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Khaki hose (2012-05-09)
Well made, fit nicely, but more olive than khaki. The shipping cost was a bit breathtaking, making the total price the same as everyone else, so no great bargain. Overall, though, fair price for the product.

Kinnear - US
Outstanding! (2012-05-09)
I wear the heck out of these hoses!

Concon - US
Long khaki socks (2012-04-27)
Really nicely made, comfortable and just the ticket. Oh, and yes, your delivery arrived by rocket :)) many thanks

Jelley - GB
85riv (2012-04-20)
Item as advertised, small hole in side of heel. Fit is fine

Stumpf - US
UK khaki Full Hose (2012-04-06)
"Blitz deliverly!"
Advice for german customers: DHL, Fedex or UPS and evade this bad GDSK-joke.
Nice item.

Brosch - DE
Kahki Hose (2012-03-23)
A good pair of hose that just aren't soldier proof. The darting/stitching at the fold-over gave way in mine when trying them on. Be gentle with these when pulling them up!

Atkinson - AU
Mr. (2012-03-20)
Arrived quite quickly and seem to be of good quality but are a little wide in the foot and are more green than expected

Banks - GB
brit stockings (2012-03-14)
nicely made, very good for the money

smith - US
UK Khaki Full Hose (2012-02-13)
A nice hose.

Larson - CA
Great (2012-02-01)
great service and a superior sock...

Whitlam - US
Hose (2012-01-25)
They are great. Love the quality

Hoffman - US
One of my common wear choices (2012-01-20)
I perfectly Agree with the "long range hiker"'s feedback, these socks are -let alone not easy to find for reenactment- a cross-country best friend. I personally chosen them as insulating layer for boots in moderate cold/wet weather when heavy hoses are too much. Very handy & dependable, comfortable when wore alone also. Repeatedly Satisfied.

Ricciardi - IT
4 (2012-01-19)
Good manufacturing, perfect size for me, but a sock a little longer than the other ... Very professional!

Alcalalá - ES
Khaki Hose (2012-01-09)
Well made, excellent.

Armbruster - US
UK Khaki Hose (2011-12-19)
Excellent hose, I needed these to go with my kilt. Also excellent response time. Couldn't ask for better service.

Gibbens - US
received (2011-12-12)
ok for me !! no probleme have a merry x m

jerome - FR
UK Khaki Full Hose (2011-11-13)
Amazingly quick delivery. Exactly what I wanted.

Wilfong - US
Khaki full hose, (2011-10-17)
A beautiful item, made just like the original.

Pastor - US
Long Woollen Socks (2011-10-03)
Great Fit just right.

Wish you could do them in sand colour!

Haywood - GB
got it (2011-09-30)
no bad

han - CN
Versand nach Deutschland (2011-09-21)
Eine kleine gutgemeinte Warnung an alle deutschen Kunden ;o)

Es ist fatal die billigere Versandmethode "USPS/EMS" auszuwählen.
Tut man es doch, dann schaltet sich die GDSK als Mittler für den Zoll ein.
Diese Blutsauger verlangen für ihren "Service" dann zusätzlich ca. 25 €. Diese Methode ist teuer und dauert eine Ewigeit. Ich habe die Sachen nicht angenommen, zurückgehen lassen und mir die Ware über DHL neu versenden lassen.
Lieferung über DHL,Fedex oder UPS sind also wirklich nur zu empfehlen.

Die Ware ist ausnahmsweise klasse.


Reißen - DE
UK Khaki Hose (2011-09-03)
Nice. Just what I needed to complete the summer uniform.

King - US
UK Khaki Full Hose (2011-08-12)
Supersonic delivery. Very nice socks in good quality. Good service from the shop. I use a UK size 7 and ordered medium, could do with a longer sock. Large would also have fitted fine .

