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Super (2022-07-26)
Ik kan WPG ten zeerste aanbevelen. Ruime keuze, goede prijs, uitstekende kwaliteit, zeer snelle levering.

Noteborn - NL
Impressed (2021-08-20)
I bought the officer's 4 pocket Class A jacket and trousers and was very impressed with the quality and adherence to the original US Army design. Shipping was incredibly fast.

Ron S. - US
Amazing Fast Delivery (2021-07-16)
The tunic fits perfectly - no alterations needed. This is my second tunic from WPG and it is spot on!! I noted just a hint more green in the fabric - which makes it look like an original. I am genuinely happy with the tunic. All of the clothing I have purchased through WPG has exhibited excellent quality

Mergel - US
Good reproduction (2021-07-08)
This is a vast improvement over Jerry’s prior runs of WWII US Army Officer Blouses. The material is probably the best available on the market for a WWII Army Officer uniform. The attention to detail like the inside breast pocket is very nice. The buttons are clearly cast copies, but I intend to trade them out for originals anyway. No big deal here but they still look ok. Just order one size down from your normal chest size and you’ll be happy with the fit. Another good offering from WPG. Thank you Jerry!

Biff - US
Living History (2021-06-29)
Absolutely the best WW II tunic made. Wearing it at reenactments with my major's rank, I am repeatedly saluted.

Bruce - United States
fast delivery (2021-03-16)
very happy with my order !

Moore - US
Excellent (2019-10-17)
Item was delivered quickly and actually exceeded my expectations for fit and quality.

Cross - US
Jacket no buttons (2019-08-12)
Normally WPG clothing runs 1-2 sizes small. Since I needed the largest size of this jacket I was worried. I had only purchased commonwealth uniforms previously and they were not quality or sized correctly. This jacket is correct but came with no buttons nor were the button holes cut out. My previous order (Patton boots) were so poorly made the straps broke on the first wear. “Get them fixed and send me the bill.” Was the only option but the repair making the boots useful was estimated at $400 (same price as boots with shipping) plus because of f having to refinish the boots to match the replacement straps and buckles.

Pierce - US
Excellent item for the cost. (2019-06-17)
The jacket came very quickly, and pretty much as advertised. For the cost, really cant beat the quality. Looking forward to getting mine back from the tailor

Abbinante - US
Another AWESOME (2019-02-25)
The tunic looks and feels great. It is currently at Marlow White in Leavenworth for the finishing of the sleeve length and adding the braid. They were impressed with quality and how it fit. It will look great with the "pink" riding breeches I recently got from you. Thank you!!

Young - US
Lecturer (2018-09-04)
Good overall presentation. Good fit; buttons were on the tunic. All that's needed is to finish th cuffs and later make a few minor alterations around the waist

Mergel - US
Delivery was good (2018-08-28)
The U.S. Army Officer tunic turned out to be even better than I hoped for. It is of the highest quality. Will add insignia and go to reenactments.

Slocum - US
Great Item (2018-08-15)
As always, very pleased with WPG items over the many years. The tunic is great, and I'm glad the epaulets were sewn down as they were designed for pin-back rank, not the modern clutch-back rank. Maybe a note to this effect in the product description would help. Also glad the buttons were sewn on. Was surprised the shipping bag made it intact as it was pretty thin

Winslow - US
awesome Jacket (2018-06-05)
Great product, can't wait to get the US Army Officer 4-Pocket Class A Dress Tunic to a tailor and add all the awards, patches etc...

Formaro - US
Excellent (2018-03-07)
thanks so much! Excellent tunic. I got it quicker than a letter priority post from Tennessee. How is that possible!!!? Lol. Thanks again!

Perfect! (2018-02-14)
I must say that I am over the moon with this Service coat! As it says in the disclaimer it doesn't come 100% finished but that isn't a problem as it does help in case of tailoring. I ordered a first time a 46 as I wasn't sure what the sizing would give and unfortunately it was a bit too big for me (im a 44-46) I sent it back and asked for a 42 and it fitted perfectly! I just need to dry clean and iron it before adding insignia. Thanks again for your excellent service WPG!

Jon - France
Perfect! (2017-05-11)
I needed a Replica AAC Tunic for Halloween, WPG team was able to DHL it to the US for me in 4 days! Amazing Products and Staff, Thank you!

Derby - US
Pleased (2017-09-14)
The material is a little on the thick side even after several cycles though the steam press. The color on these is more of a dark green similar to a US Forrest Service jacket green.These run pretty big, i am a 42R chest and had to order a size 40R. After taking out a total of 2" in the chest and about 3" in the waist i was able to get it fitting properly. Hope the next run will be a little thinner material.

Bruce - Spokane, WA
Very Pleased (2017-08-30)
Great product, good fit, prompt service especially for overseas delivery

stanton - UK
Excellent and quick delivery (2017-07-13)
The service coat was spot on and the delivery was faster than anything mailed in the U.S.

