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Nice Product (2018-06-18)
Arrived exceptionally quick! Product looks nice and will work well. Highly recommend.

Stephens - US
08 Pattern webbing (2016-10-08)
Outstanding service and follow through! I have been a customer for years and look forward to continuing our relationship. As to the 08 webbing. The entrenching tool and bayonet fitting is sewn so tightly that I couldn't use it. It would be very helpful if you offered the front suspender clips to make the pistol order possible. Thanks again.

otmar - US
nice piece (2016-08-07)
Shipping was great, the water botle carrier and the entrenching tool frog is a bit small but overal great quality.

Smith - CA
P08 Webgear set (2015-12-30)
The items in the set are of high quality and I have no doubt they will hold up to countless reenactments. I agree with some of the other reviewers that the water bottle holder is very tight and it makes it very difficult to stow your canteen when you are wearing the set. Otherwise, I am very happy with the set. I also have an original large pack and it works perfectly with the WPG set.

Brent - Ohio, USA
Prompt Delivery (2015-03-03)
Having water bottle issues. Mine won't fit.

Fieldhouse - US
UK P08 Webbing Sets (Package) (2014-06-07)
Arrived smartly, thank you for that. Very happy with the product. Cheers from NZ

Mr (2014-02-27)
Really pleased with the quality of the product, and the service was excellent. I feel that the price was excellent. I will most certainly use WPG again.

Clamp - GB
P08 web set (2013-08-25)
Helve carrier does NOT fit original scabbards. It does fit IMA's repro scabbards.

Grant - US
WWI equipment (2013-07-09)
Order made and delivered without incident!
A little pricey however.

Chalifoux - US
P-08 Webbing Gear (2012-12-10)
very nice product and excellent service

Guidobono - US
p08 web gear (2012-05-13)
Everything fit as it should,nice piece of gear,fast shipping.

parton - US
web (2012-03-28)
Loving the web gear. my only grip is that some of the brass fitting were not in all the way and it made it hard to assemble.
other than that great set!

Fortin - CA
webbingset (2011-12-13)
nice set,very easy to put together,bit disappointed 2 dome tops have come off ammo pouch when first put together

robin wilson - new zealand
P08 webbing (2011-10-26)
I still love my webbing. I gave it a good wash and set it in the sun to dry. The webbing took on an ugly orange cast like a yellowed newspaper. A good soak for a day in vile, slimy mud, and a cold rinse seemed to correct this.

Tim - Canada
Webbing sets (2011-08-28)
Very fast service and very please with product

Diane Green - NZ
Manager (2011-06-14)
Very good service and very happy with the product

coote - AU
web set (2011-05-05)
Overall a fine reproduction. However giving only a 4 due to quality and fitting issues. Two sets - on both sets there were problems with the fit of the water bottles into the water bottle carriers and neither will close with the water bottle in place. Also with both sets there were issues with the fit of the helve / entrenching tool handle carrier. One of the two comes no where close to fitting on any of the 3 SMLE bayonets I have. On the same one the helve (and it is one of WPG's repros) will also not fit into the loops. So totally unusable. On the second helve holder - it fits very very tight on the bayonet and the helve fits - but again was excessively tight - if the loops for the bayonet had been another 1/16 of an inch less in circumference it would not have fit the bayonet - same for the helve - 1/16 less - and the helve would not have fit.

Harmon - US
WW1 webbing (2011-04-14)
Great product. Alittle over priced, but that's my bias. I'd recommend WPG giving an instruction manuel with it. Otherwise perfect quality and a must buy for any WW1 tommy!

Shaw - US
Thanks (2011-03-25)
Fast delivery. Great job.

Erikov - RU
Bagpiper (2011-03-06)
Fast delivery I have a picture of my grandfater with his 08 webbing in WW1 and it looks just the same. Great job. fits perfect. Lokking forward to ordering more gear.

Hutchison - CA
P08 web kit (2011-01-03)
A fine reproduction. The snaps are perfect. The ammunition pouches are just like my grandfather''s with their woven pucker. A Triumph. Where did they find the right looms? A good wash took off the too crisp look but be careful of shrinkage. I agree that the water bottle skeleton is too tight, as are the bayonet and helve carrier. Creative resewing may be necessary, but my entrenching tool fit its carrier perfectly,and the finer lining is just right.Thanks again WPG

Tim - Canada
08 pattern webbing (2010-09-10)
Fast delivery, very happy with the webbing, now to put it together, good I have some friends to help.

Shields - GB
Webbing (2010-08-26)
Excellent comments at the first event I used it at, and very speedy delivery

Walsh - IE
WW1 P08 webbing set. (2010-08-21)
I have worn '37 and '58 pattern webbing so putting the set together came quite naturally. At the moment it fits where it touches, I will teak it until it is just right though.

Wood - GB
webbing (2010-04-17)
very happy with the webbing, pain in the ass getting it together .. diagrams for costumers might be a good idea. thanks looking forward to getting more products from you guys

Fisher - CA
A GREAT PATTERN 1908 SET! (2010-01-31)
Jerry, this new run of your British Pattern 1908 Web gear is excellent! Got here in a heartbeat too! Thanks again, Bill Wisher

Wisher - US
P08 web sets (2009-10-21)
Overall a very nice package with fast delivery.
The only downside is the water bottle carrier. It may be that my original water bottle might be just a bit over sized - but no matter how I tug, pull, etc. on the carrier I cannot get it to close with the water bottle in place - it would work if the strap with the snap closure was about .3 inches longer.

Harmon - US
webbing (2009-08-23)
Nice quality equipement delivered incredibly fast what more can you ask for. WPG is now my new quatermaster.

Over - GB
P-08 Webbing set (2009-04-05)
Very good repro of the webbing, excellent shipping time!

Comes - US
p-08 webbing set (2009-02-10)
Very high quality material. Fast shipping as well. Thanks again!

Landals - CANADA
very well package

simon - FRANCE
WEBBING (2008-10-02)

Overton - UK