Amorsen - DK
Nice Enough (2011-08-05)
As noted in other reviews, for kilt hose, you'll want the large if you're an average-sized person. They'll fit a bit loose in the feet but be of proper length when folded over hose garters. Also, the color is too green to be a good match for the Scottish pattern tropical Service Dress tunic offered here, matching much nicer with the temperate SD color. Not a fault with either (excellent) item, just a helpful hint.

Thompson - US
Great! (2011-08-02)
Well made, good fit, nice and warm if a little (expectedly) itchy xD

Boughen - GB
Khaki hose (2011-07-08)
I like a lot thats wy I orderd more. still whant more be in touch.

Taylor - CA
UK Khaki Full Hose (2011-06-24)
FAST shipping. good quality kilt hose.

White - US
Hose (2011-06-21)
Good fit although a little short. Fast delivery. Haven't had a chance to use them in kit yet but happy to this point

King - US
UK Khaki Full Hose (2011-06-09)
Ordered large size khaki hose and are perfect; very pleased with purchase and delivery. However, please note, 'large size hose are a perfect fit for a medium sized man'!

Newman - IE
ORGINAL (2011-05-31)
Wow. Fast shipping and great quality. My thanks yet again. And good price!

Shaw - US
Knee-high Khaki woolen socks (2011-05-28)
I am not a reenactor but and avid hiker. A long range hiker (as well as a soldier I presume) depends greatly on his/her feet. After comfortable footwear, good quality socks are the most important factor in keeping your feet healthy. These socks are excellent, very absorbent, and dry very quickly when wet. A+!

Dealmagro - US
alta loma , CA (2011-04-28)
seems to be good quality
excellent fast shipping less than a week from dubai

hauser - US
uk full hose (2011-04-22)
I realy like this product I will buy a few more in the future.

Taylor - CA
A+ (2011-04-20)
excellent quality, good service and quick shipping. Very pleased.

Lockhart - US
..... (2011-04-13)
Fine shop, fine quality, fine service

Karaschuk - RU
.... (2011-04-07)
Fine shop, good assortment, fine service


Karaschuk - RU
... (2011-03-18)
Great quality for this article, nice fit.

ww2soldiers - FR
Hose (2011-03-17)
A good quality, looks great

Cruz - ES
fast delivery (2011-03-08)
items delivered very quickly and just as described

hazel - GB
UK Khaki Full Hose (2011-03-06)
Very fine quality kilt hose! I'll be wearing them to the next Scottish Festival.

Lightning fast shipping all the way to Hawaii.

I shall recommend you to my fellow collectors.

Ragsdale - US
Khaki hose (2011-03-02)
Very well made and a good fit.

Hinson - US
Not tested yet (2011-02-13)
Not speaking for the khaki shade, which is ultra-correct, I find the manufacture excellent & the socks well worth the price, comfortable, effective & durable.
I haven't had yet the occasion to test them, these are my high boots socks, they will see action next winter, but I'm largely satisfied by now.

Ricciardi - IT
socks (2011-01-25)
great speed of delivery. great quality.

Hartnett - US
My second pair.. (2011-01-20)
First was so good I wanted a spare!!

Piglia - NZ
UK Khaki Full Hose (2011-01-17)

Great shipping! Hose don't go up as high as I expected, I'm weaing them with a kilt but they feel comfortable.

White - US
UK Khaki Full Hose (2011-01-07)
Great quality khaki full hose! Great price! Can''t wait to wear them. Thanks WPG!

Adam - MD U.S.A.
UK.KHAKI SOCKS (2011-01-05)
Excellent socks,agree with other comments,the inner stitches came undone before wearing.I had them hand stitched/strengthened.A MUST to rectify the problem asap!WPG.Otherwise quality item & recommend.

Abbo - Australia - AU
UK Khaki Full Hose (2010-12-24)
Absolutly fabulous item

Riedel - NL
as always,perfect (2010-12-23)
as always,perfect in every way.

Thomson - CA
Mr (2010-12-22)
Great, perfect fit good qual.

wauters - BE
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