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Excellent (2021-10-28)
All items received & we excellent - you guys are the best!

Martin - US
US Army Dress Tunic (2021-10-19)
After checking with WPG for sizing advice, the fit was perfect. The material and tailoring of the jacket was excellent - easily mistaken for an original. And their customer service is second to none!

Martin - US
Officer Cap (2021-10-19)
An excellent cap, well-made, and the fit was perfect. And even better than the cap was the unmatched customer service!

Martin - US
Excellent condition, quick delivery. (2021-07-12)
Good quality materials and construction. I need a hat for my Steve Trevor outfit from the Wonder Woman TV Series, and this is sure to complement it. Seems to be accurate to that period.

The "stiffener grommet" is actually a nylon tube with a garter spring inside. It was really wedged in there tight and it took me a while to figure that out. Consider adding a tag inside the hat for future orders saying: "Pull this donut stiffener grommet out prior to use.", or something to that effect.

I did notice the thread on that fabric lined cardboard stiffener holding the insiginia seemed to be fraying. Its inside and minor, so its no issue to me. And it will eventually get stopped by the thread holding the cardboard.

Other than that its really good quality and I'm happy with my purchase! Big Thank you to Jerry for helping me out.

Suarez - CA
Excellent reproduction! (2021-06-29)
Great hat! Once you remove the stiffening band, you can crush it effectively. Perfect shading to match the officer's tunic! As recommended, order one size down for a perfect fit.

Beaird - US
Fast, FAST Delivery (2019-06-21)
As always (I am a semi-regular buyer). Quality is always great, and the shipping is PHENOMENAL. Great work again, keep it up.

Kendall - US
AWESOME (2019-02-25)
I like everything about the cap except one thing. I am glad you recommended to order one size smaller than what I normally wear (7 3/8). Unfortunately the next lower you had is 7 1/8 and it is snug. I wish you had a 7 1/4 as it would probably fit fine. I have 3 months before I actually need the cap and don't know if it can be stretched a very little.

Young - US
fast delivery (2019-02-01)
hat size 1 size too large

Patterson - US
Best bang for the buck (2018-10-11)
You won't find such an excellent repro for this kind of money. Be warned, they run really large. I ordered 1 size smaller, and I still had to exchange it for an even smaller one.

Greg - Hungary
Quick delivery (2018-09-04)
Good quality-good fit. But, for some reason two caps were sent and I was billed for two. One has been sent back and I am awaiting a refund.

Mergel - US
Very nice hat (with some issues) (2018-07-01)
The hat itself seems a little large but it looks authentic. The size runs too large. I wear a 7 3/8 and im swimming in it. The hat came with a lot of wrinkles and the leather bill isn't straight (either from storage or while being shipped). And speaking of DHL shipping, it took 2 weeks to arrive, and now I have a scammer consistently calling me to email her my driver's license. Overall the hat is very nice with the right color and material

Hernandez - US
Outstanding (2018-03-10)
Really great quality cap especially for the price. Materials are all top notch and the hat is well constructed. The sizing runs a bit large so I had to exchange my 7-1/4 for a 7-1/8.

Krelle - US
The 50-mission cap of my dreams! (2018-02-11)
I'm delighted with the cap, it's a little big (I wear size 7 1/2), but that can be easily fixed. Am currently applying the '50-mission crush' treatment which I learned via the WW2 AAF vets who taught/encouraged me to fly. Thanks for providing such great products!

Williams - US
Love my new 50-mission cap! (2018-02-01)
I'm delighted with my new US Officer's Cap, and I'm already beating it into submission according to a time-honored formula. It'll have a fifty-mission crush in no time...Thanks!

Theodore - Oregon
Service Cap (2014-06-19)
Fit like a glove. Looks great!

Spry - US
Great! (2014-05-06)
I am happy with the cap, and extra effort was made to get it to me for our annual World War II event. Good customer service!

Forsyth - US
US Army Officer Service Cap (2014-04-29)
Well made cap with a quality feel. I can appreciate the comments from others about the hight of this cap, but for those who don't want to use it as a crusher this is the best around colour, trim and quality of leather is excellent.

Booth - GB
US Army Officer Service Cap (2014-02-24)
1. Surprised at the taller design of the hat. Curator at WW II museum said it was correct. Pre-war design.
2. Quality of leather and material excellent
3. Surprised at the speed of delivery.

Tryce - US
Nice hat (2013-08-19)
At first glance, the cap looked perfect as it was absolutely the right colour and made of wool elastique. However, as others have already commented, the hat-band and stiffener are way to tall which tends to give the cap an exaggerated appearance. I also had sizing issues. I ordered a 7 3/8" but the WPG label inside the cap said 7 5/8". There was also another label which said 7 3/8". However, at a guess the cap was really a 7 1/4" because it barely fitted me. Luckily I possess a hat stretcher which fixed the problem. Pity about the exaggerated height, though, which really can't be fixed. Otherwise I'd be scoring this cap a perfect 5.

Hutchins - GB
US Army service cap (2013-07-13)
Great quality although looks a little tall I was after a crusher cap looks like I have a chimney on my head needs a bit of work to lower it

Johnson - AU
LORD HARRINGTON (2013-05-08)
Very Nice piece of gear. Looks as if one about perform a Satanic ritual wearing it. To defend the Bank of England and its branch office the Federal Reserve. Truly well made: leather, cavalry twill, symbollic emblam. Ausgezeichnet!

