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Indiana Jones Shirt - XXL Tall (2012-08-25)
It's a well made shirt, but it's cut a little small - more like an XLT than an XXLT.

Box - US
Indiana Jones Shirt (2012-08-07)
Excellent service

Windram - GB
The Indiana Jones SHIRT (2012-07-30)
All of the above is true. I'm 6'4 and the 3XL-L was still an inch too short in the sleeves, otherwise I'd given it a Full 5 as well! Wish they had an Extra Long as well.

Don - US
ANOTHER WINNER (2012-07-15)
I was so happy with my last WPG Indiana Jones shirt (last year) that I added another to my collection. I am 5'8" 170 lbs. I got a M/L. It fits great. I wanted the extra tuck in length and the specs given for this come closest to what I usually wear in a mens dress shirt.

This years issue is just a slight bit toward the green more than last year. And I would mention that the body runs a little "generous" in the middle. It's not a slim or tight fit. Just the opposite. Perfect if you have a little tummy. I wash mine 1x in hot and after that in cold to maintain the size, it being cotton.

You cant get a better made shirt for the money and next to my Magnoli, the details are nearly identical.

Also, great, friendly service and Super Fast delivery!

Remillard - US
Indiana Jones Shirt (2012-06-25)
Great looking shirt. Ordered a little big, fit big (Ordered an XL/L). Wore and washed the shirt, let it air dry and it didn't shrink, much. Will wear, wash, and machine dry next and see what happens. Otherwise great shirt. I've looking for one of these since I was 12. Thanks!!

Kellogg - US

Good Shirt, but . . . (2012-06-03)
The fabric of this shirt is excellent and of very high quality. The color is spot on, and allowing for significant shrinkage based on other reviews, I was able to find a great fit. The only complaint that I have is that the some of the stiching is off, loose, or mis-stiched. On the first shirt I received only about a 3" section of stiching was off, which wasn't enough to make me return it. However, the stiching was off the mark or loose in several places on the second shirt I received. This manufacturing flaw / oversight takes the overall quality down a notch.

Commander - US
Best indy shirt out there (2012-06-02)
I have order the Indy shirt from every company making them and WPG''s is the best one I have seen. Thick cotton, great cut I even wear it out at night it is that nice!

Robert - Miami
colin (2012-05-24)
Nice quality shirt, it ought to last a good long while.
Excellent service as usual,thank you.

mann - GB
Very cool shirt (2012-05-16)
I really love the shirt, They do shrink quite a bit however, so ordering the next size larger is recommended. I will definitely be ordering some more of these in the near future!

Singleton - US
Very Indy (2012-05-15)
This is a very well made shirt. Sturdy material and construction. My M-L shirt fit my usually medium frame with extra tuck-in room. I went to the longer size because sleeves seemed they would be short otherwise. It's just right on my 41" chest/ 34" waist. The color was interesting and I look forward to seeing it after many washings.

The only thing I didn't like was that the front pockets are about 1" lower in than I think they should be. A little strange there compared to my other "Indy" repros. But It's a great product at a great price.

PLUS, Shipping was fast and very well tracked!!!


Remillard - US
EXTREMELY FAST delivery!! Good job, WPG!!! (2012-05-14)
A great looking and fitting shirt! I thought it was going to be more stone, but in fact is a very light khaki. I am 6'5", 43 chest and athletic and I like how there isn't a lot of extra room like other brands. The sleeves are barely long enough, be assured I will NEVER put this shirt through the drier. If I had opted for an XL Long, though, I expect I would have to have had it tailored.

Spencer - US
Indiana Jones Shirt (2012-05-08)
Really nice and spot on for size. I'm a 42" chest x 33" waist. Size large...dont read to much into it, yes Large. I think when it gets a few washings it will be on top of the stack.

Ingram - US
The Indiana Jones SHIRT (2012-04-25)
I think that it is good if there is the length of sleeve length a little more abundantly, although I evaluate it as a wonderful shirt.

Katsuura - JP
Great shirt - you should buy too large and then shrink in wash (2012-04-24)
Fantastic shirt. I bought two and wish I had bought four. They fit snug under the arms and shrink a LOT in the wash, so considered buying a size too large. I originally bought size medium-long based on the website sizing chart, and they were too small even before washing, so I exchanged them for size large-long and then shrunk them in the wash for a perfect fit.

