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brodie replacement liner (2021-03-12)
the best you can buy on the market, the rubber bumpers could be more 'hard' rubber instead of 'foamy' as the grommet portion of the rubber that goes through the headband hole are fragile. however, this is the best helmet liner available as of 2021. I bought from IMA and had to send their liners back, they are horrible. WPG fit your head and helmet with the proper depth and contrary to IMA each liner is marked with it's size WPG shipping is fast. This liner fits far enough on your head Buy it Again be careful with the rubber bumpers, I broke one of mine off simply trying to tuck the helmet netting under the bumper and the grommet tore which I had to epoxy to the headband.

oconnell - US
very good liner (2021-03-05)
this is a very good liner, not as deep as original or as sturdy components but way ahead of IMA liners. My only observation is the rubber bumpers on the liner band are a bit "foamy" rubber instead of the original 'hard' rubber bumpers. As such you have to be careful you don't rip the portion of the bumper that is forced through the eyelets of the head band... one of mine tore apart arranging my helmet net. The portion that goes through the headband is very fragile. It would be nice to include at least one replacement bumper as they are bound to deteriorate given how 'foamy' the construction is. All in all it's a great liner.

Danie - USA
Perfect liner (2021-02-02)
Perfect liner !

France - US
Great item (2020-08-24)
Well fitted, great item will be very happy with it

Coker - US
Very quick (2020-07-28)
Simply the best repro WW2 British MKii helmet liner on the market

Jim Williams - UK
No hassle delivery (2020-05-08)
Helmet liner true to size and actually fits me!
Rather good quality as well I think!

Zwicker - CA
Super. (2020-02-27)
very fast delivery,good price,exellent reprodution.

Langlois - CA
Order a size larger than you need (2019-10-06)
Great liner, well made, comes with everything you need. Order a size larger than you wear, they run small.

Schatz - US
Fast delivery. (2019-07-19)
I take a 73/4 size and as expected, the liner was tight and had to be modified.

Roberts - CA
Great product (2019-06-04)
Nicely designed repro liner - fits the helmet perfectly, quick delivery too!

Hardwick - UK
Excellent (2019-05-14)
Great product, I’ve bought a couple of them myself. It is recommended that you buy a size larger than your used to wearing as the the stitching which holds the liner together is puffy and makes the liner tighter than it’s supposed to be.

Kwan - CA
Extreamly fast shipment (2019-01-20)
Nice replacement

Kline - US
fast delivery (2018-12-30)
Liner is a great reproduction. The only difference is that the screw is a bit short and the originals had a domed circular nut and not a hexagonal nut. Can you maybe send me three (3) circular dome nuts like the originals to replace the ones received ?
Otherwise every thing is perfect.

Fenech - MT
FAST delivery and exactly as described. 100% pleased (2018-08-29)
FAST delivery and exactly as described. 100% pleased

Bowers - US
Great Repro (2018-08-21)
The 1943 dated liner that came with my helmet is too small for my melon so I ordered a replacement size 58 here. Fits great. People who complain that these are shallow are forgetting that the actual helmet is shallow. These liners are the proper depth. The original fiber ribs and headband are now made of similarly textured plastic. The only significant difference is that the cross shaped bumper on top is now solid rubber and on my `43 dated original it's foam. I used the original nut and screw for the install, and while it is difficult to install, that's not WPG's fault, blame the British Army. Thanks Jerry!

Supancic - US
Modern Update (2018-08-14)
Ordered a 58, it fits my 58cm head. The problem people have is that these are shallow to begin with, they fit shallow, they don't fit like US or German helmets. I took out my 1943 liner which was too small and compared the two before installing. The headband and cross members in my `43 liner are made of cardboard or "fiber." This repro has them made of similarly textured plastic. The vinyl fingers are very similar. The cross shaped pad on top is foam in my original, but rubber in the repro. It's also a bit thicker, not having been compressed by years of use. I'm going to use the original pad, screw, and nut when I install the new liner. Thanks for making these available.

grendl - California, USA
Helmet liner (2017-11-03)
Nice repo, a bit tight, but I have a large head. Removed some of the liner for a better fit. Will order a size up, after I order all the other things on my list from WPG. Amazing delivery, always happy with WPG!

Oram - CA
Great deal! (2017-06-22)
Thanks for unbelievable shipping speed , liner is well made if not better in many respects to the original. The liner material on mine is a little to big for liner braces causing it to bunch up making for a little tighter fit but all good it will wear in .
Very pleased with the great customer service and professional attitude of WPG
Thanks Jerry lee and all at UAE.

Taylor - US
great service (2015-12-31)
thank you for delivering the items in a timely manner, i`m very satisfied with my purchase.
thank you

Ouazaa - US
UK MKII helmet liner (2015-10-23)
order arrived in good condition.

