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superb sceleton p37 wbc (2012-08-23)
Very fast and satisfactory as usual

feitsma - NL
the best quality at a great price (2012-04-17)
the best quality at a great price

Werner - BR
Great Job! (2012-03-25)
Just Great.

Werner - BR
not sure it's "original" (2011-10-07)
There is a small "broad arrow" marking with lots of random looking numbers after it and the ink looks like it was stamped yesterday. It also took me over an hour to get the thing over the bottom of my water bottle and the snap straps were 1" short of snapping after 30 more minutes of tugging, pulling and cusing. I actually got it to carry my mess tin et al, like I've seen in numerous photos but it would not fit it either. Finally by turning it inside out so that the reenforcement tabs are on the outside, I could get my mess tin in it. I swear the tin buckled before the strap went on. I'm stretching it out now but will eventually need to start over and put it in correctly...not looking forward to it. That said, regardless if it is "real" or not, it is well made, sturdy and does look good so no complaints against Jerry there! Shipping was unbelievably fast although my international transfere fee invoice said I was charged $2.60 for mess tins but I didn't order a mess tin, I got the energency ration tin...ordered on Friday, delivered on Tuesday! Keep on trucking Jerry!

Embrey - US
Original glory! (2011-02-24)
Had to get the original wet to streatch the material so it would snap around the canteen. It was a PITA but it sure is pretty A+++

Kane - US
WOW (2010-12-06)

McNamara - US
WW2 water bottle carrier (2009-07-04)
Original item, in perfect unissued condition.

Perkins - US
UK P37 web Skeleton Carriers for Water Bottle (Original) (2009-06-11)
Great Cond and very happy with my order as always thanks guys.

Arnott - NZ
Just What I Needed (2009-02-07)
I bought a water bottle from another supplier, but the webbing was not correct. This skeleton carrier from WPG was perfect. It was exactly what I needed. Like everything I have purchased from What Price Glory, the service was great and the product was as advertised. I could not be more pleased.

Hardy - US