Also, Indiana jones references aside, this is a great looking shirt that gets plenty of compliments. The fabric has a super fine weave for a strong and rugged feel, yet the shirt softens nicely over time. Couldn't be happier.

Peter - US
Exactly as Advertised (2012-03-30)
Great shirt. Workmanship is outstanding. The shipping was "lightening fast"

Fass - US
Indiana Jones Shirt (2012-03-24)
Shirt fit great and is one the best screen accurate shirts out there, for the price, you can't beat it.

Holifield - US
Graham (2012-02-18)
Well done. Super fast delivery, nice color and good fit. The sleeves are long so one may need to get them altered for regular sized folk but taking material off is always much easier than trying to add on (or just roll the sleeves up). Highly recommend. Now I need the leather A2 flight jacket!!

Nielsen - CA
Awesome Shirt (2012-02-07)
Love the shirt. Have two from other suppliers and this one is honestly my favorite. The fit is superb and I really appreciate the options for longer sizes for us taller guys. This shirt needed no altering like my other ones did. Service is exceptional and shipping was extremely quick (3 days). Thanks WPG

Travis - CA
Indiana Jones Shirt... Classy... (2012-02-06)
High quality anytime wear shirt...!

Maier - US
Wonderful shirt (2012-01-24)
I am one of the ones that got lucky with the sizing. I am 6 ft tall, have a 44ish chest and the Large fit me perfectly. Sleeve length, the length of the shirt and the fit through the chest is exactly as it should be. It feels wonderful and looks perfect to my eye. LOVE my new Indy shirt!

Gekko - US
Indiana Jones shirt (2012-01-19)
Perfect ! :o)

Janssens - BE
good shirt (2011-12-26)
Great quality shirt.

Huskey - US
Great Shirt! (2011-12-22)
This is a great fitting shirt. Highly recommended! Shipping was fast!

Applegate - US
Indiana Jones Shirts (2011-12-06)
Love the shirts so much I had to get three more.

The Most Accurate & Realistic Shirt! (2011-12-06)
The other shirts that claim to be are just costumes! If you want a real shirt that fits properly than this is the one for you and your adventures! Even if they are urban adventures this shirt will keep that professional look!

Warrington - US
good shirt, be careful with sizing (2011-11-14)
I'm generally a 16 neck, 33 sleeve, 42" chest,and the medium will fit just right...once I lose about fifteen pounds! I'll update once I've run it through the wash; many comments here about shrinkage.

Carlos - Mexico
Indiana Jones Shirt (2011-10-29)
I'm wearing the shirt right now. Great quality for the money. I'm very pleased.

Good quality and fast shipping (2011-10-28)
I ordered this shirt Sunday evening and I received it Thursday morning. Pretty fast, considering it shipped overseas from UAE. I was unsure about sizing when I ordered, not sure whether to get L or XL (some of my shirts are L, some are XL). I decided on L and figured I''d wait and see. L turned out to be a perfect fit! Looking it over, I can see the shirt has all the detail I''d hoped it''d have, and the color is spot-on! Great find...I will be buying more!

Joe - Colorado, USA
Adventure Awaits (2011-10-25)
Very authentic shirt. After washing and ironing it, it had the look and feel of the movie. I've done a lot of camping in my youth and all I needed was a soaking rain in the woods to wear it like in the films.

Lombardi - US
Great shirt, great price (2011-10-24)
At 6 feet, 200 pounds, I normally wear an XL dress shirt so that's what I ordered. However, the sleeves were too short (I'm 34/35) and the body billowed like a tent. I exchanged it for a large/long and after one hot wash/dry, it's almost perfect. Very accurate. Exchange was quick and easy, and shipping was fast.

Oildale Jones - California, USA
Very happy with purchase (2011-10-18)
Excellent shirts. I am very happy with the quality and the color and can only recommend them to other potential buyers. As mentioned elsewhere, the shipping was very fast. Thank you.

Krebs - CH
Indiana Jones Shirts (2011-10-09)
Ordered 2 shirts, they are great! Shipping was extremely fast, very happy.

