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sobre la bolsa y el pedido (2009-11-14)
muy rápido y la bolsa muy buena y bonita.
comprad si estáis a tiempo y quedan, no os arrepentiréis

rubio - ES
Faster, very good package... original 100% and better than I expected (2009-11-13)
Rápido, muy buen paquete... bolsa auténtica y original al 100%, y mucho mejor de lo que esperaba.

Lo recomiendo encarecidamente.

rubio - ES
Very good bag (2009-11-06)
The bag is absolutely perfect for the true indyfan.And the very fast delivery without any problems is fantastic. Thanks a lot.

Becker - DE
Great bag, just as described online, with loads of pockets and that authentic musty smell. Meticulously packaged and quick delivery. Excellent customer service.

Lowery - JP
The MK VII (MARK SEVEN) Bag (2009-10-30)
Excellent bag and very fast service. I am impressed and pleased.

Malone - US
Awesome bag (2009-10-27)
Awesome bag its exactly what I was looking for, exceeds expectations and fast shipping to boot. Thanks!

Mauro - US
Exactly what I was hoping for (2009-10-22)
This bag was exactly what I was looking for. Everywhere else had cheap knockoffs. But this is the real deal. Thanks!!!

Dubay - US
Good stuff! (2009-10-19)
Just what I expected! It is perfect for carrying my girly magazines in the field at events.

McNasty - US
Mark VII Bag Original (2009-10-13)
This is the 4th bag I've boughten from What Price Glory and I must say, Jerry never fails to impress me. The bag was EXACTLY what I requested and in wonderful condition. I must have a complex, because with Jerry's patience, willingness to oblige me in the details I wanted in the bags, and fast shipping, I'm tempted to buy more!

Thanks Jerry!

P.S: Anyone reading this - buy from Jerry! I've never come across a better seller in my entire life. He is top-notch and you WON'T be disappointed.

Rivinius - US
mr (2009-09-30)
received, its good bag

Lau - GB
ok (2009-09-30)

García M - ES
MKVII' bag (2009-09-24)
Very fast delivery. The bag was was perfect :)

looks new (from 1942) ,but it smells a little, but it is probably gone after it gets aired slightly, and it is only to make it worth more that you know that it is genuine :).

Randers - DK
WWII bag (2009-09-21)
great bag! I couldn't have asked for a better one. They are classic and useful.

Heisner - US
Alan (2009-09-18)
Very speedy delivery, despite overseas shipping, bag absolutely brill. Everything you want. Thanx.

Main - GB
Amazing!! Increible!! (2009-09-16)
Faster, very good package... original 100% and better than I expected

Rápido, muy buen paquete... bolsa auténtica y original al 100%, y mucho mejor de lo que esperaba.

Lo recomiendo encarecidamente.

Herraiz Arroyo - ES
OK (2009-09-13)
everything OK

Amazing! (2009-09-09)
No doubt an original piece from the 1940's. Mine is marked 1942 has probably spent the last half century or so buried in some cargo-crate at the back of a forgotten warehouse...

Where do you find this stuff, Jerry?!

Along with the British Army Map Case, the Mark VII is the second of my purchases of actual WWII gear from WPG & I'm thoroughly impressed.

With the current civilian fashion trend of military-inspired satchels, not only is it great for period re-enactment, but you can use it everyday (with the self-satisfied knowledge that your satchel is an original piece).

Great stuff, and keep it coming WPG!

Griffiths - AU
mkvii (2009-09-08)
Thank you for the quality items they are perfect.

murphy - US
Mk VII bag (2009-09-08)
Very fast delivery. The bag was EXACTLY what I was looking for! I'm so glad I bought here!

Borton - US
Perfect bag, just as described online, with a ton of pockets and that authentic musty smell. Meticulously packaged. Arrived in 3 days. Excellent customer service.

Bly - US
gas mask bag (2009-08-30)
Item as described, and received very quickly!

D. Clarke - CA
Thanks Jerry! (2009-08-04)
Just got my 2nd Mk VII bag from you guys - they're awesome! No other words to describe it... Thanks again!

Erny - US
The MK VII (MARK SEVEN) Bag ORIGINAL (2009-07-31)
Another great bag! My third one, this one is going to a friend in Turkey!

Decker - US
Awesome (2009-07-30)
I received my bag 2 days after ordered it. Fantastic service. The product was in a extradionary shape. Thanks!

Saleh - LB
MKVII bag (2009-07-25)
Great bag in fantastic condition and fast shipping.

Piehel - US
Exceeds Expectations (2009-07-23)
The bag and strap arrived, and it exceeded all of my expectations. And it even arrived exactly as schedule. Perfect. Thank you.

Lagman - US
MKVII (2009-07-18)
Hi,I got 2 of the MKVII's to use for Indy bags. One has slightly more wear than the other so it was the one I cut the web strap off first.
Both are in great condition for their age and
shipping was quick.
Just a word to the wise, don't expect 60+ year old canvas to take much punishment.
I plan to order one of Jerry's reproductions to
use as a real tool bag

Geary - US
Indiana's bag (2009-07-16)
thank you for this very good and fast purchase,
I'm very satisfied of the product, 100% as it is on your web site...

Perfect! (2009-07-14)
My MK VII arrived very fast, and it''s just perfect. Thanks WPG... For Indy fans, this is the real thing!

