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Fantastic (2021-10-12)
Love it. Great fit. Exactly as advertised and what I wanted.

Slawner - US
My Second Bush Jacket! (2021-09-30)
I like these so much I bought another one. Great value, fast shipping and excellent quality. Thanks again WPG!!!

Bailey - US
Quality jacket and excellent value. (2021-09-18)
In channeling my best Colonel Nicholson, I decided to go with WPG's bush jacket, given the quality items I've received from them in the past. I am average build and wear 42R. I opted to follow WPG's advice and size up to a 44R. When the jacket arrived, it seemed really big and I almost returned it. But the shoulders seemed to be good so I laundered the jacket in a warm wash and medium tumble dry. The jacket shrank quite a bit and down to a near perfect fit. The jacket is made of a heavy cotton twill. It is darker than the photo on the website, but it is of quality construction and with quite a bit of detail. The buckle is a flimsy stamped metal, but it is buttoned in and easily replaced. I didn't bother since I have a leather Sam Browne belt that will replace the cloth belt that comes with the jacket. All in all, a quality jacket and a tremendous value. Just be sure to get the right size and remember it will shrink a good amount.

Nicholson - US
Top Notch Jacket and Fantastic Value (2021-09-18)
In channeling my best Col. Nicholson, I picked up this bush jacket since I've always found WPG's items to be well made. I am of average build and wear a 42R. I followed WPG's recommendation to size up and went with a 44R. The jacket is made of a heavy weight cotton twill fabric. The coat is well constructed with excellent details. The belt buckle is thin stamped metal and the only real negative. But it is buttoned in and easily replaced. I am using a leather Sam Browne belt, so I did not even bother with it. The 44R was really big on me and I thought about returning it. But the shoulders seemed good so I washed the jacket in warm water followed by a medium tumble dry. The jacket shrank down to a near perfect fit. All in all, an excellent jacket and a tremendous value. Just be aware of the right size for you.

Jason - US
Nice Bush Jacket (2021-07-13)
I received my bush jacket with the usual speedy delivery by WPG. After a quick wash, I can tell that it's going to break-in nicely and be very comfortable. One quibble--the belt-retaining loops seem a bit too low, and the snaps on the belt don't stay snapped (not a big concern, as I don't plan on using the belt).

Dunn - US
Good quality, Strange dessing (2021-07-11)
Very glad with this jacket,but really strange dimensions... Shoulder's fitting ok,but the belly size is 5 or 6 more sizes! I had to cut and sew.

Montana - ES
Fast, Accurate and Exceptional (2021-07-11)
Sizing was perfect and accurate. Overall quality exceptional and how can you ship from UAE to Colorado so fast?

Docherty - US
Improved Product (2021-06-24)
This current Bush Jacket product line is improved over the older one. The weight of the Khaki material is heavier, better chest diameter fit, longer sleeves and skirt length. Also the belt buckle is metaled silver and not plastic. I am extremely happy with this improved product run.

Yazzie - US
Great quality jacket with caveats (2021-06-22)
Bought to add to my ever growing collection of safari type clothes. This is probably the best of the safari-type jackets I own, and those two aren't slouches in quality either. One being an ancient khaki Banana Republic jacket, and a discontinued Cabela's Hemingway-style jacket. However, those two are in a much lighter, almost shirt-like twill weave; the WPG Bush Jacket is made out of a sturdier khaki drill.

Being the historical predecessor for the modern safari jacket, however, there are some features that differ on the garment. Instead of a bi-swing back, the jacket has a center gusseted back pleat, and additionally, it has a rear split vent instead of side-vents on the hem (both of which I think look better). The skirt hem is also longer at 1 3/4 in material overlap, instead of the usual 1 in. The lower pockets are bellowed just like modern safari jackets, but they do not have the side slit handwarmer pockets. It also has 2 placket buttons less than safari jackets, one at the collar and one at the very bottom. And the two chest pockets each have two press-studs at the scalloped corners to hold them down (which I removed).

These are not negatives, only differences.

Like other reviews say, the buckle that comes buttoned-in with the belt is...well. It's usable, if you don't have any other option. But I personally would replace the brown plastic buckle with a nice brass one from BuckleGuy. Because the others haven't mentioned it—you'll want a buckle with a 1 3/4 inch width. You can use a slightly larger 2 inch buckle if you have one on hand, but a 1 3/4 inch buckle will fit better. I got a brass double-loop square, and it looks far better than the brown plastic buckle.

