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Fast Delivery (2020-02-06)
Very nice dlothing

Isenhart - US
Military gloves (2018-12-16)
Bought as a xmas gift so not sure that they fit yet but speedy delivery and the gloves feel good quality so am happy, thanks

White - UK
Always happy with WPG. (2018-11-15)
Perfect reproduction, thick wool, well worth the money!

Oram  - CA
UK Knit Gloves (2017-11-13)
Very nice, accurate pair of gloves. Great look and feel - Definitely a worthwhile purchase to add an extra element to your kit display or to keep you warm during sentry duty or trench raids!

JJM - United Kingdom
Good item (2016-07-16)
Quick delivery and good item.

Vemmelsvik - NO
Fast delivery (2016-01-06)
Needed a pair of these badly, excellent quality.

Jenkinson - US
great fit (2014-12-01)
look great and will be a great addition to my british kit

russ - US
UK Knit wol gloves (2014-10-30)
Super vast delivery, nice gloves and correct size

van - NL
Brit wool gloves (2014-09-26)
Very nice repro gloves.

Smith - US
Good job! (2014-08-01)
Just like shown! The size fit me perfectly (for a change - wish mufti fit as well.)

Clark - US
Finance & Production (2012-05-24)
The items came quickly and are great for what we needed

Kotimsky - US
***** (2012-01-31)
Good fit and great quality.

Bengtsson - SE
Gloves (2012-01-24)
Great quality! thanks much.

Armbruster - US
Mr. (2012-01-19)
Great service. Excellent product.

Barnes - US
D.Palmer (2012-01-04)
Great gloves good fit will keep my hands nice and warm in the cold british winter thanks again.

palmer - GB
Wool knit gloves (2011-12-08)
Really impressed by the quality.

Clyde - CA
gloves (2011-10-06)
perfect fit and excellent period look, good price too

Klavik - CZ
gloves (2011-09-12)
Seems to be really good gloves!

Andersson - SE
Canon Mark Hayden (2011-06-17)
Superb item-very happy

Hayden - IE
Jim (2011-04-08)
A must have!! Take my word for it, just buy a pair!!!! It's a no brainer!

Custeau - US
UK Knit Wool Gloves (2011-03-28)
Nice product!
Comes in handy during the winter

Graus - NL
Woolen Gloves - UK Army issue 1940 (2011-03-01)
Excellent made gloves. Look like originals.
Well pleased.

Crisp - GB
knit wool gloves (2011-02-06)
fine item for my cold hands during the winter re-enactment.

Wassenaar - NL
UK gloves (2011-01-18)
Gloves look great with my B-3 bomber jacket and has kept mee warm this winter.

Wallin - SE
UK Knit Wool Gloves (2011-01-11)
Nice gloves & great fit! I normally wear a size large glove w/9" measurement at the widest part of my hand at my knuckles. Hope that helps others w/sizing concerns. Super fast shipping from UAE to Baltimore MD!!! Thanks

Adam - MD U.S.A.
gloves (2010-12-14)
Great knit gloves just like my original pair.

Chargo - US
- (2010-12-11)
Excellent ! Nice and warm in the cold Dutch winter

Wassenaar - NL
Knit gloves (2010-10-11)
Compare to originals

41RMC (2010-06-17)
A very nice pair of gloves, sure to keep my hands warm and authentic.

Sorich - US
UK Knit Wool Gloves (2010-06-11)
Very good quality. They fit like a glove, and keep your hands nice and warm. Perfect!

De Clercq - BE
UK Knit wool gloves (2010-06-09)
Spot on again Jerry, highly recommended.

Ulrich - GB
brit gloves (2010-06-08)
great gloves if only a bit snug cheers

Miley - GB
great gloves (2010-05-13)
Great stuff! Hard to find anything like it these days.

Mike - CA
UK Knit Wool Gloves (2010-03-15)
It fits me well. I like it. Good quality and good price. Nice work Jerry.

Liu - US
UK Knit Wool Gloves (2010-02-18)
Perfect, very fast delivery! Fits very well.

van Dalen - NL
khaki wool gloves (2010-02-03)
A bit smaller than the old british issue wool gloves (which were awful & itchy), but a lot more comfier! Nice to actually get them in khaki too! They are a good item, however, the only thing i can find wrong with them is that the wool used is thinner than that used in the actual issue wool gloves!

tim w

weller - GB
UK Wool Gloves (2010-01-22)
A Perfect Gloves... Very cool!
Thanks, Jerry

Emidio Jose - DF, Brazil
gloves (2009-12-18)
well constructed - nice quality. Should do the job.

Harmon - US
knit wool gloves (2009-12-15)
very nice. Fit the overgloves perfectly! You should, however, tell people that the overgloves are made to go with the liners so that they can order the proper size overglove.

Speer - US
keeps warm (2009-12-13)
Great Repro that fits perfect

Schatull - DE
Great gloves (2009-11-23)
Great gloves, good fit and fast shipping

Kelly - AU
gloves (2009-11-03)
Perfect gloves. Very happy with them. Thanks so much again.

Cusick - US
UK Knit Wool Gloves (2009-11-01)
Look good.
I'll be trying them out this rememberance day.

Cosgrove - CA
Perfect! (2009-10-28)
Very comfortable, excellent condition and quality. Perfect as usual.

Fits like a... (2009-10-14)
Absolutely unmatched repro of an impossible to get item on Brit issue kit. Well done again on these little things!

Steve - Melbourne Australia
UK knit wool gloves (2009-08-29)
Nice item. Perfect fit and comfortable to wear.

Tatham - CA
UK wool knit gloves (2009-08-22)
I am very happy with these items.

Gamble - GB
Outstanding (2009-08-17)
They fit like a size med. Perfect!

Watson - US
super deal (2009-07-16)
gloves fits well. Very fast delivery. Perfekt as ever!

Weixelberger - AT
One year evaluation (2009-07-09)
The standard size this product comes in, is equivalent to the US military glove size (4). It is a really nice glove that is not itchy like those wool inserts that go underneath the exterior leather government glove shells.

Yazzie - US
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