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Great Product (2021-02-01)
Great item, unlike some other covers this is 100% spot on.

Mitchley - UK
Water bottle cover (2019-02-26)
Very high quality copie.

Sharp - US
Excellent (2018-08-26)
Very happy it makes an original canteen bottle even more special

McDonald - US
UK WWI Felt Water Bottle Cover (2011-03-23)
Very nice repop. Thick and durable, but fits nicely. Easy to sew up the bottom flap. Nice job!

Libicer - US
Nice job. (2010-02-02)
This cover actually fits nice and snug without making the water bottle look like an aborted beanbag toy. Be sure to use a heavy thread when you sew up the bottom, it'll start tightening up as you go.

McNamara - US
Felt cover (2009-12-26)
These are fantastic copies of the water bottle covers!

Barrett - US