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Fast delivery (2022-06-11)
Very happy with the fast delivery. it fits well and looks good.

Aune - US
fast delivery good quality (2022-03-02)
I have 3 of these P 37's and they all fit differently though they are the same size. One with enough volume in the body for two of me, one slightly less and the most recent almost a bit small. Still fits but no room to gain weight.

Well made though

Graves - US
Great authentic deal (2021-04-26)
Great to deal with you again , fits very well all over , added addition to my Enfield collection at the range
, Thank You.

Berish - US
Great item thank you (2021-02-22)
Very good product will be purchasing again

Brown - CA
Great (2020-07-12)
Great product. Size is accurate. Good quality.

Kenyon - US
UK P-37 Battledress Jackets (2020-03-19)
Well made, nicely accurate jacket. Quick posting. All around, excellent service from Jerry and WPG, as usual.

Hampton - US
Great quality jacket, super fast delivery (2020-01-01)
Just received my British Jacket, great quality for the price, the size matches the fit as described. Arrived w/in 4 days.

Sullivan - US
Great service (2019-06-20)
Quick delivery and good quality item.

Yockney - UK
very satisfied (2019-01-31)
Very satisfied,excellent repro and super fast
shipping. Thank you

Amiard - FR
Fast delivery (2018-10-31)
Very happy with the big sizes, in my case very helpfull.

de Silva Ruud - NL
arrived quickly (2017-05-30)
authentic looking reproduction

Hurtig - CA
P37 battle dress great! (2016-12-30)
I really love the battle dress jacket, matches my WPG tam perfectly. Glad I ordered the XL size. Will work well with my kilt. Never had a bad original in hand but could not imagine quality being any better. Thanks!

Adam - NC USA
Battle Dress UK (2015-10-28)
Although the large size fit my shoulders the length is way to short and is longer in the back then in the front. I had high hopes but they were dashed.

Boucher - CA
P37 battle dress (2014-12-08)
fast delivery and an excellent product, very satisfied

Olivieri - CA
P37 battle dress (2014-12-08)
fast delivery and an excellent product

Olivieri - CA
BD Jacket (2014-04-27)
My only complaint is that the sleeves are monkey length and I always have to have them altered. Other than that, perfect.

Happy ! (2014-04-26)
Good quality, good cut, Thanks.

Herkenrath - FR
P-37 Battledress Jackets (2014-03-16)
very nice jacket and excellent service

Jaroszewski - PL
P-37 Battledress Jacket (2013-12-22)
The jacket is ideal for my purposes.
Service, as always, top notch.

Ruffell - GB
battledress jakcet (2013-12-01)
jackets fit well, very nice looking item

Jaroszewski - PL
P37 BD Tunic (2013-03-07)
Superb quality and super fast shipping, well done WPG.

Gavel - CA
UK P-37 Battledress Jackets (2013-03-06)
Exceeds expectations... as usual! Never a disappointment with WPG.

Beekley - US
Stewart J. UK (2012-12-19)
Brilliant! Have mine already from earlier this year. Now have one that I bought for son.How does it get here so fast? Unbelievable!

Jephcote - GB
BD (2012-10-28)
Great item, fast delivery, no problems

Openshaw - GB
Simply the best (2012-09-24)
I have been a collector and reenactor for almost 22 years. I have seen and had many wonderful original Battle Dress jackets and trousers. I have also seen a bunch of horrible reproductions. WPG Battle Dress uniforms are almost spot on! They are the closest thing to the originals! Shipping was super fast and size is perfect. I will be back for a pair of Battle Dress trousers soon.

van Bronkhorst - NL
Graham Taylor (2012-08-30)
Well made, super quality and fit and looks superb with KD shorts on colder days just as seen worn in old photos. Arrived just days after ordering.

Taylor - GB
UK P-37 Battledress Jacket (2012-08-26)
Fits perfectly. Ordered a 48Long because I'm quite tall at 6ft 2in. Fits beautifully. Well made, from very nice quality materials. Very impressed with the quality and value for money. Incredibly fast delivery, quicker than most UK dealers! My one gripe, and it's tiny, is that I wish Jerry would get labels made up that are period looking, because the labels in the clothing look tacky and have to be removed. Not copies, but something like the original labels would be better.

Spawton - GB
UK P37 battledress blouse (2012-08-02)
Very authentic, comes up slightly large which is no bad thing and very fast reliable delivery as I've come to expect from the WPG team.

