I just ordered my normal size (38R) and the fit was pretty good. It was even better after I washed it and let it hang dry. Thanks for offering this great product!

Sammy - Arkansas
I'm happy (2010-09-16)
Nice jacket, good quality at good price, sturdier than I thought. Very fast shipment. Size 40 fits me perfect, none of the issues with too long sleeves told by other customers. Belt a bit too long, but not a real issue.
Definitely I will recommend WPG to my friends.

Gil - ES
Mr (2010-09-11)
Absolutely superb!

Brown - GB
Desert Khaki (2010-09-02)
Very nice Jacket. Exchanged for a 36, much better fit, excellent shipping time to the other side of the world here in Hawaii! Just 5 days! Will enjoy jungle trekking with it.

Short - US
The Right Stuff (2010-08-25)
I read all of the reviews regarding the Belted Bush Jacket ... and ordered a 44L (I usually wear a 43L suit coat). The fit was very good -- made even better after cold water laundering. I agree that the plastic belt buckle is a downer, but after a thorough search, I found a PERFECT replacement at Burberry's where they revitalize raincoats and stock attendant parts. (Google Images also produced some good possibilities.) This jacket is great looking and a huge bargain. Most others will cost you FOUR times as much. The color is a darker, browner khaki than most people might recognize, but it is very handsome.
In doubt? Go for it ....

Edward A. S. - Chicago, IL USA
Excellent! (2010-08-17)
I oredered one in the OD and liked it so much that I bought one in khaki. It was missing a belt loop, but WPG customer service sent me the missing piece immediately. Great product and service.

Kotte - US
Great jacket... (2010-08-08)
...and super fast delivery. Thanks!

Parup - DK
received in very good time, and I was impressed with the quality of the jacket. The material is of very good quality, and the cut and style is spot on. I took the risk of ordering the correct size rather than the larger size recommended, and i am glad that I did as the fit was perfect, but if you are tall then yes you do need the "long". I am fairly well built in the shoulders and arms, and there was plenty of room. The only difficulty I had was in the rolling back of the sleeves as my forearms are quite large, however as I bought it for a trip to Africa rather than for re-enactment purposes this is not a problem,and keeping the sleeves down will keep the mozzies out! I will no doubt be buying more from this site and I hope future purchases turn out to be as good. thank you WPG!

Haley - GB
Mr. (2010-07-11)
Superfast overseas delivery.
Super quality bush jacket.
Could not be found anywhere else.
I am delighted

Toerzs - DE
British Officers Bush Jacket (2010-07-02)
A really nice bush jacket and by the time I''ve washed it a few times and tweaked the fit a little it will be perfect. I also bought the matching KD officers trousers and after shortening they will be just as good.
Most impressive was the delivery time - 4 days and the shipping rate was very reasonable for the two items.
I''ve now bought quite a few items fom WPG and would recommend them to anyone for quality and service.

David - United Kingdom
Excellent!!!!! (2010-06-30)
The jacket is very well tailored and the material of excellent quality. I'm not familiar with originals of this type but it is as well made and stylish as a Willis and Geiger I own. In fact I like the WPG jacket more. The plastic buckle is easily switched out with leather versions sold online or in fabric shops. GREAT BUY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Harris - US
khaki bush jacket (2010-06-03)
as usual, these clothes are made in high standard !

Wassenaar - NL
fantastic safari jacket (2010-05-13)
Great jacket! Fits true to size e (38R for me). You can pay much more for a lesser jacket elsewhere.

Downsides: belt loop and buttons plastic. Rear belt straps aren't that useful.

Chudobiak - CA
Jacket, bush, khaki belted (2010-05-10)
The jacket not only looks good, but is also well built and the cloth quality is good. I wear a size 42, ordered 42 and found it quite roomy, I can still wear a jumper underneath. So the fit is true to size, only the sleeves are a bit too long and wide. The button holes, especially on the pockets, are almost too snug for the buttons. But these are all minor things any tailor worth his salt can fix. And at this price I won''t say anything about the plastic belt buckle...! Thank you also for your speedy and reliable customer service, this is something you don''t find that often anymore!

Philip - UK
Col. (2010-04-28)
Received belted bush jacket, kaki officers trousers, rank pips and G.S. cap. All items are of excelent quality and compare well to my Dad's uniforms worn in the Western Desert,and Italy. Thanks for your diligence reflected in these items.

Conkey - US
Mr (2010-04-21)
This product was perfect. I put them in the dryer for 15 minytes and the wrinkles were gone. good fit!

MacMullen - US
Bush Jacket (2010-04-20)
A very stylish Jacket. I wear a 42R and ordered a 40R, fits perfect. The only complaint is the oversized Belt .

Rueegg - CH
Bush Jacket (2010-04-16)
This is a superb Bush Jacket. Its material is quite sturdy and is good to wear
anytime of the yea, it helps me to achieve the Higgins look. I will recommend WPG to my friends and Family and I plan on purchasing more from WPG. I

Antony - US
UK Belted Bush Jackets (Khaki) (2010-04-04)
Well made jacket! The belt needed to be shortened, and I replaced the buckle with a brass buckle from the cloth belt of a USMC dress green uniform. The lower pockets are not as huge as the ones on jackets I have seen worn by General Slim, and other UK and American officers, but I suppose there was a lot of variation.

Paul - US
Belted Bush Jacket (Khaki) (2010-04-03)
Very good quality and a fast delivery. Size 38 is a much better fit than 42! I will definitely order more from What Price Glory.

Brockwell - GB
Bush Jacket (2010-03-22)
I ordered the 42 R which fit me well. The cloth is substantial and will last quite a long time; workmanshit excellent. The order arrived more quickly than expected. I can forsee ordering another one in the future - pleased with the quality AND the price.

