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Fast delivery, great product! (2021-12-16)
Super fast delivery, happy with the gas cape. Let's see if it will also keep me dry!

Libert - BE
My WPG Purchasing experience (2021-10-06)
A really good supplier to purchase from. On line ordering was easy to do, and WPG were really helpful & easy to deal with, helping replace an item on the order that was no longer in-stock, or the offer of a full refund for the item. The products are of superb quality. I'm really pleased with my items and happy with my WPG buying experience. Highly recommended supplier.

Yuill - UK
Good product! (2021-07-20)
This is a nice and well made product. It's very useful as a rain coat too.

Furlotte - CA
Fast delivery , good price (2021-04-03)
Excellent gas Cape alot better than earlier Cape this 1 dont smell . Colour is lighter like original.

Richard - GB
Almost perfect (2021-03-23)
Really good reproduction, the only fault being the tapes are slightly short and if worn on the back at the alert position it isnt possible to tie them to the respirator case correctly.

davison - UK
Gas Cape (2021-01-24)
Excellent product, super fast delivery. Very pleased.

Storey - CA
Best repro gas cape I've come across (2020-12-29)
An essential item of WW2 British reenactors. New production ones don't smell and look great rolled up on the small pack. Excellent service, as usual and remarkably fast shipping.

Charlie - UK
Gas cape (2020-10-12)
Nice item to add to the kit. Too bad no hood to go with it. Thanks

Booth - CA
An item that keeps getting better (2020-07-16)
Every time I've ordered this, the quality has improved over the years. I'm very happy with this item. Super fast deliver. UAE to UK in 2 days

Cottrell - UK
gas cap and ToS (2020-06-28)
good quality and fast delivery of WPG

Bogaert - NL
Good quality (2019-12-04)
Fast delivery and good quality

Haazebroek  - NL
Anti gas cape (2019-11-01)
Astoundingly fast shipping. Nicely made product. Looks good on my small pack. Highly recommend WPG.

Doug - MN
Quick dilevery ti U.K (2019-10-05)
Great item ,have brought 2 in past great quality for price.

Quick always. (2019-09-26)
Good item...and no smell with this new run!.A well made useful piece of kit delivered with the usual WPG speed and efficiency...Thank you!.

Askew - GB
British gas cape (2019-09-25)
Very nice repro, well made and no odour. Size M fits 40 chest perfectly.

Przemysław - Poland
British gas cape (2019-09-17)
I bought one of the new "non-smelly" ones, and it's great. No smell and a great quality reproduction!

Carpenter - US
Amazing (2019-05-06)
Superb repro, first class quality. No smell t all.

Marcin - BE
. (2019-04-05)
Very pleased with this! well made and true to the original design.

Andrew - UK
Gas cape (2019-02-23)
Great bit of kit necessary for BEF impressions. Looks great rolled up resting on top of the smallpack. No smell on this run of capes too. Fast delivery time,arriving in the UK a week after the order date

Ringer - UK
Outstanding.. (2018-12-22)
It is on my kit and ready for service. Great addition to my kit. Thanks for having this.

Owen - US
Excellent (2018-10-06)
I'm very impressed about your professionalism and courtesy. Delivery was very fast

Quarneti - IT
Gas Capes x 2 (2018-06-07)
Excellent reproductions, really fast delivery
I'm sure our group will need more of these too :)

Jelley - UK
UK Gas Cape (2018-06-05)
From everything I've been able to find, as I don't own an original, this is top notch. And received quick.

Blunt - US
Great Item (2018-06-04)
Excellent quality reproduction for the re-enactor looks correct and has the right odour

Clamp - UK
Super (2018-06-04)
Excellent quality and incredibly similar to originals. Quickly delivered. Highly professional. Thanks!

Gascape (2016-09-19)
What can I say? The smell is so awful that my wife still complained when I had it hanging in the backyard for two weeks. But other than the smell it is a top-notch piece of kit and I highly recommend it.