Parkes - GB
UK P-37 Battledress Jackets (2012-07-17)
Very nice, although I always order 1 size larger for a better fit. The quality and construction are very good. Fast delivery.

Harbs - US
GB battledress blouse (2012-06-27)
Delighted as usual. Always amazed at speed of delivery! perfect fit.Used to be common to see people wearing old originals. Very useful for driving as so short.Super long pockets too. I know before it comes that a WPG is going to be excellent. Stewart.

Jephcote - GB
Mr (2012-06-20)
My second BD top, and once again excellent quality, material, and style. However based on my sample of two the sizing is a bit odd. My 48L was like a sack and I had to re-tailor it, (not hard at all, I did it myself)the new 48XL was spot on, and no I have not expanded out to it. Apart from that these are great value, and recommended.

G. Sprack - GB
great company (2012-05-31)
fast delivery! good communication. no problems.

Hendal - NL
1937 pattern Battledress Blouse (2012-05-29)
An excellent reproduction, colour fine, sizing great & very quick delivery (5 days)
Thank you very much

Kendrick - GB
Pattern 37 battle dress (2012-03-09)
I returned the original jacket that I had ordered because it was a bit too small. A larger size was sent on Saturday, and arrived at my home by Tuesday. Amazing service and quality.

Pastor - US
BD (2012-02-21)
Very good made item and service as usually. Thank you.

Michal - CZ
British Pattern 37 Battledress (2012-02-21)
The battledress jacket was beautiful (even nicer than the description), but it was too small. Wajed and the WPG staff could not have been more helpful in exxplaining how to return the original jacket for a larger size. Within a week, the new jacket was on the way.

Pastor - US
UK P37 battle dress jacket (2012-01-14)
Been searching for years,had original army surplus,a little lighter material,but just as good,buttons could be of better quality.Thanks just the same (search is over). Would recommend.(Canadian edition)

greganti - CA
P37 - Battledress Jacket review (2011-08-25)
The quality of the jacket was very good

Ella - GB
UK dattle dress jacket (2011-02-06)
good item and it fits fine !

Wassenaar - NL
Not Bad (2010-10-19)
I ordered this reproduction British Battle Jacket to replace my authentic one that I've had for years, because the latter is getting ragged from so much use. It's the second authentic Battle Jacket that I've worn out. This reproduction is better than the one I purchased (and returned) from a company on eBay, but it does not fit me quite right, so if I do not return it, I'll need to have it altered. The collar design is different from the one I own (I like my collar better), but otherwise, it matches the design closely. The wool is reasonably good quality (though not a gabardine weave, like mine, which drapes even better). One part that disappointed me is the buttons, which are too thin and cheap, but those can be replaced. Overall, not a bad reproduction.

King - US
Awesome! (2010-05-05)
Great Jacket! Fits very smartly!

Hardage - US
UK P-37 battledress (2010-04-20)
I was very surprised to receive the goods as fast as I did. I am happy with both the BD blouse and the poplin shirt that I ordered.

Oakley - US
P37 Battledress Jacket (2010-03-21)
-Quick service (mailing)
-Colouring of the jacket was a little off compared to my pants. (brown and green)

Brumell - US
UK P-37battle dress (2010-02-18)
I just complete my battle dress and have a great looking with the original sergeant bars

UK P-37 Battledress Jackets (2010-01-27)
Excellent, in fact nothing I have bought from WPG has let me down...Reasonable price for quite a authentic reproduction....Great stuff and good fit!

Trueman - AU
Bob (2009-12-19)
I have been reenacting for 30 years and using original uniforms and equipment - I was always shy of repros - but now that original battle dress blouses runs in the $100's and don't fit right - I have purchased a repro - I put it next to the original and could not tell the difference - maybe the original material is a little heavier but not a big deal - I am sold on repros. Thanks and I cannot believe how fast is comes all the way from the middle east!

Tegart - US
Jacket (2009-12-12)
Very good reproduction

UK P-37 Battledress Jackets (2009-11-10)
The quality of the construction and materials is very good. Very fast delivery. Well done, thank you!

Kay - DE
UK P-37 Battledress Jackets (2009-10-05)
first the wrong jacket was delivered but you sent the right one very fast thanks super

roos - NL
. (2009-09-10)
Perfect item and excellent service

Baeza - ES
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