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Nice replica (2021-09-10)
Nice replica, but I used bigger size and I do the best, because shoulders fit perfect. Sleeve are too much long, there is necessary to fix it.

Drabi - CZ
great quality (2020-11-08)
sleeve lengths, after adjusting you lose the cuffs.
more info about the size (UK / EURO measure)

Vanbroekhoven - BE
super (2019-07-18)
perfect time and product

Robert - BE
Super (2018-05-09)
Very nice jacket

Plott - DE
Scottish officers tunic (2017-03-26)
Great quality and great fit , keep up the good work

Stephey - US
UK Scottish Officer (4-pocket) tunic (2016-03-05)
very good replica

boido - IT
Highland KD tunic (2015-03-03)
Knew the sleeves would have to be adjusted before I ordered it, but beautifully made.

Berquist - US
UK Scottish Officer (4-pocket) tunic (2013-07-30)

Gomez - ES

Sgtmjr (2012-04-28)
Well done. I to wish the sleeves were already sewn But......... Now i need one like this but with a 2 innch stand up collar.

Harlan - US
UK Scottish Officer Tunic (2011-03-18)
Great looking tunic. Will be a perfect fit with a little tailoring. Thanks.

Johnston - US
KD Officer's Cutaway blouse (2011-03-07)
Well done. Fit is good.

Black - US
Kilt Officer Jacket (2011-02-17)
Great! The frirst one I ordered I had to give to my friend who liked it so much. I ordered another so now both of us look great at military functions. The shoulders fit perfect but it needed a little talioring to fit perfect. Thanks.

thoma - US
Ruperts tunic (2010-11-25)
Yep- had to tailor the beezeesuz out of this to get it to fit correctly- ordered a size 40 which is great across the shoulders but thats about it! The waistline would fit a 40 waist! I took it in down the back seam and tapered to the waist and that seemed to work. Other than that I stitched the bellows lower pockets down to improve the style and added correct buttons and collar badges, looks a million bucks now. Great material and after a couple of washes it looks original!

All up goos value for the price as I can re-machine it myself.

Steve - Australia
UK Scottish Officer (4 pocket) tunic (2010-10-01)
The tunic was more than I expected. The fabric is fantastic and the fit in the shoulders was great. The sleeves are very long as described in the product description and did need tailoring as did the rest of the tunic which had a generous cut to it. It is being tailored to fit a little better. If looking for smart and genuine looking tunic this is the one to get. Well done Jerry looking forward to other purchases in the future

Carpenter - US
UK Scottish Officer 4-pocket tunic (2010-04-01)
The tunic appears to be well-manufactured. The shoulders and waist are true to the size ordered, but the sleeves are more than six inches too long! The tunic will work, but a lot of work needs to be done. There is a decorative cuff sewn in place already. To adjust the sleeves, this cuff has to be removed and sewn on again after the sleeve is shortened. I will probably not replace the cuff. I see no reason why this jacket can not be offered with various sleeve lengths.

Rating this jacket on a scale of 1 to ten, I would give it a five at best.

Scottish Tunic (2009-01-24)
Fantastic as usual.....I have used mine a lot over the past few years and it always gets compliments....well done...

Dan - Syracuse, NY, USA