McCleaf - US
Excellent (2016-04-21)
I've been trying to get this gas cape for sometime and I'm not disappointed.
I'll be using it as a rain coat.

Bowring - UK
fast delivery (2016-04-14)
item arrived in a couple of days of putting in the order, very happy with the cape, but had to let it air outside because of the smell.

Crofts - UK
fast delivery (2016-03-15)
very nice piece of WW2 British Army kit from WPG and the smell was free excellent repro

hewlett - GB
fast delivery (2016-02-29)
excellent reproduction goes nicely with my B.E.F kit.

sparkes - UK
British gas cape (2016-02-28)
As always a brilliant service never in all these years have a need to complain

Law - UK
Gas capes (2016-02-28)
great service,speedy delivery & good comms all the way.thanks WPG.

Well Happy (2016-02-28)
Been waiting a while for these to be made but worth the wait! And the smell is unreal!! Thankyou!

Beresford - UK
gas cape (2014-07-27)
Spot on delivered on time but the smell god it stinks

courtnell - GB
fast and superb!! (2014-05-12)
This one you can use. It may not be original but a dead on rebuilt. Not sticky and therefor highly usable!!!

feitsma - NL
Gas Cape (2014-04-17)
Outstanding - quick delivery to the UK

Morgan - GB
British Gas Cape (2014-04-01)
Not identical in construction to the original - but originals were soaked in linseed oil and don't last long before the oil gravitates to the bottom of the garment (whether hung up or rolled) or they just go sticky. This item is a great compromise. I have replaced the press stud fasteners with original Newey poppers from WPG... Good item and great value. Stinks like hell. Air it in the garden!

Marshall - GB
british gas cape (2014-01-19)
very fast delivery. Excellent quality .Very good prices. It does smell its been on washing line for 2 weeks now.

keeling - GB
UK gas cape (2013-12-15)
Great product. Nice construction. Usual fast delivery that you come to expect from WPG. Great people.

Does smell. Let it air out outside for awhile. However, it doesn't smell much worse than the original British waterproof items I have. It is truly a great item that looks and performs great. Waterproof. If you don't have one, you need to get one.

Popiela - US
Gas cape (2013-06-24)
Fantastic item. First class workmanship and delivery to match. Very good communication all round.

Cpl (2013-06-23)
Beautiful !!!! Adds to my display on my Scout car.

Sutherland - CA
Smell (2013-06-03)
Everyone has already mentioned, othrwise it look sa great item...

Vrolijk - NL
Gascape (2013-06-02)
Good repro, but like most the wife didn't enjoy it. I have to hang it outside till the smell is gone; takes two weeks they say.

van Roode - NL
Gas cape (2013-05-12)
Fantastic item, repulsive smell, has been on the washing line for two weeks, think I'll give it another two!

mitchley - GB
British Anti-Gas Cape (2013-02-24)
A superb reproduction in everyway. The quality and finish are excellent as usual for WPG kit.
Yes ok, it does have a smell to it, but nothing so terrible that i''d keep it outside though!
There is an art to wearing it correctly rolled up ready for use on top of the small pack.
Very pleased indeed, highly recommended.

Chris - GB
Feike, NL (2012-10-23)
a very good reproduction, nice details but the smell... the cape is still outside for a copple of days I think.

schie - NL
Excellent as per usual (2012-06-20)
Outstanding item, owned one before but sold it on, so got another one. Cant fault it at all, just the smell is god awful so out in the garden for a week :D

Andrew - England
Gas Capes (2012-02-19)
Great Kit! Best on the market.

Lord - GB
5 (2011-12-30)
Very good quality reproduction and very good value for money. It's a must have for any serious British WWII re-enactor. When will the camouflaged version be available?

Heaton - GB
Gas cape (2011-03-25)
This for a repo is amazing WOW Great Job
Sorry I forgot to grade the hat it is at a 5
I just realy like this company aplease keep up the great work Thanks again for everything.

Taylor - CA
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