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fast delivery (2021-07-21)
Arrived within a week of order being placed. thanks

Land - CA
Awesome (2021-07-15)
Very nice braces, the way to adjust them is confusing but they work very well and are very sturdy!

Hoffman - CA
Nice (2021-07-13)
Awesome! Great to find a genuine set without eleastic.

Almond - UK
Great quality / broken rivet (2021-06-24)
Overall great quality as with other British reproduction. Unfortunately these braces had one rivet that holds the leather together was broken upon arrival. I was able to do a easy home repair.
WPG has continued to do great quality keeping authenticity in mind while making improvements when necessary.

Wills - US
Great product (2021-05-29)
Will order from WPG again

Coker - US
Perfect (2021-04-19)
They are perfect ! Thanks

France - US
Super (2021-01-23)
Good price, promo ex service, good quality
THX !!!!!

Brace yourself (2020-06-20)
Fits me without problems, 36"waist and 6 foot 3 long

herodes - SE
good item. (2020-02-28)

It is useful. It does not stretch.

lee - KR
Amazed (2020-02-26)
Everything was fine I'm very pleased with everything I bought !Everything came in very rapidly..

Robson - AU
best of the best (2018-12-03)
as usual WPG has exceeded my expectations will continue to purchase their products

Halliday - US
FAST shipping! GREAT quality! (2018-09-20)
Item was excellent quality as always from a dealer you can trust.

Bowers - US
Great (2018-07-03)
Excellent reproductions. Following other reviews I chose the right sizes, extremely happy with quality.

Flynn - UK
best around (2018-05-23)
Amazing price and great looking, with nice cotton webbing, but confusing adjustment (maybe mine weren't assembled properly as received?) and buckles are just OK. Still the best repros I've seen for sale, and as always great customer service and shipped to the U.S. very quickly

Steve - USA
Well made (2018-03-25)
The materials are tough as nails and stay in place perfectly. Given they are a non-stretch natural fiber, any wrinkles iron out on a cotton setting.

Craparo - US
fast delivery (2018-03-16)
A welcome surprise

Ruud - NL
Wilson review (2018-03-13)
Good quality as always. Added length an improvement. Lightning shipping!

Wilson - US
Thats awesome (2018-03-13)
Wow,that was fast!!

Olund - CA
Good Braces for the price (2018-03-04)
Solid and inexpensive trouser braces. However, there is no buckle to take up the slack once adjusted, so the excess just hangs. Best option is to tuck the excess into the trousers.

Nick - US
Very good prompt service and great prices. (2018-01-29)
This item should fit the bill as I prefer this style of braces with the button attachments over the other style which is more common seemingly.

Moles - US
Super (2017-11-05)
Very good! I am satisfied with the item!

Sikur - HU
Good fit. (2017-06-13)
Confusing adjustment.

Steel - US
Very good (2017-05-30)
nice advertised. arrived quickly

Hurtig - CA
Super (2017-04-03)
Great quality and a good fit.
Many thanks - definitely would go the WPG again..

Price - IE
good (2017-02-23)
Good quality braces, but cuts for buttons are too tight, I'm not weak but had to struggle with putting one thru the hole for like 3 minutes.

Trznadel - UK
Incredibly fast delivery (2017-02-18)
Very nice, high quality braces. Very good work on the leather and metal components.

Obrien - CA
Fast Delivery (2017-02-04)
Thank you very much, very pleased with my braces, great quality, really well worth buying overseas!

harper-summerson - UK
Good Quality (2016-12-12)
Precisely as described.

Dalton - US
LOVE THESE GUYS! (2016-10-11)
I BUY A LOT OF THINGS FROM THEM. Great service. Good price. Fast to solve any problems.

Stacy - US
Great quality (2016-10-03)
These are very good quality and exactly what is needed for Boer War period.

Graham - US
Super (2016-08-30)
100% superb service and quality.

Duncan - US
The Best (2016-08-10)
Super fast delivery. Excellant quality.

Duncan - US
Suspenders and Cup (2016-07-10)
Nice quality items, and super fast delivery.

DalBon - US
Excellent quality (2016-05-29)
I would buy again, they work wonderfully

Vok - CA
Positive Feed Back (2015-11-24)
Well made and great quality A ++++++++++++++

Green - US
mr c n page (2015-10-13)
I cant believe that this product arrived within a week of ordering and the uniform was very nice i am very pleased with it and the service was extremely good.thanks what price glory will shop again.

page - UK
Braces! (2015-08-28)
Item was exactly as advertised. Low cost. Finely made. Now if only someone could sew buttons on me trousers! Thank, WPG!

Mitchell - US
BRITISH BRACES (2015-08-21)
A decent copy with great length you can cut and adjust to fit if required.

Keith - UK
Fast (2015-07-24)
Received my item extremely fast and well packaged thank you

Whitley - CA
x2 World war two uniforms (2015-07-09)
Fab great communication and good quality uniforms, have bought several items for my Son for his re enactment group - quick delivery well done keep up the good work - will be buying more ( no doubt )

Mott - UK
Excellent (2015-05-25)
These are great, well made, and inexpensive.

Boughen - GB
British trouser braces (2015-05-16)
Instructions, such as cutlers supply with sword knots, would be v. useful. I've worn military braces (Police & Fireman Pattern). These seem to be missing a component for hitching the excess strap length.

Morrison - PL
British trouser braces (2015-05-16)
These are NOT the same as WWII pattern, commonly known as 'Police & Firemen' pattern. There seems to be a component missing: viz. a hitch for the excess strap length. Otherwise, quality OK. Illustrated instructions, such as supplied by professional cutlers with sword-knots, would be v. useful.

Morrison - PL
GOOD! (2015-05-04)
As ever excellent items and fastest service!

becchi - IT
British Army WWI and WWII style Trouser Braces (2015-04-28)
An eminently usable set of braces. They are basic cotton and leather affairs with metal fittings. The cotton straps appear strong as do the thick leather tabs. The metal fittings may need dressing with a file at a couple of points, the edges being sharper than I would care for them.

of good quality, I expect the braces to last a goodish amount of time.

WPG is fast becoming my outfitters of choice!

Frank - US
R.A.S (2015-03-31)
Article conforme à la description

Massimo - FR
British Army WWI and WWII style Trouser Braces (2014-12-10)
Son buenas replicas, yo he comprado varias. Muy recomendables

casariego - ES
trouser braces (2014-12-08)
good product and fast delivery,excellent

Olivieri - CA
from france (2014-11-11)
very good braces. nice repro. ultrafast delivery 5 days

British trouser braces (2014-10-02)
Sturdy; they work well, with a wide range of adjustment. The metal slides are roughly finished, and the sheet-metal "blades" inside the slides are liable to draw blood (the "blades" are very crude, not 100% rectangular, and very sharp).

Ryder - US
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