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Fantastic! (2014-08-09)
I've been shopping around for a shirt like this for a while, and this one nails it. I'm not barrel-chested, but this shirt makes me look pretty damn good. The color is perfect, the quality is very high, and the price makes it an overall stunning value. I'm going to buy another at the behest of my wife.

High five!

Bender - US
LOVE IT! (2014-08-05)
I have two of these shirts and love the look and feel. If it helps others with sizing I am approx. 5ft 10in, 42in chest and 33" waist - MEDIUM was the way to go.

AWESOME shirt and AWESOME customer service!

Vaughan - AU
New manufacturing method? (2014-07-31)
Love the smaller pockets and darker buttons. However, stitching integrity seems to be weak in areas like pen pocket flap corner and some other places. Returned 2 out of 3 shirts for stitch separation. Returned one for uneven seams. Disappointing.

Indy - US
New button color! (2014-07-29)
The latest run's slightly darker button color matches the fabric, as seen on 'Raiders.' Rated 4/5 due to stitching coming apart on one sleeve, and an exchange was no problem. I'm avg. height and wear a size 42 blazer, so the size M-R is very fitted like a screen-worn shirt, while a L-R (my normal size) fits more comfortably like a standard off-the-rack shirt. Overall good quality.

Frank - US
Big (2014-07-28)
I went by the sizing chart, but the shirt I received was absolutely enormous on me. It's such a splendid specimen, though, that I saved it for (a much larger) friend's birthday. I'll be ordering one for myself in the future, but using a bit of Kentucky windage on the sizing.

Simmons - US
Indy shirt (2014-07-27)
Awesome shirt very impressed with WPG service and delivery....ordered it and received it in less than a week! Shirt is dead on when it comes the color...other reviews complain about the thickness but this military issue it's supposed to be that any case I'm totally satisfied with this shirt

Aguayo  - US
This shirt rocks (2014-07-19)
I'm very happy with this purchase. The shirt looks and "acts" like Indy's shirts in the movies. I'm probably going to end up ordering one or two more of these so I can wear them more often. Fast shipping. Fair price. Great product!

Looks Great (2014-07-14)
This shirt looks like a perfect match for the Indy shirt.

Roger - US
Indiana Jones Style Shirt (2014-07-09)
EXCELLENT Customer Service! And EXCELLENT Shirt! I am getting married in a few days and planned an Indiana Jones theme garter toss. I planned everything out & ordered an Indiana Jones shirt from another distributor (who I will be nice & not give the name of) with plenty of time to get everything before the wedding. The other supplier was a little slow to get it here and when I got it & washed it to get out the packaging creases, the shirt started coming apart! With less than a week before the wedding, I e-mailed What Price Glory to see if they could get me a shirt delivered before the wedding. I was given a phone number & told to contact Jerry. I called Jerry & told him what was going on and that I needed an XL-Long Indiana Jones shirt. He checked and said he only had L-Long and XXL-Long. I told him my chest size and the sleeve length I needed and he made the extra effort of measuring some of the shirts while I was on the phone with him. We decided that I needed an XXL-Long. I was a little afraid it would be too big but I had to have one so I ordered it. He shipped the shirt as soon as he got off the phone with me and I got it 2 days later! I tried it on and it fits PERFECTLY! I washed it, put it in the dryer on low for a few minutes, tried it on again, and hung it up still damp to finish drying. All seams & stitching still perfect and still fits Perfect! I wish the material was just a little stiffer but other than that, the quality is Excellent and I WILL be ordering more later!

Kevin - Tennessee USA
Indiana Jones Shirt (2014-06-01)
Arrived quickly and fits the bill. I wear an XL, which I ordered. The sleeves were long but not a problem (a medium would have given me the right sleeve length but then I would not have been able to button the neck)as I expected to have the sleeves shortened. All in all, a nice facsimile to the Indy shirt I had been looking for. B.T.W. a decent price for the quality of the shirt.

Maldonado - US
Indiana Jones Shirt (2014-05-28)
Authentic copy of the film heroe's shirt. Very light cotton poplin - durable and with a good fit. Highly recommendable.

Pahn - DE
Indiana Jones shirt (2014-05-16)
Very impressed with the fit. The color and look are great! I will be wearing it on a regular basis and just ordered a second. Very nice over all.

Smith - US
Shirt (2014-03-27)
Good quality, good fit, but tail way too long

Morris - CA
No Shrinkage (2014-02-25)
Have put the shirt through its paces and the shirt does not shrink and wears well.

Mickey G - Sydney NSW Australia
Good Shirt (2014-02-05)
This is a nice looking garment that is form-fitting and well made. The only drawback is that mine is a little tight in the area under my arms and across my back at the base of my shoulder blades. Nonetheless, in all other respects, it fits well, looks great and feels comfortable.