Smyth - CA
Wow! this shirt is fantastic! (2011-09-27)
I know the sizing of these shirts are akward to say the least, don't know what's up with that...but if you are lucky enough to get one that fits you (I got mine right on the first try!) this shirt is amazing! fantastic built and construction quality, good accuracy (film-wise) its shade resembles that of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, ie. slightly darker and thicker than the previous films, if that was the intentions of the developers, then they did a great job. Maybe perhaps develop darker buttons for the shirt as an option when ordering, as to make it resemble the Last Crusade version. In any case, great shirt that will serve you well, whether you're impersinating Dr. Jones himself, or just want a great utilitarian shirt for everyday wear, just wish the sizing would be more simple.

Collver - US
Excellent (2011-09-15)
Great shirt. practically tailored for me!

Bode - US
I'm 6' 6"... (2011-09-14)
I was worried about the sizing, but I had read that the shirts run a bit large. I normally wear a XXL in shirts and they're roomy. I ordered an XL-Long and it fits like it was tailored to me! I normally wear a 17-37/38 in a dress shirt and the sleeves on this shirt are perfect. Thanks!

Beecher - US
The Indiana Jones SHIRT (2011-09-04)
Excellent shirt, excellent service and great shipping (4 days from UAE to Hawaii). I am impressed. Thanks.

Rice - US
super shirt (2011-08-29)
fab shirt will buy

baker - GB
indy shirt (2011-08-19)
great shirt just what a indy shirt should be, great fit, right colour.note: the small long is very long! much better than my wested shirt which is very white.

mark - essex uk
Fantatsic shirt! (2011-08-10)
Beautiful shirt, there's no way!
I've bought an S...but it's too long for me!
Anyway, this shirt is perfect in color and it's a real lookalike of Indy shirt!
I'll reccomend it! Thanks!

Alessio - IT
Indy shirt (2011-07-30)
optimal shirt is in the color and in the cut, a lot screen accured to wear it is a true honor! it needs only the collar of an ironed small, and has already natural its distressing! advised +++

Casafino - IT
The Indiana Jones SHIRT (2011-07-26)
Good shirt, but the size is tricky. I usually wear M size shirt. So, I ordered the M size but it was too big for me. Then I ordered the S size, it fitted me, but the collar was too tight at my neck.

Amin - ID
Excellent shirt. (2011-07-17)
I bought a size small, and I could not have paid a tailor to sew me a better fitting shirt. This one is my new favorite. I work as a maritime archaeologist and I wear this thing aboard our research vessel all the time. Field tested and approved by real archaeologists... you can't beat that!

McNamara - US
Indiana Jones Shirt (2011-07-09)
Good fit and quality but warm up the iron!!

Standard, James - US
Very good quality garment. (2011-06-22)
So light weight and cool you could forget you were wearing it.
Comfortable enough for night attire.
An exceptional quality vintage style superfine cotton shirt, easy to launder and quick to air dry. Medium size fits me perfectly.
Good to find clothing that is not made in China. Genuine WPG value, friendly customer service and super fast delivery.

George - Australia - Melbourne
indiana jones shirt (2011-06-22)
great shirt, very well made and delivery time was excellent, will def buy more

McConville - GB
WPG Indy Shirt (2011-06-21)
My WPG shirt came today and I'm really glad I ordered LARGE instead of MEDIUM. My actual measurements are 6’1”, 215#, 15.5” neck, 43” chest, 33” sleeve, and 42” waist. There is enough room in this shirt to move around in without being baggy.


Klotz - US
Steelman (2011-05-29)
This is a great shirt. It fit nearly perfectly out of the package. I haven't washed it yet. Normally I have to buy XL shirts because I have wide shoulders and a 19" neck. I was able to button the collar button easily and the shoulder fit was good. I will be purchasing another shirt soon.Thank you WPG for a great product and great service.

Brown - US
indy shirt (2011-05-18)
very pleased with the shipping time. it came very quickly. I also love the shirt. i've been looking for the right color for a long time and finally got it. thanks

Great shit, even my wife loves it (2011-05-16)
This is a very good looking shirt. Even my wife was impressed with the styling. Looks great in jeans, and of course taupe khakis. Fit is good, color is good, and sShipping was very fast.

NB - Somerville, MA
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