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Gurkha Shorts (2010-10-11)
Unlike most others, I had to exchange for a smaller size, froma 34 to a 32.
The fit in the waist is now correct but as a few others mentioned length is a bit long and will have to be hemmed.
Any chance of getting these as full length trousers? I use to have a pair from Banana Republic.
Original order delivery was VERY fast. I beleive it came from US location. Exchange delivery was quick and that came from thr UAE.

McGuire - US
very nice (2010-10-05)
service: world-class. could not be better. quick shipping to USA from Dubai, of all places.

shorts: quite nice. i am a 33 and bought the 34, they're a little too big, even after washing, so whoever said to buy a size large...i don't agree. the straps, i have to tighten in all the way. so the 34 is like a 34 that expands to maybe a 38 or something. i will probably buy the 32 as well.

pullen - US
Gurka Shorts (2010-09-11)
The shorts were of good quality and I've only asked that they be returned because of the "fit". The fast service was excellent. I will shop here in future.

Earl - US
gurkha shorts (2010-08-06)
I Love These Shorts! Promptly delivered, superior in expected quality. Just wish they came in black.

macleod - US
Gurkha shorts (2010-07-20)
Excellent! Just make sure to take accurate measurements of waist. I took a bit too large a measure and so must tailor. MY fault though. Will be buying another pair though this time with correct waist. But yeah, they are beauties! I love WPG!

MacDonald - US
Long on value, short on shipping time. (2010-06-29)
Great Item and shipping was unreal (FAST!!!). Originally ordered larger size and replaced. I have two pair in the 80s (they are now threadbare). I now have three more new pair from you guys. My daughter hates these, which makes me love them even more.
Thanks again
John T

Tillson - US
strategic planning advisor (2010-06-18)
Super shorts !Exact color, exact size, fine cut,nice fabric and finitions,and quick shipping. Only one problem: straps,low end buckles. WPG has to resolve it.

chalom - CA
Love them! (2010-06-12)
Worn this style pants along time ago...these are just as good! Service was great;quick and reliable.I will buy again

Claycomb - US
Double Good (2010-06-10)
Arrived is swift time and the quality looks good. I'm not very tall (5'8") and
having them altered for length. What I have found is that the military look
is not only timeless its also functional. Thanks so much

Romano - US
Gurkah (2010-06-09)
Back in the day when you could go to Bannana Republic and find these things...I loved my Gurkahs until I put on an inch in the waist!

Now BR is so yuppie, there is no sign of the old surplus stuff anymore! Glad I found them here and well priced compared to the high end nock offs

Ortiz - US
US Gurkha shorts (2010-06-02)
Perfect shorts, and VERY HARD to find.

Skinner - US
fast shipping, veryauthentic item

Heidrich - DE
shorts (2010-05-13)
great iteam as always

Wilson - US
Ghurka Shorts (2010-04-15)
Well made for the price,but due to strange buckle placement you need a "batman" to help you dress.Buckles need to be about 3inches closer to navel on each side,and the straps holding the buckles need to re-inforced with stitching to make them usable.Would gladly pay $20-30 more for better tailored shorts.

ghurka shorts (2010-04-07)
I have been looking for heavy cotton ghurkas for years. I wore out and out sized my last pairs. The fabric is a little shinier than I expected but....yippee...they fit great and are exactly what I wanted. Fast shipping. Thank you.

roope - US
Same problem as others concerning straps; probably should have ordered one size larger than my regular size.

Saliwanchik - US
Goorka Shorts (2010-04-03)
Very well made...I would advise one size larger(or carefully measure @ navel) because the adj. straps will custom fit them.And yes,they look best on a lad with some height and manly thighs!

Gurkha Shorts (2010-03-28)
These are exactly what I wanted. The color was fine, but I was under the impression from the photo that they were lighter. The service was fast and appreciated. I will definately purchase other items.

Larry, USA

Goldstein - US
Ghurka shorts (2010-02-16)
Brilliant! Originally ordered one size larger -- and they certainly were! Exchanged for my normal size, and they fit perfectly. Extremely fast shipping. Nice to know these are available somewhere.

Loughery - US
Ghurka Short (2010-01-21)
Beautifully made. Fast shipping. Am working my way up to the Irvin jacket. If it is as well made as these items, then the I will be thrilled. The value and quality of these shorts are phenomenal.

