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Excellent (2019-07-13)
Fast delivery, and item exactly as described. Thank you.

Brodsky - CA
Speedy delivery, quality items. (2019-07-13)
The items arrived more quickly than I dared hope, they were well-packaged and of good quality.

Easton - UK
Great (2019-07-05)
Great item. Excellent quality!

Grimoldi - IT
Terrific service and product - as always (2018-03-28)
Another great product. I bought several pairs (easy at the price they're being sold at) which worked out as there are slight colour differences between the examples I got, so I was able to mix and match to make pairs.

Stevens - CA
hose (2018-03-17)
Quality item, and very fast shipping

Franklin - AU
Great Deal (2017-05-29)
I can't believe how fast these items get here and in the best order.

Faltesek - US
Fast delivery (2016-11-02)
I am very pleased with the product

Martinelli - IT
Super (2016-07-09)
I have appreciated your professionalism and fairness, besides having appreciated the quality of the material.

Martinelli - IT
fast delivery. (2016-05-26)
Good quality but a bit snug.

Deutsch - US
Great (2016-04-25)
Great original items, i'd consider them to be New Old Stock. They appear to have never been issued and stored very well. No damage, mothing, fraying, or any other drawbacks.

Simmons - AU
Hose tops (2015-12-07)
Very nice originals.

Carpenter - US
Australian khaki wool hose tops (Original) (2015-10-01)
Great item, clean, well visible stamps. Thank you.

Volk - SI
Mr. (2015-06-04)
The hoses are very well made with accurate color. However, it would be nice if there's more sizing option. I bought one pair for my friend as well. Unfortunately, his big feet cannot fit the hose.

Yang - US
Kakhi hoses (2015-01-22)
As usual: great quality and super-fast delivery. I'm truly happy with that!

Max C. Cappone - IT
Australian khaki wool hose tops (2014-10-14)
Great item, recommended and fast delivery.

Warnes - AU
Very good (2014-09-29)
Very good item and quality.

Su - AU
Australian khaki wool hose tops (Original) (2014-07-22)
Nice quality items in great condition - fantastic delivery time

R Pike - AU
!!! (2014-07-08)
Good item! Like new!

Tereznikov - RU
Hose Tops (2014-04-04)
Good quality, tightly knit - will last a long time

Rodriguez - US
khaki wool hose tops (2013-09-27)
Fastest deliver ever. Hadn't had a chance to wear them yet but, I'm sure they're going to do well.

Faltesek - US
Australian khaki wool hose tops (Original (2013-06-20)
Fast and perfect as always

del Horno - ES
Mr (2013-05-01)
All are supposed to be the same size but the pair I received were different and one had a hole in it. But WPG have agreed to send another pair with my next order, so all good.

Lean - AU
Aust Khaki Hose tops (2013-04-09)
Just what I was looking for

Borg - AU
hose (2013-03-08)
these are a great item i bought 3 pair because i love them so much!

Nagowski - US
Hose Tops (2013-03-07)
Great quality especially for an original

Murphy - US
Hose tops (2013-03-06)
Hard to believe those are 70 years old, they look like they're brand new and a bargain for 4 bucks. How does Jerry still find this stuff?

Jenkinson - US
Australian khaki wool hose tops (Original) (2012-10-22)
Can't beat the price for unissued original stock.

McCleaf - US
Australian khaki wool hose tops (Original) (2012-07-28)
Very nice and "D /I\ D" marked, great service and quick delivery. Highly recommended!

Wright - US
Jason, US (2012-07-15)
Excellent, brand new as described (and soft and comfortable to boot). Can't argue with the price, either.

Zan - US
Australian khaki wool hose tops (Original) (2012-07-05)
Awesome service, excellent products as always!

Henley - AU
Excellent item, quick delivery (2012-06-21)
like them very much! good quality, excellent!

Daniel - DE
WW2 SOCK TOPS (2012-05-23)

Radford - AU
Nice looking socks (2012-05-16)
Nice thick socks that fit well & surprised to receive them so quickly

Piedimonte - US
Australian khaki wool hose tops (2012-04-06)
"Blitz delivery!"
Advice for german customers: DHL, Fedex or UPS and evade this bad GDSK-joke.

Original quality but rather tight sitting.

Brosch - DE
Excellent Job! (2012-03-02)
I love these Aussie hose tops!

Concon - US
Great (2012-02-01)
Great price and excellent service...

Whitlam - US
Mr (2011-12-09)
They are what they are, original, how authentic do you want?

Sprack - GB
wool hose tops (2011-11-10)
Very Nice Item. Love the British broad arrow stiched into them.

Tom - US
hose tops (2011-10-06)
Good quality, fast delivery, excellent price

Klavik - CZ
Mr (2011-09-29)
unissued condition, with markings 1st rate!

Sprack - GB
hose tops (2011-08-24)
fine quality and quick delivery, thanks

Felix - BE
-- (2011-08-21)
Very good fabric and colour. Have changed it by returning the item for a size smaller, went very smootly. Looking forward to a next buy !

Vrolijk - NL
Best buy! (2011-07-13)
What can someone say of an original product which is still in good condition and cost almost notheing... Perfect !

Vrolijk - NL
Australian khaki wool hose tops (Original (2011-07-08)
good quality quick delivery

Walters - AU
More olive green than Khaki (2011-07-05)
Only a 4 instead of a 5 as the colour is olive green rather than Khaki so the description could be better. Having said that it is the only item in my first order with WPG with anything at all to quibble about and at $4 is not worth worrying about. Very rapid delivery to Australia for all items.

Cobber55 - Australia
great (2011-06-24)
super quality original item

frederic - FR
well done (2011-05-31)
Look great! Low cost, fast shipping, authentic. What more could you want?

Shaw - US
Khaki hose tops (2011-05-11)
The hose top is one of those great inventions - keeps the calves modestly covered and warm, without one''s feet frying in the boots in warm weather, so thanks to WPG for stocking them. I wear mine with ankle boots or chapli sandals. These are a bit short and narrow for "contemporary" legs, but they will stretch after a gentle hand-wash. And yes, they are olive green rather than khaki, but still a nice product for a great price.

Phillip - United Kingdom
Great Item (2011-04-21)
Looked brand new, smelled like they had been in a musty box since 1943. I tossed them in the wash and they are good as new. I bought two pairs and use them over short hiking socks. I brilliant, original item.

Hardy - US
Perfect Condition (2011-04-20)
Original and dated. Very pleased with the exceptional service and quality.

Lockhart - US
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