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Super (2021-11-04)
Good replica, fast shipping. I recommend

Andy - PL
Good stuff (2021-08-19)
As always with WPG, very nice stuff

von Wyl A. - CH
08 small pack (2018-04-16)
Very pleased with it,

Weaver - UK
UK P08 Small Pack (2015-08-31)
Excellent repro, very close to my original examples

Cameron - CA
P-08 Small Pack and Braces (2013-08-20)
Excelent itens. Thanks!

Emidio - DF, Brasil
UK P08 Small Pack (2012-09-21)
Nice replica, fast delivery

Lukas D. - CZ
po8 small pack (2012-05-02)
looks great, completely satisfied thanks

allan - new jersey
po8 small pack (2012-05-02)
looks great, completely satisfied thanks

allan - new jersey
ww1 small pack (2012-04-09)
like the other ww1 webbing this is great quality at a good price.

mann - GB
UK P08 Small Pack (2011-10-17)
Perfect! Exactly what we were hoping it would be.

Maatman - US
small pack (2011-05-23)
Great repro - fast delivery.

Harmon - US
small pack (2011-04-19)
Great quality, good delivery time as always

Crichton - Scotland
UK P08 Small Pack (2011-03-25)
It´s perfect, color, material like originals

c.casariego - ES
P08 Small Pack (2011-03-23)
The weave, color and material is first rate. Looks exactly like originals I have seen photos of, including the dye striping. Very well done.

Libicer - US
small pack (2010-12-14)
Nice pack looks just like the original.

Chargo - US
P08 PACK (2010-11-22)

This is a great little bag. The material is prefect. We added a single brace for a shoulder strap and stenciled the word CARTRIDGES on the flap to keep spare blanks and cleaning supplies in (duplicating an original pack we saw photos of). Great addition to our fire trench. Many thanks!


Bill Wisher - US
Small pack (2010-10-30)
very nice pack, very fast delivery, perfect

frank - DE
P08 small pack (2010-07-20)
Nice product as always. Thank you.

Potter - US
08 small pack (2010-03-22)
I am happy with the pack and it seems to be what I expected. Both the colour and weave count match actual webbing artefacts I possess. Is the slight streaking of the dyed strands authentic? I cut back the stitching on the small buckles at the bottom of the pack to improve the lead to the diagonal 1 inch webbing from my ammunition pouches. I'm curious to see an original pack someday to see if my change is correct. Amazing delivery speed. Thanks.

Soper - CA
Small pack (2009-11-19)
Sound as described delivery v good

Perry - IE
Small pack (2009-04-01)
Looking good.

Petros - Germany
Small pack (2009-01-25)
Good item, well made. Buckels on lower pack do dig in a bit.

driver - UK
P08 Haversack (2008-12-31)
Well made item, and a fine addition to my kit.

Redmon - US
ok (2008-10-22)
very well repro

simon - FRANCE
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