Sauter - US
Class A Jacket (2017-03-28)
A well made reproduction of an extremely hard to find piece. Very cost effective although it does require tailoring. Great piece!

Officers 4 pocket Class A Tunic (2016-03-30)
I recently ordered the Officer's Class A "Pinks and Greens Coat and Trousers. This review will be for the Coat only. The package arrived separately from the trousers as it shipped from a different source. Shipping was fast as usual. The Coat is fairly well matched to the size 44 that I ordered. It should be said that these jackets are shipped unfinished which is a great help when having them tailored to fit. The sleeves and lower hem of the jacket body are basically tacked in place loosely to facilitate fitting. The shade looks correct when compared to original jackets, as is the structure of the coat itself. The sleeve "Officer's Stripe" is included separately. The buttons on my example were already sewn onto the jacket. Brass buttons for the pockets and the three large buttons down the front with a bakelite button where the belt line lays. The belt is tacked in place in two places around the back and there are no belt loops or places for belt hooks. I am completely satisfied with the coat even before tailoring. If there is enough material after alterations, I'm going to have belt loops made so the belt can slip back and forth to line up the "gig line". Great job WPG!

Coulter - US
Pleased with purchase (2016-02-26)
The material is a great color and a nice sturdy weight. Construction is well done. The cut of the garment seems to be wider in the shoulders and fit through the torso, so no need to buy a larger size if you have wide shoulder issues. Very pleased with the fit on our gentleman.

Liz Goodall - US
Good (2015-11-14)
It is good tank you, it s perfect

dubourg - FR
Mr (2015-11-10)
This is my second jacket.A great service and jacket as usual.
Only negative is the cuffs were stitched and turned up which luckily was my length but there was only still about 1/2inch of material on the turn up.If I had to let the sleeve down I would have had to return it for longer sleeves?

Feedback (2015-08-21)
Good experience, had to return as too big, but dealt with well and my size arrived soon afterwards, good condition, just what I was expecting.

Pirrie - UK
Officer Tunic, Dark Shade (2015-04-20)
Very nicely done. This is my second tunic, plus two officer IKE jackets. Size 42 is the perfect fit for the tunic, with size 44 the perfect fit for the IKEs. Now, off to the base tailor shop to sew on the 8th AF patch, the officer sleeve bands, and then dry clean and press.

Ridosh, Mark L. - US
US Officer's Class A Tunic (Chocolate) (2015-04-17)
The fabric is perfect. The fast delivery, as usual, was astonishing. It seems to me that the cuff braid is a bit dark but other than that, the usual tailoring is required (just like WWII) the jacket is great...also matches the garrison cap perfectly that I purchased from WPG last year.

Reed - US
U.S. Army Officer Class A Tunic OD-Winter (2015-03-06)
This is my second OD Class A Officer tunic in Size 44R. Very good reproduction and good material. I should have ordered size 42R, as I must have some tailoring done here on the base in Korea. That's OK. The first tunic turned out perfectly. Jerry--congratulations on reproducing these hard to find items. I have two WPG Officer Ike Jackets in size 44R, one Officer B-13 jacket in size 44R and one Enlisted Ike Jacket in size 44R. These are beautifully done and fit perfectly. For perspective, if you fit well in these jackets in these sizes, you may wish to order Size 42R for the Class A tunic. BTW, as I am at an APO AP address, this order had to go through Jerry's shop first in Salinas, CA then to me. Still, very timely.

Mark L. Ridosh - US
US Officers coat (2014-03-12)
Arrived from around the world ok. a few tips on this coat. the epaulets were sewn down on the outside half. this is were the rank is pinned on. I had to rip the stiches open to put rank on the coat. Inside lining was ripped at a seam. material was a little heavy for this uniform but it will work after alterations.

MR (2014-03-08)
Very good item, i've needed to send it to a tailor to have a sligt alteration to one side of the tunic.

Cradell - GB
Houston, US (2014-02-07)
Very fast delivery, nice tailoring, high quality

Doyle - US
Officers Tunic (2013-12-30)
Jacket is excellent construction throughout. Could not aqsk for a better reproduction in my opinion. Looks authentic down to the stitching and hardware. Sizing was very good. Ordered my size and it fit very well and required minimal tailoring.

Hyde - US
US Army Officer 4-Pocket Class A Dress Tunic (2013-11-09)
This jacket was received promptly and in great condition as advertised. The buttons were indeed all attached. I ordered my size (42L)and it fit perfect. I got a seamstress to alter it appropriately for cuffs and pull in back a little. Very happy with this purchase

Hyde - US
Officers tunic (2013-10-15)
I received my order a few days ago and wish to say that it is a quality reproduction. I would recommend this to any one who has the need to posses a quality representation of this WWII era USAAF uniform !