O''Donnell - US
UK Belted Bush Jackets (Khaki) (2010-03-11)
Needs to be laid some days on the sun to degrade a bit the colour but it's a good item.

del Horno - ES
UK Belted Bush Jackets (Khaki) (2010-03-05)
Perfect fit, just have to bleach it to make it a little older looking.

Riedel - NL
Great RAF Jacket. (2010-02-02)
Having returned my size 40 for a size 38 which now fits me I am very pleased with this jacket.
Interestingly when I made an email inquiry about the replacement they asked if I had returned it to the EU address. What EU address? Returning an item from the UK to an EU address would have saved me money on the return postage. Perhaps you could make the EU address available when you send things to EU customers.
Still I am now looking forward to some good weather so I can ware it.

Paterson - GB
UK Belted Bush Jacket (2009-12-08)
Dear Lee,
Got my jacket the other day. Great fit and it looks sharp. Keep up the good work.

Stewart - US
Splendid (2009-12-02)
Splendid bush jacket, excellent craftsmanship and lovely cloth. Does seem to run over large, had to swap it for a smaller size and I could possibly have gone one smaller still.

Mr (2009-11-24)
Very good quality and a fast delivery. I hope to place another order for a UK Belted Bush Jacket (Khaki), but in a sightly smaller size. I can still use the larger sized one over a thin jumper.

Brockwell - GB
Excellent Quality and Service! (2009-11-03)
Great quality, great price, and great service! I submitted a last-minute order for Halloween, and Jerry was very helpful in making sure I received my order in time. Several of my friends will be ordering the Bush Jacket as a result. Well Done!

KRM - Atherton, CA USA
Very stylish... (2009-10-30)
Excellent quality as always and a great fit.

I ordered my usual size (46) in a long an find the torso fit is perfect.

Sleeves are perhaps a tad too long and the cuffs a bit too large when worn down (though the oversize cuffs do make it easy to roll up the sleeves) & I agree with other reviews re. the plastic belt buckle.

However, all these are easily fixed and the great quality of the material,construction and general over-all fit make a fantastic buy for the price which you can then easily tailor to your own personal preferences

Griffiths - AU
Excellent! (2009-10-15)
I am not a re-enactor, so I can''t speak on this item''s authenticity. I can speak to its quality.
Right out of the package, the item looks thick and sturdy. Inside the jacket, you can see reinforced shoulders, sleeves, and back. Pockets are large and roomy.
The color is a darker shade of khaki than you see in the photo.
Very well-done item.

Jacob - Texas/United States
Great Stuff!! (2009-09-24)
Ordered Belted Bush Jacket in size 42 for Halloween costume. Fit was perfect (have 42" chest, am 5'10" and have 36" waist; true to size, IMO) and jacket looks so good I'm gonna wear it the rest of the year! Fast shipping, great price. Always a pleasure to deal with WPG.

Icks - US
postage refund (2009-09-07)
I stated in my previous review that i thought that the postage for the 2 items that i bought was a little excessive considering they were both sent together.Well i am pleased to say that a refund of some of the postage hase been credited to my account.I would like to say a big thank you for your understanding and listening to your customers well done

graham - england
RAF bush jacket (2009-09-06)
Fits well. A couple of puzzling things. the waist belt is about 8" too long and the belt has loops with attaching straps that are supposed to with mate with the loops on the jacket.The belt has the male portion of a snap but the jacket is missing the corresponding female snap. I'll work around it but maybe you should ask the QA dept to look into it.

dralle - US
Belted Bush Jacket (2009-09-03)
I to-day received the belted bush jacket and Khaki trousers,Delivery was very quick and the items where well packaged
The quality of the garments are first class and the fit of the jacket is spot on for me,The trouser however are a little to long in the leg but can easily be shortened. The package over all was good.

Graham - England
Jacket (2009-08-26)
Item OK!---- Fast shipping

Cecchetti - IT
UK Belted Bush Jackets (Khaki) (2009-08-23)
The cloth seems thicker than what I am familiar with, but then my old one has lasted 30 plus years.

Irwin - US
Nice! (2009-08-22)
I've wanted a safari jacket for years now. Finally found one in the belted bush jacket. I take a 46 jacket, and their size 46R fits like a 46R in the chest and waist. Off the rack 46R's are big in the waist for me (I have a 14" suit drop; weights, yo), but the belt solves that problem. Anyway, it's a real 46; shoulder and chest fit perfectly.
Sleeves are a bit long, but I'm assuming that is the bush jacket style. Works for me as is.
The plastic buckle, as they say, is not very nice, but like everyone else, I'll be replacing it with a brass one.

Locklin - US
Bush Jacket (2009-08-16)
Super fast delivery time and great quality!

McGhee - US
UK Belted Bush Jackets (Khaki) (2009-08-08)
Very happy with my order. The jacket is very well made and is a good fit. It arrived quickly as well. The only problem now is that I need matching trousers.

Charles K - US
Mr. (2009-08-02)
Superior workmanship and first rate materials. The look is quite correct. recommend ordering on size smaller than normal: I am a perfect 42R jacket. The 40R Bush jacket fitted me well.

Caughlan - US
LTC (ret.) (2009-07-23)
Very nice fabric and overall good value for money. I wear a 43L so ordered a 44L. The fit was fine at the waist but a bit snug in the shoulders. Sleeves nice and long, but skirts a bit short. After washing in cold water and drying in hot dryer, the overall fit of the jacket was acceptable but the front hem was over an inch shorter than the back hem. Some of the button holes are also a bit snug, but all work. Service was outstanding. I'll probably order another in jungle Green.

Miller - US
Nice looking, overall very good quality, and perfect fit for me – the plastic buckle is the only thing I can find wrong, but for the money – it’s a bargain.

Abrahamson - DK
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