Wheeler - US
Mr (2009-12-26)
I ordered, based upon reading the comments of others who had purchased these short, one size larger than my typical short size (size 36 vs size 34)they are too large. so rma'd shorts back to CA for an exchange. Also i thought the buckle was a bit 'cheasy', but the overall quality was spot on.

Wolf - US
Correct size has arrived... (2009-11-10)
A word to the wise. When measuring your size for these shorts, remember that the size is a direct measurement of your waist size, measured about 1" above your navel, due to these shorts being designed to be worn high-waisted.

Also remember to take the measurement over the top of a shirt if you intend to wear them with a shirt tucked in.

I ordered the 44 based on the above and have found no problem with length of buckle straps etc. They are long (below the knee) but this was the style of these shorts compared with earlier models, and I find the cross-over strap method of fastening a lot more comfortable than the earlier front buckle method.

I suspect that I am a size in between 42 and 44, but you can't expect Jerry to carry a huge number of half sizes.

After all, this is military issue type kit and I suspect, as per 'back in the day', you'd take the best fitting size you could get and then take it to the nearest tailor for custom alterations.

Griffiths - AU
Too small but customer service response was top notch! (2009-11-06)
I'd made a mistake re. waist size when ordering these shorts, so placed another order for shorts in the correct size and requested that this order be deleted...

Due to WPG incredibly fast delivery, by the time I was requesting the above, the first order had already been shipped!

WPG, however, refunded me the cost of the first order and even now is trying to save me the postage cost of returning the first order of the too small shorts by trying to find someone in Australia who's after this size!

Told 'em, just give me an address to send them back to, & I'll pay the postage...

And I thought customer service had all but died out...

Nice work, WPG..keep it coming!

Griffiths - AU
Uk Gurkha shorts (2009-09-21)
Thin material. Some shrinkage after washing and a bad seam. Mediocre quality for some expensive shorts.

Stephen - Tennessee
Ghurka shorts (2009-09-06)
Arrived quickly to Australia which was remarkable, within days of order being confirmed. A very well made item and strongly constructed. Not a shoddy repro at all...

Finlay, R.G. - AU
UK Gurka Shorts (2009-09-02)
A little longer than I expected. Well made product and I was particularily impressed by the speedy skynet delivery.

Felsmann - AU
Ghurkha Shorts (2009-08-16)
I've been wearing this style of shorts for years. This was my first purchase with WPG -- the transaction met my expectations.

Resnick - US
Update (2009-05-26)
Had buckle straps moved 1" forward on both sides. Now fits perfectly. I''d suggest 1&1/2" as the buckle will then be mid-way in the holes.

Nice, airy shorts.

N.B. There are no rear pockets on these shorts.

John - Nevada, USA
Very Nice (2009-05-21)
Thank You.Very Nice Item.

Straps too short (2009-05-16)
Belt straps are too short? I''m a 35 and bought a 36. I have to suck in my gut to get the straps in the first hole (so what are the extra three holes for?) The shorts fit perfectly in the waist and seat so I don''t want to buy a 38. I suppose that the buckle straps could be re-sewn an inch closer to the front but why should I have to go to the trouble and expense?

John - Reno, US
Mr. (2009-05-04)
Like almost everyone else says, the straps are too short. I ordered a much bigger waist size, and still the straps are short. I don't remember the original version being that way. Regardless, a good affordable product and excellent service

Rose - US
Ghurka Shorts (2009-05-03)
Well made but sizing appears a little off as mentioned by others. Also, length a little too long for my taste.

Tuck - US
A great well-made find (2009-04-04)
I've searched for Gurkha shorts, and these are the first I've found that are both well-made and affordably priced. The sizing was a bit off with mine, though. I ordered my regular waist (38), but found that cinching the waist straps was next to impossible. I think it's not so much that the waist is too small, but that the straps are too short (as mentioned previously). Perhaps trying a size 40 would solve my problem, but I'd still suggest lengthening those straps....

Tarr - US
Gurka shorts (2009-03-27)
Excellent service. Perhaps for the bigger guy the waist straps could be longer with a few more holes.

roberts - CANADA
Great ! (2008-09-26)
Shorts arrived Wednesday! They are great...thanks so much!

Steve Davis - USA
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