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Quality Items (2022-03-23)
The khaki bush jacket is great quality and the sizing is spot on. Very pleased.

Payne - CA
GREAT JACKET! (2021-12-08)
The materials and construction on this Bush Jacket are top notch! I would have preferred a Size 42 but only larger sizes remain in stock. The 44 actually fit pretty well with a little extra room for breathability.

Eric - US
Must be good, I have 3 (2021-08-06)
Hi, I have 2 green Aertex and one Khaki jacket to wear in pistol competitions. These are cool in summer and don't show stains. I wear size 48L suit coats, and bought a size 50 in these.

Schroeder - US
Excellent product. (2021-07-20)
Super fast delivery and excellent 4 pocket shirt. I highly recommend this item!

Furlotte - CA
Excellent reproduction (2020-09-29)
Cannot fault this jacket in any way - may I suggest a cloth belt be supplied which will come useful when re-enacting RAF.

Micallef - MT
GREAT summer shirt (2020-07-03)
I had a couple of these decades ago, in an Australian version. This is very like and nicely made. Aertex is great stuff, and I wouldn't mind seeing other things (not, I think, in jungle green, though....). This is a good deal, in short.

Jenner - US
Excellent jacket,well made! (2020-04-18)
All i can say is well done Jerry! I like the style and also will be cool for the warm temps of summer.

Irby - US
The Best (2019-10-04)
A good quality garment.
No complaints at all.
Highly recommended.

Cross - US
Quick delivery, well made. (2019-05-12)
The jacket is great, nicely sized and no issues, plus the material breathes excellently.

Valente - CA
Super (2018-10-06)
I'm very impressed about your professionalism and courtesy. Delivery was very fast..

Quarneti - IT
like an original I had (2018-07-13)
This jacket is very light weight and well constructed. I had an original British bush jacket from the 1950s and this has the same buttons and material, (material on my new one is even lighter weight than original). Very pleased.

Les - US
Aertex khaki bush jacket (2018-05-25)
This is a beautiful, light weight jacket that is great for hot weather. The open weave pattern is even better than the original I had from the 1950s! The buttons even look like originals. I intend to wear it with a T-shirt to maximize it's cooling effect and still look good. I think it would be great for concealed handgun carry.

Les - Arkansas, USA
Fantastic!! (2018-04-05)
This jacket was exactly what was required to complete my display of Canadian soldiers in Italy during WW2. Thank you so much!

Roberts - CA
impressive (2017-08-02)
Just what you need for those tropical or hot campaigns. Good cut, smart, practical. Excellent service and delivery.

Gunson - NZ
fast delivery (2016-11-01)
Bush perfect jacket, finishes accurately, really serious company

pauletto - IT
nice kit, fast delivery (2016-08-02)
good value and great service

pope - US
fast delivery (2016-06-22)
Great jacket. And the sizing is right

Bouchaud - FR
Excellent service thank you. (2016-04-28)
I ordered the wrong size but the exchange service was great.
I bought this to re-create an "Aden 1965" impression. Whilst this is the WWII pattern it is sufficiently similar for most people not to notice. The main thing with such items is the material and this is identical to the jungle green material I recall from my own service.

Blunt - UK
Excellent (2015-09-13)
I ordered a size up- and it fits perfectly in the chest and shoulders (after washing and drying). It's a bit voluminous in the rest of the body, and the cuffs are a touch long, but nothing a tailor couldn't easily fix. Aside from that, it's well constructed, I love the Aertex weave, and there were no manufacturing defects. Lightning fast speed as usual. Great shirt.

Corto Waltese - OH
WWII pattern Aertex Khaki Drill Bush Jacket (2015-06-02)
Bought a few items from WPG and always pleased with my purchases , fast delivery well made items .Good fit

Petfield - UK
Sizing way off but great pattern and fabric (2015-01-31)
I am 41" chest, 5'11", 185 pounds.... had to go to size 46 to fit after washing... So expect 2 sizes larger. Great pattern and fabric..

Bridges - US
Mr (2014-08-14)
Excellent item, good fit, usual superb delivery time.

Lally - GB
Outstanding (2014-08-06)
Really comfy & a great fit. Wearing it with my jeans currently to weather it a bit and it even goes with them.

Andrew W - GB
Quite good copy (2014-03-28)
This is a close copy however the top pockets are wrong, they taper where as they should be straight cut. I have good quality images of my grandfather wearing his if WPG want them for reference . The items arrived quickly and overall I am very happy with WPG

Richard - United Kingdom
Aertex Khaki Jacket (2013-11-27)
Excelent quality jacket. Thanks!