Blakewood - US
Mk2 British Helmet liner (2015-07-05)
Ordered 60 cm, little small but a few seconds sanding the bumpers down all around and it fits great now.


Roe - US
UK MK2 repro helmet liner (2014-05-08)
Excellent reproduction, good price and fast delivery.

Had to remove 2 bumpers to get it to seat down into the shell without deforming the head band. The biggest of my original collection is a 7 1/2", makes sense that at 7 5/8", it would be too tight. Would be nice to repro the original big head bolt, and the foam crown pad.

I also put one into a MK4 (with all bumpers), by opening up the hole in the top and threading the lift the dot stud and holding it in with a nut.

Matthews - Canada
mk ii liner (2014-02-11)
A÷ product!

Brian Moore - US
Good quality rpoduct (2013-10-08)
A good quality product delivered quickly without problems. Thank you.

Spain - GB
Helmet liner (2013-03-31)
Excellent piece of kit!

Copeland - CA
A very nice product (2013-03-20)
I installed one of these on a WWII british helmet I had and it turned out nicely!

Scherrer - US
liner (2012-11-01)
It fit naturally with my WWII Canadian helmet.

Stewart - CA
Mel (2012-09-23)
A bit shallow, the plastic material is very sweaty and all my examples only have four bumpers. However, lacking an unbroken original which fits, this can be modified to make a very good replacement.

Dundas-Taylor - AU
MK 11 helmet liner (2012-05-24)
Very good repo, proper fit too.

Gavel - CA
Helmet Liner (2012-05-16)
Brilliant first rate piece of kit very minor adjustment and now have a helmet that fits not bad with my big head!

coombes - GB
Brit helmet liner (2012-03-28)
love it fits perfect fast shipping as usual thank you

Heynders - AU
UK Mk11 Helmet Liners (2012-01-16)
Excellent reproduction. Comfortablr to wear

Borg - AU
Liner (2012-01-07)
Good repro, needs a sanding to get the aged look. Also top bumper is a solid rubber piece, not too important unless you have it off. Attachment screw is of the later type (small).

Ritter - CA
Mk 2 Helmet liner (2011-12-05)
Very good repo.

Gavel - CA
cpt (2011-09-12)
Liner quality is great. So is price and service.
My 4 rating is for the aggravation fitting it. Harness is rather rigid so very difficult to attach bolt. I had to use a longer bolt, then grind it down.
But helmet is back in action with camo net and field dressing. Looks good! Thanks.

alammo - US
UK MKII Helmet Liner (2011-07-24)
Fast service, easy installation, good fit. Nice quality product. Did I mention Fast Delivery!!!

Stukie US - US
New Mk.II (2011-06-13)
Alas, My old Mk.II can be worn again !! A very good copy with all original pattern complete with brass nut and bolt ...

BOOMER - Minnesota U.S.A.
SGT (2011-05-31)
Sopt on. Great. Extremely fast delivery. No problems. Would recommend Jerry and his crew. Most helpful and personal service.

Misso - AU
? (2011-05-25)
An excellent quality product, fits perfectly.

Pills - AU
UK MK II Helmet Liners (2011-05-23)
Exactly what I needed to complete my Mk I Helmet. Great value.

Wilson - US
MK II Helmet Liner (2011-05-07)
Very good reproduction, fits perfectly in my MK3 "Turtle" helmet! Size is perfect...Thank you very much!

van Bronkhorst - NL
MkII helmet liner (2011-04-12)
The liner arrived very quickly, but the packaging could be better as the frame of the liner was crushed and showed evidence of cracks starting to appear in the cross pieces. The liner fitted my early war shell very well and the sizing was accurate

Keyte - GB
UK MK II Helmet Liners (2011-03-28)
Very fine product.
I put mine in a original english helmet fits perfect!

Graus - NL
Fantastic Liner (2011-03-05)
This is a fantastic liner. Don''t be fooled by the picture, it is black just like the original. It took a little effort to screw it in, but in the end it looked great. It is just like the original. Well worth the price.

none given - Texas
Great repro (2011-02-24)
Very nice repro liner..Hardware is top notch! Exact size..I recieved my first one and was so happy I ordered another for my other helmet A++

Kane - US
Very fast delivery (2011-02-15)
Excellent repro liner. Side by side with the original you can see the attention to detail.

Bartlett - US
good size (2011-02-10)
but very dificult to set it to the helmet..

Borovicka - CZ
Nice item (2011-02-08)
Fits perfect to my turtle helmet.

Daniel - DE
Best on market (2011-02-06)
Very close to originals, and WPG is the only warehouse to propose half sizes for this price.

Major Lafrime - FR
Mr (2011-01-13)
Good idea & an excellent fit

Rivers - GB
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