Lord - US
USAAF Service Cap (2012-08-14)
Surprised me that it arrived so quickly. Looks good with the stiffening ring removed and the sides smashed down. Thanks!

Howey - US
Officer Service Cap (2012-05-11)
Excellent Quality - Looks great!

Welser - US
crush cap - order 40688 (2012-02-28)
problème de taille (tour de tête)
hauteur de casquette vers l'avant trop haut, ensemble pas assez souple.

Officer's Frame / Service Cap (2011-11-23)
Thanks again for another fine product. I removed the frame and back-strap before adding a period crush to this cap. It's currently tucked away nicely in my vehicle; as it travels with me to work! Thanks for adding that B-17 experience to my daily commute. Smokies 12 o'clock high!

Schnet - US
officer service cap (2011-01-14)
Looks great without the frame.Good color.The size fits well.I dont' regret this purchase.

A (2010-12-26)
Colors look good, leather is good, fit is pretty good, but it is like a full inch too tall. It requires some smooshing.

Then again, all repro uniforms require smooshing, dirtying, or both to look good.

I still like it.

Holloman - US
Crusher Cap (2010-11-26)
Once you fold down the sides it looks great!

Truong - US
US Army Officer Service Cap (2010-09-22)
Amazing item and fits perfectly.

Nice touch keeping the frame "loose" so you can modify it into a crusher version and back if you want.

Triffoni - BR
Mr (2010-09-02)
Very good service all round

Clayton - GB
Service Cap (2010-07-29)
Great and already crushing really well. A little on the large size thinking of putting is a small pad on the inside as used by hat retailers...should do the trick what do you think ?

January - GB
Service cap (2010-05-06)
Only one word : GREAT

Everything is great, the cap, the service, very quick overseas delivery,.....

crush cap (2010-04-29)
love the hat, can't wait to distress it and wear it with my A-2.

clark - US
US Army Officer Service Cap (2010-04-12)
as advertised. good cap

Anderson - US
us army officer service cap (2010-04-07)
just what i need to wear with my"pinks"+an eastman leather A2 flying jacket.great!

attew - GB
Crusher cap (2010-03-11)
I received the cap very quickly which happily surprised me. I wear a 7 3/8 and it fits perfectly. After reading some of the reviews that stated sewing problems I mentioned that in my order and asked them to make sure mine had no problems and it doesnt. So I thank WPG for that! After watching many WW2 movies like Pearl Harbor and Tora Tora Tora I thought the cap would be brown wool. The wool is a green color that under certain lighting conditions does look brown. This was NEW news to me! But the color is correct! I work at a retirement home and a resident here was a B-17 pilot and I asked to see his cap and his cap was old and beat up but I can see that it is the same color just faded and aged after 60+ years. Great cap I love it!!!

Melillo - US
US Army Officer Service Cap (2009-12-15)
High peak, a little unusual
good service.

boudewijn - NL
excellant (2009-11-17)
The hat is better than I expected. With out the wire, the hat takes on that classic look.

D'Amico - US
love it (2009-10-26)
great hat exactly what i was looking for and arrived very quickly

roeseler - US
Good for the money (2009-05-31)
Good delivery time:
First Cap had QC issues right out of the box -- inside and out - mostly stitching - but it was easily exchanged, (good customer service - very prompt)

Replacement cap had same issues right out of the box -on the inside, (lining not fully attached - Fixable with needle and thread) The problem with the brim was on the underside this time so no one will really see it.

I am keeping the 2nd cap for the following reasons.
1) The materials used are very good.

2) Though the cap has a considerably taller design than any original I have compared it to -- it takes on a really good look after I spent some time distressing it.

3)The cap crushes well and the wool cover hangs nicely with a little TLC. (I dampened mine with cold water then left it out to dry with a rubber band around it. DO NOT get the leather wet - I'm sure It would shrink.

4) The badge is a good reproduction and has a real nostalgic appearance.

OVERALL: This is a good cap for the money. It is half the Price of Eastman and Diamond and it is not a mid range costume piece like the ones I got from U.S. Wings and Garcia Aviation. Except for the mentioned issues I really like this cap.

Lawrence - US
U.S.Army Crusher Cap (2009-03-07)
Seems to be made of good quality materail,it will look just like Col.Hogans when I finish crushing it. thank you, J.E.Yates

J.Yates - US
Overall 5 Stars (2009-01-26)
Fine materials. High peak, a little unusual. True to size. Put a real Insignia on it and it will do the job.

Vic - Austin/Texas, US.
Officers Service Cap (2009-01-13)
Great cap! It has a very high proile, and very much appears to be a pre-war design. I love it, looks great with or without the stiffener.

Frost - US
U. S. Army Officer Service Cap (2008-11-03)
I was very pleased with the overall quality of the hat! It is very comfortable to wear as well. The only minor issue that I noted was that the stitching on the sweat band is separating at the seam in back. Overall though, the cap surpassed my expectations!
The order came in on time and was worth every penny.
Oh, and one more thing. Thanks for asking how things turned out. I'm impressed with your customer service. You'll get more business from me!

Thanks a million!

Guerrero - US
John K. (2008-10-14)
Well made cap

Kunze - US
Officer sevice cap (2008-09-08)
Great cap.

Rolls - US
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