Johnson - US
Indy Shirt review (2014-01-21)
The cut of this shirt is wonderful, so much so that I'll be wearing it with non-Indy clothing, it is simply great.
I was hoping for a more stone color, but I did notice it photographs lighter which may account for how it looks on screen.

Cosentino - US
Indiana Jones Shirt (2014-01-06)
Awesome shirt! Very fast shipping. Definitely worth the money. You cannot go wrong with this shirt. High quality material. Buy one now! No I am serious, buy one now!

Pusateri - US
Beautiful Shirt (2013-12-09)
The colour is perfect. The cotton is light weight and smooth. Great shirt for summer. The tail is just the right length. I bought this for my brother (L) size 40 and it will be a little big for him. Fits me perfectly and I am a (XL) size 42 however, being 100% cotton I imagine it will shrink. Once we put it though its paces I will order one for myself as this is a very nice shirt worth having in anybodies wardrobe.

Mickey G - Sydney NSW Australia
Perfect! (2013-12-03)
WPG's Indy shirt is brilliant. Perfect colour, cut and fit. I'm a 42" chest and 34" waist, and normally take a size L, but I followd the advice of the other reviews and ordered a medium(short). I needn't have worried because the shirt fit me perfectly. Initially it was a bit stiff, but a few good cold washes and lots of fabric conditioner made in wrinkle up beautifully(just like Indy's) and it's now my favourite shirt. It's quite form fitting too which gives you a slim look which I quite like and perfect for role playing or exploring ancient South American jungles.

Kam - GB
Great Indiana Jones Shirt (2013-10-24)
This shirt is great! I'll be wearing it for more than just Halloween!!

Grounds - US
Best Indy shirt out there (2013-09-30)
I have bought Indy shirts from 4 different companies WPG was ahead of the rest. Better cut, better material. So much so that I ordered 3! If you are looking for the Indy shirt... this is it!

Robert - Miami
Indiana Jones Shirt (2013-09-23)
Great shirt! The 2XL fit perfectly with the color and details looking spot-on. Also, a cold wash and line dry helped reproduce the characteristic wrinkles seen on Ford's shirt in the films. Overall, an excellent product that I would highly recommend!

Bakken - US
Indiana Jones shirt (2013-09-13)
An excellent replica and very well made. Definetly a must-buy for any serious Indy fan!

Russ - Los Angeles County
Fabulous shirt. (2013-09-11)
I now have ten of these shirts. I guess I must like them. Well made, excellent fit (M long, machine washed, hung dry for ease of ironing but they've been machine dried without undue shrinkage). Far and away the most comfortable shirts I own. Superior service, too; last time I wanted to order, my size was out of stock, WPG emailed me as soon as they were available again.

Binder - US
Sizing Info (2013-08-26)
Very nice shirt but I found the sizing chart confusing at first due to the measurements being the actual length of the material. I am 5''10" and have a 43" chest. I am 190lbs and have a 36" waist. I thought with the 48" chest and the 50" waist measurements of the ''large'' size that it might be a bit baggy on me but it was a perfect fit and no different to my other dress shirts.

Dave - Australia
Great shirt. Order big and long to fit correctly (2013-08-13)
I normally wear and XL shirt. I ordered a XXL Long and very happy I did.
Fits perfect.

Andrykowski - US
Indy Shirt (2013-08-13)
This was my second purchase of the same shirt - great quality, and screen accurate design and color. The best one yet.

Frank - US
Indy Shirt (2013-08-03)
Love this shirt! The color is spot on, and the quality and feel are durable enough to wear it every day. Best Indy shirt I've seen so far.

Frank - US
Indy Shirt (2013-06-24)
This is my 4th Indy shirt from WPG. I loved the first one so much, I never buy them any where else. I wear a medium in most shirts, this medium fits me better than usual. I will say that the color seemed to change more toward the Crystal Skull movie, and less like Last Crusade which had a cool grey tone to it. However, the shirt looks great with my Indy gear, (as well as jeans or chinos) and once I've ruined this one like I have the past three, Ill be back to buy another.

Denney - US
Got shirt (2013-06-21)
Exchange was handled smoothly and within a week from when they received my return, I got my new shirt. Perfect size! Now I am totally happy!

Al - US
Very nice (2013-05-28)
I received the shirt in exactly one week from ordering time and it is spot on to the movie version. Love the color and material for this shirt. Unfortunately, sizing issues got me and it was just a bit too snug. So I quickly sent it back for an exchange...Good customer service.

Al - US
Indy Shirt (2013-05-27)
Zehr gut! Perfect!

