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Amazing quality, amazing value, amazing service! (2022-12-22)
Once again, my hat is off to Jerry and the stellar team at WPG. I bought my Ike jacket not only for reenactment to wear with my AGSU (the US Army's modern version of pinks & greens). The quality of the wool material and the workmanship are superb. Schellemans noted that the color is slightly off. It is a hair shade darker and on the green side (less brown) than Heritage Green, which is the shade of the AGSU service coat and of the original WWII service coat in my closet. However, when you understand how the Ike jacket came into service in 1944, it is not unreasonable that there would be color variation among manufacturers and runs. I have worn WPG's Ike Jacket as my uniform to a number of high-profile events and have received nothing but compliments.

Black - US
Awesome jacket! (2022-01-18)
Superior quality jacket, one of the nicest I've seen. Not to mention it was shipped very fast. Can't go wrong if you're looking for an Ike jacket.

Paul - United States
Well made Ike Jacket (2021-09-30)
I went to an official event and all were amazed how well the jacket was done. Only one small thing bothered me: the inner lining of the beast pockets is a bit visible because the sewing is not done right. Overall great Jacket

Schulz - DE
ike jacket (2021-07-13)
ordered one size up. fit and look is great.

dudrow - US
High quality (2021-07-10)
Very impressed with the quality of this jacket . the fit was good too. very pleased with it

Waller - UK
Nice jacket for the price! (2021-05-06)
I recently ordered the Officer's Ike Jacket to augment my Officer impression. The jacket is well made with the proper side adjustment slides. The sleeves run a little long but nothing that tailoring won't fix. Overall I'm happy with this jacket!

Coulter - US
5 (2021-03-12)
Well done!!Great service.Very please with the IKEA jacket..fits perfectly.

Herbert - UK
Outstanding..many thanks.VERY pleased with the jacket..perfect fit!!please email or send to the UK a catalogue of your stock if possible.Cheets guys Dave H (2021-03-12)
All said above..Well done.very pleased.

Herbert - UK
Awesome (2021-01-24)
This Ike jacket li IKS amazing and fits perfectly. Plus it looks as good as my original 1943 officer’s four pocket.

Dunham - US
Good product (2020-09-23)
Speedy delivery and fit is excellent

Chuck - US
Ike Jacket (2020-07-20)
This was unacceptable as to the quality and materials used. Not like the old picture of WPGs Ike Jacket still on line. The closist this came to was Ralph Camden's Bus Driver uniform on the "Honeymooners". I have an original WW 2 officer's Ike and a four pocket service blouse and the color and material was not even close. I don't think the quality of the sewing was up to WPGs standards either

Dunbar - US
high quality (2020-07-20)
I have collected original Ikes for 40 years.This is a time when I wanted one of my own to wear and fit out with insignia. High quality & workmanship to revile any original I have had. This jacket is modeled after the enlisted style because there are button cuffs and no commission stripe on the sleeves but still worn by officers. The best was the shipping,faster than I expected and very welcome to see that. These are well worth the money!

Bailey - US
veste ike chocolat (2019-02-25)
hello gorgeous jacket superb quality, super fast delivery the all extraordinary great thank you to you. I would recommend you
good to you eric de begique

eric - hainaut
fast delivery (2019-02-01)
48 size seems smaller then 48 size class a

Patterson - US
The Best! (2018-01-31)
Fast delivery, tracking was accurate. Ike Jacket fits perfectly! Needed help with sizing, so I emailed owner who suggested a size.48XL. I'm 6 feet 230lbs Everything fits perfect. Completely happy. Will only have to sew on some brass buttons and we'll be ready to cosplay Capt. Steve Rogers. This jacket replaces a cheaper on I bought on Etsy. Will recommend your company to others. Thanks!

Tani - US
mr (2015-10-04)
great looking coat,slight alterations and everyting
fits fine,thank you.



Delivery at airport Frankfur (2014-01-26)
the delivery arrived me finally in three weeks.
Ordered Items are good. Thank you.
But the procedur bevore I got finally my packet.
Tax,letter from the dispach courier for the customs in Frankfurt,and then shipped the parcel from Frankfurt to my hometown, not really enjoyable. But that not yours. Cause are the German Customs.....

Vorthmann - DE
ooo (2014-01-21)
Thers ist nothing more to say as 100% OK!

niedermeier - DE
Good repro (2013-11-05)
Very good coat, but the sleeve pattern seems to have been reversed when cut- the sleeves point towards the rear instead of forward-even so, this is only noticeable when on a hanger. When worn it isn''t terribly apparent.

Ron - Us
Ike Jacket - Superb (2013-10-09)
Great looking jacket and the fit is very nice. Perfect addition to my collection.