James - United States
Great service as usual (2021-05-10)
Lovely Bush Jacket best I’ve had so far.

Bowley - UK
Excellent (2021-02-06)
Excellent, fast delivery, a little big but that was my fault, not WPG, I still love it, with take to tailor to take in a little, Not a problem, Great quality of product. Thanks again, Highly recommend ;-)

Thompson - US
Great Service (2021-02-04)
As alwys, great service! Product is exactly as described. Fits perfect

Shadow - US
Very satisfied (2020-09-03)
Perfect fit (42L); very satisfied.

Piston - US
Fantastic items as always! (2020-08-22)
beautiful items, great value and quality!

Bailey - US
Can't manage without one of these! (2020-08-22)
I've bought another one to replace the one I bought over ten years ago. I wear it all the time throughout the summer, not just for re-enactment events. This one is pretty well perfect, of course - my only hesitation is that compared to originals, the chest posckets are slightly too high. Otherwise. spot-on.

Nigel - British in France
Second time ordered (2020-06-20)
Recommend one size up for loose fit and your size for tight fit. Have ordered two for me and one more for my friend.

Fredrik - SE
Fast delivery (2020-05-04)
High quality garment. Very fast delivery.

O'Neal - US
Great (2020-01-23)
I wear M size shirts so I went for 38 size jacket. First it was bit too large, but after washing it on 90°C it shrinked and now fit is perfect. I love the fit of this jacket.
I am really satisfiend

Patrik F - CZ
Fast delivery, excellent handling, good quality (2019-09-16)
As in the description. Handling of my case was excellent. Bought jacket is in superb condition. Currently best alternative for original.

Komorek - PL
Quick shipping great quality (2019-08-29)
Bought RAF / Army style bush jacket in a 50-L.

Perfect fit. Well made and detailed. Can't wait to put some staybrite regimental buttons and my crowns and pips on the epaulettes!

Very nice shirt / jacket for florida tropical weather.

Manning - US
Nice jacket (2019-08-13)
I initially contacted WPG to check sizes as I’m about a 43” chest. From the measurement given, the 42 would have been snug, so I went for a 44” long. It was huge. Even the arms were too wide as it seemed everything was scaled up. Had it changed for a 42” and this fits really well, though larger than initially specified, making it a good fit. Wish I’d gone for this one first and saved the return postage.
Now it’s here, it seems all ok, looking strong etc. Will need a couple of washes to loose the new look and wearing in the sun. As with other posts, comes with a plastic buckle, but this is buttoned in, so should come out easily enough.
Happy with item, but check your sizes.

Minney - UK
Outstanding! (2019-08-12)
Everything about this jacket is fantastic. The weight, cut, details. It really is an exceptional jacket at this price. Great job, WPG!

Schrock - US
Good quality (2019-07-01)
I like the quality i would buy more of the uniforms ands some the gear to for season for the weather purpose and i also like the fast shipping.

Jerick - US
Very nice (2019-06-04)
Excellent quality, darker than pictured, even has little snaps on the upper pocket flaps to keep them laying flat, ordered 1 size up and washed it like normal which shrank it a little bit for a perfect fit.

Barry - WA
Caramba!! (2019-04-22)
I have been looking for a quality bush jacket for years. This item is well made and worthy of being called "military issue."

Rico Maldonado - US
Excellent (2019-04-16)
I am very pleased with your items.
Good prices, high quality and fast delivery.

Just what I needed (2019-04-12)
The perfect jacket for hunting, safari or just vacations...
Thank you.

Very fine (2019-01-16)
Well made. Seems to be the original pattern. Seams are solid and the material is first rate. I ordered a 40, normally wear a size 38-40. It did shrink some after washing. I would get a 42 if I was doing it over.

eigenberger - US
AWESOME (2018-10-18)
Delighted in all respects!

Austin - US
Best (2018-09-28)
Very satisfied. DHL actually delivered on day they said they would.

Buchner - US
perfect (2018-08-01)

Hernandez - ES
Outstanding (2018-07-09)
Ordering up a size is a good idea. A very sturdy jacket at an excellent price.