Cliffe - US
Indy Shirt (2013-05-26)
Best Indy shirt I have owned. Washed it when I got it and it feels great.

Shipping was unexpectedly quick.


Brondos - US
well made (2013-05-12)
Well made shirt and a really fast delivery time. The sizing charts could be better but at this price this is one of the best Indy shirts out there.

Alex - GB
Spot on sizing (2013-05-08)
I was a little leary of the sizing due to some other reviews. The large shirt that I ordered was perfect. Another high quality product from WPG.

Higbie - US
Too Short (2013-05-08)
Possibly the nicest shirt I''ve ever owned but I never wear it because of the poor fit. I ordered their largest, longest size and there is tons of girth in the body of the shirt. It is actually very poofy and has to be folded all around to try to tuck it in.

But the shirt is so short it will barely tuck in and I''m only 6'' tall. The back of the shirt is average length but the front will not stay tucked with even the slightest amount of movement.

Material quality feels rugged but there were a few poor quality stitches, particularly around some buttons that I didn''t expect with a shirt of this price. I contacted WPG immediately about the flaws and never received a response.

I wish I could have returned this shirt if they had replied to me. If they offered a shirt in a smaller waist and chest size with a much taller body I would love it. Disappointing to pay so much for what I thought would become my favorite shirt.

Matt - St. Louis, MO
Indiana Jone;s Shirt (2013-05-04)
As commented in an email to you all, this is one fine shirt. Meets all specs of the movie shirt and more. Fit is great. Colour is perfect and very well made. I would definitely recommend this shirt to anyone wanting said style and I will order again. Your turn around time was outstanding and customer service superb! I could not be more pleased.


Conly - US
Just like Indiana's shirt! (2013-05-01)
I wanted my husband to have the exact shirt as Indiana Jones and this is it. Great quality and it fits my husband perfectly. Very good quality shirt. He will wear it beyond his costume since it's very well made.

Liza B - US
Indy Shirt (2013-04-23)
Great shirt! Seems spot on! Thanks!

Doolittle - US
Great !!!! (2013-03-18)
Excellent service. Excellent product. 10 stars!

Aguilar - US
Mr. (2013-03-06)
This medium shirt fits me perfectly. Quality sturdy cotton. I wash cold and air dry. Fit still good. I have a large version that I wash and dry with impunity. If it fits you new, be careful how you wash.

Deane - CA
Mr. (2013-03-06)
Sturdy, quality shirt. Ordered large and machine wash and dry. Not as much shrinkage as anticipated. Ordered medium, I dare not machine dry.

Deane - CA
Very Nice (2013-03-06)
I really like the shirt. I have received several compliments. Very fast shipping I ordered on a Sunday and received it in central Texas Thursday.

Rider - US
good (2012-11-07)
Great quality shirt. I feel it's pretty screen accurate and it does not feel like a costume shirt. material is a bit stiff and will take some time to break in but once it does it will be superb. The epaulettes and full body pleats are spot on in my opinion. Pockets might sit a bit low. The fit is pretty good. Collar lays properly and does not ride too high on the neck. Sleeves are proper length. Chest and waste are good as well after a wash and dry (it does shrink up a bit with a dry). As for the length (i have a regular medium) it is very very long. probably good if you're always planning on having it tucked in. if you're like me and want to wear it as an every day shirt untucked... it's definitely too long. if the shirt length was closer to the sleeve length I'd call it perfect.

Roach - US
Indy shirt (2012-11-06)
An excellent replication of the original!

Will - CA
Perfect (2012-11-05)
I love that they come in tall sizes. My large tall fit perfectly. It's a quality shirt, not a costume piece. I wear it with jeans and no one notices.

Morrison - US
Great! (2012-10-29)
This is a beautiful shirt, very well made and good looking. I wore it this past weekend and it even stood up to some rainy weather in the early stages of Hurricane Sandy here in Maryland! The shipping was very swift, especially since the item shipped from Dubai. I would definitely recommend this item and vendor to anyone else. Thank you!

Schammel - US
Great shirt (2012-10-25)
A handsome shirt that is well made.

Sweeney - US
Indiana Jones Shirt ! (2012-10-22)
Postage was extremely fast and this is by far the Best replica of Indiana's shirt. In wrinkles right, shades right and they are to first company to get the yoke right on the back !
Excellent !
Keep up the great, great work !!

Peter - GB
Indiana shirt (2012-09-17)
This shirt is amazing! The cut and colour is just right, very authentic. It can be worn as part of a costume, or as an everyday shirt. Also, the stitching is flawless! A great shirt, designed to be worn by all and for all. Shipping was also incredibly fast, with no problem''s.

Simon - England
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