Gustavo - Brazil
Thanks WPG! (2009-07-14)
You guys always have the coolest finds and very reasonable prices. This gas mask bag was perfect and it arrived within days!

Skriletz - US
MK VII (2009-07-07)
Better than expected.

Wilson - US
Old but awesome (2009-06-19)
I received my bag a week after ordered. It's in very good condition. The disk is a little corroded, and there are some stains on the material, but I don't care. It's from 1942, so what do you expect?

Thanks WPG, good work.

Wilgosch - DE
The MK VII (MARK SEVEN) Bag ORIGINAL (2009-06-19)
My second purchase of this item.I didn't want to take the first one from it's plastic bag,such was the apparent excellent condition of the item.I did,and I'm sure not that it will out last me!.
The second one seems,if possible,even better,so in it's bag it shall remain.

Andrew. - NZ
MK VII bag (2009-06-11)
Great bag and lightning fast shipping !!!

Delmarche - LU
good (2009-06-10)
Perfect 1942 bag, fast shipping, havt to recommend WPG

Frigge - DE
The MK VII (2009-06-09)
The bag was in excellent condition, fast shipping, service also excellent! A pleasure to buy at WPG!

Hoffmann - DE
Suren (2009-06-06)
Hey Jerry, who's it going.
I recieved my MKVII gas mask bag yesterday. I'm very amazed at the shape it's in, considering it was produced somewhere in the 40's! It almost felt like time-traveling. I think I experienced what Indiana Jones might of felt discovering some rare artifact from antiquity. I supposed the plastic bag it was in might have had something to do with it too. The shipping was lighting fast, something like three and a half days! Considering it came from Dubai and I live in Canada. I thought the frieght cost was a little high (almost as much as the item itself) for such a small and feather light item; but oh well, small price to pay for something so rare! Thanks WPG, I'll for sure continue to order other cool and unique purchases!!

Chetty - CA
Get these while you still can! (2009-05-22)
I was so impressed with this purchase that I felt real guilt when I removed it from it's ancient plastic bag.It was ten times better than I was expecting,and twice as good as I hoped for!.

Good - NZ
Indiana Jones Bag (2009-05-05)
Fast Delivery,wonderful item,everything is highly recommended,hope to do business again

Thanks very much

Brendler - DE
Exactly what I wanted (2009-04-30)
Truly authentic, with 1942 stamped inside to boot. Perfect shape, obviously unissued. I'm thinking about getting another, only because I want to get an original, rather than a reproduction, and keep the original strap intact (it bothered me to have to cut it off to make the Indy setup).

Ford - US
nice bag (2009-04-29)
first bag came with a non standard pair of cheap poppers that may have been recently added. One popper was broken on arrival. The replacement had the proper robust poppers. Nice bag though with all the strings and things. No rust. One has a good stamping inside for 1942, and in the other bag it was smeared.

Bobka - US
Very Impressed (2009-04-23)
I have 2 MK VII original bags two days after I ordered them. I''m blown away with how fast the service/shipping was! The bags are in amazing condition and I am reluctant to remove the old webbing strap because they are so perfect. I can''t imagine where these bags have been for the the past six decades but I am very happy they were found. I will recommend this website any chance I get! Thanks very much:)

Sarah - Alberta, Canada.
The Original Authentic Indy Bag (2009-04-23)
Very nice bag. Good thing I bought the leather strap with, as the original broke in half as I was adjusting it. It's not close to new and perfect but if I want new i'll buy new. It definitely has that vintage vibe and feels like it's travelled half way round the world (which I guess it has). Now it travels with me or... Do I travel with it?

Deane - CANADA
Mark seven bag original (2009-04-16)
Great item and very fast shipping - like you would live just around the corner!
I am sure, that we get business again.
carpe diem
M. van Langen

van Langen - DE
The MK VII (MARK SEVEN) Bag ORIGINAL (2009-04-02)
This bag looks absolutely fantastic! My request for a lighter shade bag was honored and it got to Canada from the WPG UAE in about 5 days. The bag is also stamped with the year 1942 on the inside flap which is a nice addition.

Klassen - CANADA
Mark VII bag and leather strap (2009-04-01)
This was a great purchase, I am very happy with the bag. Thank you.

Coonce - US
Mark VII bag (original) (2009-03-28)
Shipping was super fast and the bag itself is in mint condition. Excellent product and service.

Waggoner - US
My only review ever. (2009-03-22)
I am so completely satisfied by the super-fast service and product quality that I''ve decided to actually write a review for the first time. The MKVII bag I bought is in excellent condition, and the specific color I requested. If you want to replace the original cotton strap with the leather one, it''s because you want the Indy Jones look, not because the strap is too short or fragile. I''m 6'' and the bag can hang so low the top is even with my belt, even if I wear it across my chest. It''s so durable that I''m using my bag to carry tools in, although I wrapped them in leather to avoid puncturing.

James - Canton, OH
MarkVII gas bag (2009-03-21)
Mint condition. It appears this was never issued and has been in storage since it was made. The metal is a little tarnished but these were obviously stored carefully. Great item that is hard to locate these days.

Levanway - US
Great MK VII original (2009-03-20)
The bag is just perfect. The order was delivered in FOUR DAYS! WPG is efficient and fast.

Inmaculada - SPAIN
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