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Great Shirt (2019-11-14)
I have an original. Same color, feel, may be a bit heavier, but not much. However, the WW2 uniforms varied in color, weight depending on the manufacturers.
Got it quick, real happy.😃

Prosser - US
m1937 wool shirt, enlisted (2018-12-28)
A+ 100% Outstanding!!!!!!!

devlin - US
Efficient Service, Excellent Product! (2018-11-05)
I ordered an M-37 wool U.S. Army enlisted man's shirt. My order was promptly sent and delivered and the shirt is a terrific reproduction that fits very well. I was extremely pleased with my dealings with WPG.

Pennington - US
Quality Product but sizing? (2018-02-13)
First rate material and quality. I did order my dress shirt size but item was fitted very close in abdomen (duh) and chest was tight. Waiting for a replacement in an even larger size.

Branam - US
fast shipping (2017-06-20)
EM Ike jacket, khaki tie and wool shirt. Fast and friendly service and shipping! We're very happy and
our WW2 Veteran is happy as well! Thank you Jerry and all...

Kievlan - US
Great item and super fast delivery! (2017-02-17)
Thanks so much for the wool shirt. It fits perfectly and arrived very quickly.

Cassady - US
The best shirt (2015-06-17)
Ok, I have only tried this and the one from SoF, and felt an original. This shirt can pass as original, SoF definitaly can't...
Very pleased.
But... waist/stomach would suit someone 7 months pregnant....

Johan - SE
Mustard wool shirt (2014-10-24)
Nice product. It seems you cannot use tie on this shirt.

Garcia - US
US M1937 Early War Mustard Wool Shirt (2014-02-28)
Very good quality, but for tall and slim guy with thick neck

Romanov - RU
Great shirt (2013-05-26)
Took two whole weeks to get to were I live. But it was worth the wait. Looks just like the originals . Thank you.
Great quality.

PrejeanJ - US
jacket (2013-03-07)
Very nice product and can't believe how fast it got here!

Webb - US
US M1937 Early War Mustard Wool Shirt (2011-06-09)
Excellent quality, great color. The neck is a bit wide. 18 inches on a 17x36 shirt. Fine for combat, but no way with a tie.

Kohlmorgen - DE
M37 wool shirt (2011-03-07)
This is an excellent garment, very accurate and the fit is correct.

Cervone - US
US M1937 Early War Mustard Wool Shirt (2011-02-18)
Very nice shirt and it FITS. Great service.

Winer - US
Customer (2010-02-11)
Nice quality, with more than ample room across the chest and more than ample length.

Mikesell - US
M1937 Mustard Wool Shirt (2009-08-23)

Excellent quality on the material used.

Macasinag - PH
GI Wool Shirt (2009-05-23)
Very nice product. Fits very well and is very comfortable. Thanks again Jerry.

Zuver - US
US M1937 Wool Shirt (2008-12-05)
Superb item, best repro shirt I've seen! Thanks.

Keras - US
Professional service (2007-06-09)
Jerry, Thanks- I got the shirt today. I really appreciate your professional service.

Gary A. Keith - USA