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fast delivery (2022-03-02)
Very nice quality, maybe run a bit small in the waste

Graves - US
Excellent Para Trousers. (2020-02-15)
It's quite difficult to get good para trousers in the UK at the moment. These from WPG are a very good option at an excellent price right now. . Materiel is a robust hard wearing serge of brownish colour which well matches the P37 and 40 BD Blouses from WPG.

The large front thigh pocket is lined with a shiny off white leather or PU and is a reasonable facsimile of the chamois leather of the originals - often removed by Airborne troops as once wet was difficult to dry out. I may cut out the WPG lining as it does give the pocket a stiffer look than one would expect.

The cut and features well mimic the originals but they do run pretty wide in the leg. Unless very tall expect to shorten them to your own leg measurement.

Fit is pretty much spot on but you need to order based on your midriff measurement as they should ride high on braces and will be larger than your jeans size.

In short Well done WPG - Great pair of trousers at a great price.

appleton - UK
Pretty good product (2019-09-13)
I'm sizing a 34reg and no choices for me only 32 or 36 was available. So i take a 36 reg and i'm requesting a dressmaker to manage it for my size.

The wool is a good one and it's a very confortable pair of trousers.

Bomba - FR
Excellent product, fantastic service with great EMS int'l shipping. (2019-03-05)
These wool P-37 battledress para trousers are very well made. Be advised they are like the originals, heavy wool. If you do airborne re-enactments in warm climates these will be very hot. Quality is great. If you are an athletic/fit sized person, recommend ordering your normal pant size or only 1 size up. I have a 29" waist in normal pants and ordered a 32 and they were 1--2 sizes too large. Bottom Line: great product, but order no more then 1 size up of your regular pants if you have an athletic/fit body type.

Raisin - US
Super!! (2019-02-28)
Article commande identique à l original !!!
L expédition très rapide
Merci pour tout
I am very HAPPY
Best Match
Sébastien LAURENT

Super (2019-02-19)
Great!The best repro of para trousers

Egorov - RU
Easy to deal with (2019-02-18)
pants do run a bit smaller so make sure you order a size up.

Draper - US
very satisfied (2019-01-31)
Very satisfied, excellent repro and super fast
shipping.Thank you

Amiard - FR
Excellent job done (2018-04-11)
Very pleased to receive my Para Trousers, certainly a job well done.

Ruud - NL
Heavt duty. (2017-06-13)
1 size up, good advice.

Steel - US
Para pants (2015-10-09)
Well done,Very,Very Happy.I can't wait to get the Jacket to match but other financial stuff to deal with.

Taylor - CA
Brit para trousers (2015-02-17)
Excellent copy. Well made. As always very nice item

klem - US
s (2014-07-06)
well made and quickly sent. size was spot on

Smith - AU
Thanks (2014-04-26)
Good quality, very realist repro.

Herkenrath - FR
trousers (2014-01-16)
Excellent service and fast shipping, great trousers

Jaroszewski - PL
uk 37 para trouser (2014-01-02)
wonderfull many thanks

para trousers (2013-12-25)
great service and fast shipping, great trousers

Jaroszewski - PL
UK P-37 Battledress Para Trousers (2013-12-17)
great service and fast shipping, great trousers

Jaroszewski - PL
items (2013-09-03)
great service good items thank you

5 (2013-03-06)
Excellent service. Great product. Thanks.

Roache - NZ
British para trouser (2013-02-05)
Nice repro and better then old run.

Przemek - Poland
A+ (2013-01-03)
Great trousers, great service, fast shipping!!

Williams - US
Excellent! (2012-04-17)
On to my third pair. They are such excellent pants!!!

Boyd - AU
Para trousers (2011-11-28)
Fantastic item.

fyfe - GB
UK P-37 Battledress Para Trousers (2011-05-07)
Absolutely great trousers. Fast and friendly

UK battledress para trousers (2011-03-08)
the best repro para trousers i ve never seen
thanks again

thierry - FR
Para Trousers (2011-02-08)
Very nice pair of para trousers, well made and all the details are there.

Barrett - US
Para trousers (2010-10-26)
New series, but great. Better than old.

Musil - CZ
Para trousers (2010-05-01)
Superbe reproduction d'excellante qualité et une boutique très sérieuse. Je recommande aux acheteurs français. +++

Great Trousers! (2010-01-10)
These are my first pair of para trousers and I couldn''t be happier! Well, I take that back, they could be less itchy. :-) Just wear something underneath and you''ll be fine. They do run small so order a size larger. They are also quite long so you might need to tailor them. Highly recommended!

Andrew - USA
Outstanding Trousers (2009-12-25)
Well made,Outstanding.

Burton - US
para trouser (2009-12-12)
The best repro of para trousers

UK P-37 Battledress Para Trousers (2009-06-28)
Superb item!! Delivered by lightning! :-)

Roenning - NO
P-37 BD Para Trousers (2009-05-03)
Very fast delivery. Great quality item.

Thanks Jerry!

Dick Deziel - CA
High quality (2009-03-27)
Excellent trousers - very comfortable

Para Trousers (2008-11-14)
Super fast shipping, only three days from over seas! Great quality, nice color!

McDonnell - US
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