Emidio José - Brasília, Brasil
UK WWII Aertex Khaki Bush Jacket (2013-11-12)
Very nice however the skirt was 2-3" low in the rear compared to the front! The hem heads downhill aft of the side seams. So a pretty simple fix but this should not be necessary. This one could be an anomaly. Inventory should be inspected. Let it hang holding the centerline of the shoulder strap and you'll see this.
Otherwise, the 44 was very Regular in the body but fine in the sleeve length which for me was good because I am a 44L. But this Regular doesn't fit my Long torso as well as his KD jacket. Offering Long sizes in Bush Jackets is a good idea because I think these were all quite long in the body. My original 1943 certainly is. Maybe phase out the Regular? On my 44L torso, where the web belt has to go to clear the lower pocket flaps is quite near the ribs and no matter what the War Department said about why the ribs are important to the P37 system, we don't usually wear the belts that high now do we? On the other hand this is a body shape issue. If you are a 44L you might like his KD jacket fit better. Or get this bush jacket in a 46 and have the body taken in?

Neuenburg - US
Aertex Bush Jacket (2013-09-11)
Item arrived very quickly and is superb, a wonderful look and feel. I live in the Far East and so i can vouch for its practicality in the heat and humidity!

Hunter - HK
Aertex Khaki Drill Bush Jacket (2013-06-18)
Awesome, awesome, awesome... Fast shipping, spot on to my original!

Richardson - US
Aitex Khaki Jacket (2013-04-09)
Perfect for the Queensland climate

Borg - AU
UK WWII pattern Aertex Khaki Drill Bush Jacket (2013-01-03)
Very best.

Pigliapoco - IT
UK bush KD bush shirt (2012-11-10)
Well made, well priced. A little long, must have been made for someone over 6 foot. Still a decent repro

lorne - quebec canada
good one (2012-06-21)
nice jacket and lightning fast shipping

Daniel - DE
Great (2012-04-17)
Great jacket

Werner - BR
good (2012-04-17)
really good!!!!

Werner - BR
bush jacket (2012-02-25)
ordered one size up and it fits at wpg is a pleasure,great products, and great prices.thanks jerry!

jarzyna - US
Bush Jacket (2012-01-15)
Excellent quality, very fast shipping

Gavel - CA
Chris Lopez, Bagà Spain (2011-10-20)
Excellent Jacket - correct size - superfast delivery - 10 points over 10!!!!!

Lopez - ES
Chris Lopez, Bagà Spain (2011-10-10)
Very nice Jacket. Excellent high quality repro. Superfast delivery. I've ordered another one for a friend that wonders to have one for him.

Lopez - ES
Chris Lopez, Bagà Spain (2011-10-09)
Excellent and high quality repro. Superfast delivery. I've ordered another one for a friend that wonders about to have one for him!!!!!

Lopez - ES
Khaki Bush Jacket (2011-08-10)
Excellent! Long sleeves! Aertex, just like the shirts.

Nook - US
Aertex Bush Jacket (2011-08-08)
Glad I have, but very hard to call it a "Jacket." It is the same material, same thickness, same supports, as the Desert Shirt. think of it as an oversize or baggy shirt. Official terminology is "jacket", but its a shirt cut like a jacket.

Nobles - US

Now I can do my Higgins from Magnum PI!! (2011-02-24)
A++ product

Kane - US
Bush Jacket (2011-02-13)
The bush jacket fits very nicely and looks great. Thanks a lot.

Stevenson - CA
UK WWII pattern Aertex Khaki Drill Bush Jacket (2010-12-24)
Let the summer begin, I'm ready

Riedel - NL
khaki drill brit. jacket (2010-09-12)
fits well, will look good as Italian N.Africa Corp tunic/shirt once I sew on the Italian insignia.

Mazzarella - US
ReEnactment Tested (2010-08-23)
I just recently wore mine during a hot desert reenactment. It held up very well and was very comfortable and practical. A great jacket.

Ray - California
New Reenactor (2010-08-13)
Already had one. They are very comfortable, especially in hot weather.

Irwin - US
Sweeeeeeeet (2010-07-26)
Nice jacket. Now I wont have to run around the jungles of Borneo in my undies.

McNamara - US
GREAT!!!!!!!!!!! (2010-06-28)

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