Pizzano - US
Officers Ike (2013-06-03)
Lining under collar is not right,bunches up and cleaners cannot press it flat,lapels will not lay flat against jacket......

Pilon - US
US Officers Ike Jacket (2013-03-21)
Very Very good reproduction !!
Fit is excellent and Great quality,really like original !

Manu - FR
Ike Jacket (2012-08-22)
Great item. Ordered one size bigger on the advice of some friends. Fits perfect.

Clark - US
IKE JACKET (2012-05-02)
Always a winner!


Concon - US
Second time around was better. (2012-03-23)
I love these jackets. Just slight alterations needed for my kilts!

Concon - US
US (2011-12-02)
I was concerned about the posts regarding sleeve length. I'm an athletic build and a 46 Reg fits perfectly for length, shoulders, chest, waist, and the sleeves are exactly right. No tailoring needed. I'll put brass buttons on for my Patton late-war 4 star re-creation uniform. I'll use the full-length service coat for the early-war 3 star version. Thanks for a great product. When I order on a weekend, it's on the porch on Tuesday.

Stumpf - US
US Officers Ike Jacket. (2011-10-06)
Excellent Jacket. correct style, colour and material. Fits perfectly. Extremely fast delivery.

Cutts - GB
ike jacket (2011-08-10)
good fast service

lynch - GB
us officer ike jacket (2011-06-24)
exellent and smooth operation will come back very good quality

michel Guénot - FR
Mr (2011-03-09)
A well made jacket,Great quality,WPG is number one for me, Cheers guys.

Tromans - GB
Ike Jacket (2011-02-07)
I am a collector of military and have several original ike jackets in my collection. The quality of this reproduction is amazing, by far the best reproduction I have ever bought and worn. I applaud WPG on their attention to detail and recommend their products to anyone.

Hayward - GB
officer's ike jacket (2010-09-17)
2 good points:
-the quality of the product , good color, material & cutting, suits perfectly.
-the reactivity of your service correcting very quickly a mistake in the command.

pascal - FR

Mr (2010-06-15)
Excellent product. Good quality and as close to the original as you can get.
Nicely tailored too and quickly dispatched. 10 out of 10 WPG.


McCabe - IE
Ike Jacket (2010-06-03)
As usual, the jacket is of top rate quality and fits perfect!

Lovings - US
ike jacket (2010-03-20)
my second item from the guys here,and the jacket is simply fantastic... the cut, the fit and the look,i just feel so good in it.Cheers guys.KIT

Ike Jacket (2010-03-10)
Very good reproduction, color is slightly off though.
Fit is excellent

Schellemans - BE
Nice Jacket but...... (2010-03-06)
....the sleeves are disproportionately short. I wear a 42 Reguar off the rack in any suit store. But the sleeves on this jacket were at least 4 inches too short. Too bad because this truly a gorgeous jacket. I returned this item.

Zabalaoui - US
Great Repro Ike (2010-02-07)
Overall: 5/5 stars.

Quality: 5/5 stars. Cut of this jacket is very military. If you're relatively fit, it will fit well corresponding to your chest size. If you've been skipping your sit-ups, be careful. Color, fasteners, and lining are top notch.

Delivery: 5/5 stars. 3 days from UAE to USA. Fast!

Steve - East Coast, USA
ike (2009-12-14)
Great quality,really like original,

Mattioli - IT
GM (2009-12-09)
Fast delivery and very good comunication, excellent jacket,

Krebser - CH
Ike Jacket (2009-08-23)
In perfect condition received from USA to Europe-Belgium, with very fast delivery.Thank you !!

Gaby - BE
LT. (2009-07-09)
A very nice reproduction "Ike" jacket. Sleeves are too short for me so, I will have to return it but, the quality and craftsmanship is excellent. Material weight is slightly different from the WW II material but, that is to be expected.
A nice reproduction piece

Cranwell - US
Jacket (2009-06-01)
perfect article, very fast delivery

Baumberger - CH
US Officers Ike Jacket (2009-04-16)
A superb jacket! The fit is perfect and the shipping was very fast. Thank you very much!

malta - BR
officers ike jacket (2009-03-27)
The jacket arrived and i was impressed with the quality and cut of this item, however due to my excess drinking habit the jacket i ordered was the wrong size entirely my fault contacted Jerry and it was exchanged most expediantly cannot fault the jacket nor the service thank you Jerry and Nadeem

Miley - GB
officers ike jacket excellent quality (2009-03-14)
i cannot applaud WPG enough for the quality of the product i received and as for the speed of delivery remarkable thank you

Miley - UK
Ike Jack (2008-11-22)
Well made jacket worth the price.

Kunze - US
ike jacket (2008-11-18)
Excellent product. A+++++

francis - UK
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