Newsom - US
Awesome jacket (2018-07-04)
The jacket arrived within days of being ordered and fits me quite well. A sharp looking piece of uniform for Med. Theater and Western Desert impressions.

Lopez - PH
Bloody quick (2018-06-25)
Seem to be pretty good, obviously designed for the morbidly obese but will have to bring the tops in but holding up well.

Vogelsang - AU
high speed transaction (2018-06-13)
Just perfect.
As usual

Excellent item (2018-06-09)
The best you can have - you cannot get such a jacket better than this - well done.

Micallef - MT
superb (2018-06-09)
I only say that I have already bought 5 for friends, when they saw the jacket I had to make orders immediately, it is very beautiful and excellent fabric

pauletto - IT
KD Bush Jacket (2018-04-29)
Well made jacket, it was washed pressed and badges attached over the weekend, ready for up and coming 40’s weekends, good stitching well sized, brilliant copy of the original, very happy with this item. Coms were excellent and it was despatched and received a lot quicker than expected! Thank you for another quality item WPG!

Pitchford - UK
Fast delivery (2018-03-24)
Bush Jacket was cheaper from you than a supplier here in the UK including postage? Great quality Thank You

Newland - UK
Superb (2018-02-23)
Excellent service: delivered halfway round the world in less than a week. Excellent product: good material, well made. I am 5'11", 185 lbs, usual jacket size towards the top end of 42". So I went up to size 44" to wear over a shirt, and shoulder a 303, and the sizing is perfect. I gave it a warm wash to take the initial stiffness out of the fabric, and there has been no shrinkage whatsoever. Superb.

Towers - UK
Good (2018-02-20)
Fast delivery and nice jacket

Muzzioli - IT
very well done, very fast delivery (2018-01-26)
Excellent product and expedite delivery.

Fierro - US
super delivery (2018-01-22)
excellent jacket I have already bought another one, unfortunately I had to take a 44 size for my height is a bit short, I hope you redeem the 44L

pauletto - IT
Excellent (2017-12-31)
I am happy with it

Farrell - US
Great service (2017-12-21)
Got my jacket with the utmost of service and speed and will be great for Christmas.

Baker - US
Fast Delivery (2017-11-18)
Impressed with fast delivery, Jacket was a little bigger than expected so would order a size down in future

Gradwell - NZ
A very nice safari jacket (2017-10-17)
When I was younger, and the fashion dictated, I wore jackets like these; I had originals -- including the French short-sleeve model (a copy of which WPG also offers). I am older, and my chest has slipped, and my military figure is now inverted -- and the mode has changed. In short, if you want a nice bush jacket, there are few choices, and this WPG offering appears to be the best around.

First, the construction is excellent. The jacket is made in Pakistan of a really solid khaki cotton twill. South Asia learned European tailoring from the English, and that part of the Raj persists -- the making is nicely done.

There is a caveat: This is pretty clearly not "preshrunk" material; I had ordered large (at WPG's suggestion) and was glad I did so. The jacket shrank in a hot-water wash-and-dry, and the result is a near-perfect fit.

I am short and stout; this means shortening the sleeves (even after the shrink-to-fit), and that in turn means loosing some of the sleeve opening at the cuff. There is no plaquet, so one has to either make one, allowing for a longer opening at the cuff, or live without that opening. If one cannot sew it oneself, or have a significant-other to help -- well, you are the mercy of local tailors (in the US, usually a problem; spend money or do it the simple way...).

Anent service: I paid using PayPal, and that entailed a problem; a quick phone call got things in train again, and with that exception, the service was really very good. I have bought one other thing from WPG, if anything more impressive; I expect I will be back. I am not buying as a reenactor; I am buying because WPG's offerings include items I want to own, otherwise not to be fournd, at remarkably affordable prices

Jenner - US
Extremely Pleased (2017-10-10)
Bush jacket arrived very quickly. Fit was just right. I was very impressed with the high quality of its production! A great buy!

Fithian - US
super fast delivery (2017-09-19)
I have already bought one and I'm satisfied

pauletto - IT
Very quick delivery, good quality (2017-08-14)
Their stuff is always very good.

Skinner - UK
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