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Service excellent. Product OK (2020-09-11)
Not quite spot on with materials and manufacturing BUT you are the only one that does webbing with the built in reduction at the shoulders so they will pass muster.

Baker - UK
good item. (2020-02-28)
It is moderately decent thing.

lee - KR
Braces (2013-08-22)
it is ok

Hojris - DK
UK extra long braces (2013-06-12)
The shipping was very fast from the UAE to the US.
These braces look fantastic and are hard to tell from originals.
I intend to buy another set.

Koontz - US
Brit/ Commonwealth P-37 Type Equipment Braces (2013-05-17)
(see review Trouser Braces review f/ my entry -
RE the P-37 EQUIPMENT XL "Braces" I screwed-up the Braces term (trousers to Equipment type) Maybe that why Americans call the Shoulder Straps & Trouser Suspenders)
(swapped entry f/ Trouser Braces - IE transposed:)
- (Trouser Brace Suspenders are well made/ good quality; I'll use under a display Uniform so they will be in-effect invisible !)

Reus - US
Mr (2013-05-01)
Webbing is good but the brass tips are hand fitted and riveted which is obvious when compared to genuine WW2 made stuff.

Lean - AU
Review (2013-04-05)
Very good quality. Thanks !

Vince - CA
braces (2013-03-14)
parfait. excellente reproduction. serieux

monestier - FR
Andrew (2012-10-02)
Well put together - arrived really quickly

Dunn - AU
UK Braces (2012-09-18)
Very good quality, perfect length.

MacMullen - US
UK Braces, P-37 Extra Long (2012-08-22)
love the extra length...,gives more options to carrying extra equipment

ToM - US
Great (2012-04-17)
long enough for me

Werner - BR
perfect,very good (2012-04-12)
perfect,very good

Werner - BR
great (2012-03-15)
awesome quality, long enough

Salisbury - US
braces for p37 webbing (2012-02-01)
excellent item fast delivery .......i would not hesitate to reccomend the item or the seller = thank you.

alexander - CA
UK Braces, P-37 Extra Long (2011-11-19)
Super Buy! The extra lenght gives extra options with gear

Tom - Wisconsin
uk braces x long (2011-09-06)
excellent to finish my para uniform.

maxwell - US
Incredible (2011-07-14)
The quality was better of what I was expecting.
Keep up the good work.

Urlich-Vivar - US
Braces (2011-07-07)
Very good. long enough to attach my canteen.

King - US
Braces (2011-04-22)
This shocked me as it is great craftmanship Im very happy thank you.

Taylor - CA
Col. (2011-04-13)
Top quality as always.

Conkey - US
Col. (2011-04-13)
As always top quality.

Conkey - US
P-37 X Long (2011-04-08)
Nice, just cant figure what to hook them to in the front.Mabye there is anotherpiece I need.

Bergquist - US
Awesome! (2011-03-31)
They are perfect! If you are over 6'0 you have to get these. They even looked better after I put blanco on them!

Hardage - US
UK Braces, P-37 Extra Long (2011-03-23)
Nice item. Plenty long for us tall guys. These are a little more brown than the rest of the P37 webbing though.

Long Braces (2011-03-16)
I am extremely happy with the quality of these braces. They fit my original P37 bag with no fault and no wiggle. I look forward to a long service life.

Strobel - US
UK Braces (2010-06-23)
Purchased by second pair. Fast delievery.

Borowski - US
p 37 braces (2010-05-28)
fine set of braces, very good!

Brian - NL
Finally (2010-03-04)
I can use my water bottle and small haversack the proper way, these are the perfect length if your over 6-2

Tim - Nova Scotia
UK Braces, P-37 Extra Long (2010-01-20)
Very good braces. Finally some that fit me!

De Clercq - BE
perfect (2010-01-08)
perfect to wear the water bottle, long enough and very good quality.

Schatull - DE
XL Braces (2010-01-08)
Excellent quality as always.

Partenheimer - US
UK Braces (2009-12-30)
The husband says everything that we ordered for him for Christmas was fine.

Kinney - US
P-37 XL braces (2009-02-19)
I have looked for some XL braces for some time and these are great.

Knight - US
mr (2009-01-27)
great item many thanks

kenny - IRELAND
B.kenny (2009-01-22)
very good quality item

kenny - IRELAND
UK Braces, P-37 Extra Long (2008-12-10)
excellent as usual

kenny - IRELAND