Heidorf, Thomas H - US
Impressive! (2013-07-07)
I am eagerly awaiting the return of my tunic from the tailor. The fit was good and the cut "spot on" compared to my original that is being retired (one size too small due to age and excess beer). I wish I had bought it years ago!

David Little - US
Officers tunic purchase review (2013-05-13)
When I place this purchased tunic next to an original of mine, it is very difficult to see any differences between the two. The price was "right"; very satisfied with the quality and fit; the shipping was outstanding I wasn't expecting to see it for a week and I received it within four days. Highly recommend anyone to buy what they need from you!!

Thomas - US
USAAF Officers Winter Class A Blouse (2013-04-24)
Didn't arrive as quickly as other orders. Think it got lost in Miami for a week. Will soon take it in for tailoring. Looks great. A little worried about the short length of the cloth belt.

Howey - US
Four pocket officer's tunic (2013-04-03)
Strange tailoring. Will require attention by my tailor but since I'm 6'6" and 230lbs., this is the only source I have. (I've tried another source [Warhorse] in UK and found him to be not only unreliable but downright unethical.) At least WPG delivers what they promise in a timely manner.

Eney - US
Great quality (2013-03-07)
A much better experience than with the "Pinks" (trousers) I recently ordered: this jacket fits as if it is tailor made: Thanks !

Ronald de Heer - BE
Not Bad (2012-12-11)
The order shipped on a Thursday and was delivered on the following Monday - superb job :)

The material is good, though my size 44R was big on my frame and will require some tailoring (this is not an "outta the box" and wear item). Perhaps it wouldn''t be a bad idea to order one size smaller than usual for a better fit. Also, the braid was missing for the cuff - I will contact Jerry for a replacement.

448th BG - USA
officer's jacket (2012-11-07)
Great to work with. Did there utmost to get me the right size of officer's jacket. It is perfect and the quality is unbelievable. Very fast delivery.

Robinson - US
officers jacket (2012-10-30)
excellent delivery time very pleased with jacket thanks again Paul.

4 pocket tunic. (2012-06-08)
Iam a 42, but due to others saying this item runs large, I ordered the size 40. The actual measurements quoted for the size 42 seemed VERY large, and even the size 40 I ordered needs taking in, albeit only slightly.

The tailors I am using in Norwich actually worked on origonal garments belonging to the guys in the 8th Airforce. The 80 year old seamstress who is now retired, but had popped in for a visit felt sure they still had some 8th air force arm patches on the premises, somewhere!

All [3] remarked on the nice quality of this garment. The sleeves only needed taking up by a few millimeters, but there was some damage in transit which they will try and repair [the fit was so nice I didn't want to return it].

Other than that small dissapointment I'm really happy with the item and rapid [as ever] delivery.

The buttons were attatched, and the button holes were in place [various other posts confused me on this issue]. The sleeves are very loosely tacked for alteration.

Shame about the flimsy packaging, and the fact the tunic will need pressing, but I guess thats down to logistics.

hodkinson - GB
A class officers jacket (2012-05-24)
thoroughly impressed with the jacket, looking forward to getting it tailored so it looks the part!! Thank you WPG!! Look forrward to dealing with you again and again in the future!!

karl renouf - jersey
Officers Dress Tunic (2012-05-19)
Comparing this reproduction side by side with an original, you can definitely see the attention to detail and craftsmanship that went into making it. I will be switching out the buttons for a nicer set and having it tailored to fit. Other than that, this tunic is ready to go. As always, lightning fast shipping too.

Peattie - US
Just Great. (2012-05-15)
I ordered the socks together with a pair of shoes, a shirt and a US Army Officer 4-Pocket Class A Dress Tunic. Unfortunately the tunic was too large. I've send it back for an exchange. I expect there will be no problem. The other 3 items really are what I was looking for.
I'll participate next july as a reennactor at the Duxford Flying Legends show and I'm sure I will look great in these items.

Piras - BE
us officer ike jacket (2012-02-28)
prompt shipment well received nevertheless i will replace the buttons

Guenot - FR
Great Service Coat (2011-12-08)
These WPG service coats are the best available today. The ones I've ordered both compare favorably with my friend's original WWII vintage officer's service coats. The wool elastique is faithfully reproduced, and the cut is accurate. That being said, these coats require tailoring - just like the originals! WWII officer's jackets were tailored, unlike the Sad Sack issue garments which were mass produced in "standard" sizes. I had my officer's chocolate service coats fitted by a local tailor. I also had the tailor add "theater made" bullion insignia and WWII vintage "36 line" officer's buttons, and these jackets could pass for originals! So, if you order one, please plan to have it fitted. This is not a defect with the design, it's simply how it was done. Thanks again Jerry for another great product. Keep up the good work. I love your stuff!

Schnert - US
Excellent Reproduction (2011-11-30)
Thanks again for an excellent reproduction!

Schnert - US
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