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Lightning shipping (2018-07-23)
For original P37 straps I am extremely happy with them. Excellent price for original item.

Kyle - CA
Very Nice (2018-05-01)
The straps worked perfect to hold the mess tin and helmet on the large pack. WPG gives a great product with excellent customer service.

stallings - US
GREAT Very Happy (2018-04-08)
Very fast,Your People should teach Canadian Surplus dealers how to treat customers, I will be back even with the exchange rate so high. THANK YOU........Don

Mackenzie - CA
fast delivery (2018-03-16)
Same as the rest of this shipment excellent

Ruud - NL
Good straps (2017-12-19)
Just what I needed to attach the L straps to my Large pack. But, since I am a tad bigger then your average British soldier they are a bit short, but I can work around that. Shipping took a bit longer then expected but the package arrived in good shape and on time.

Hart - US
Straps (2015-06-07)
Perfect and excellent service

Cook - US
Extension straps (2014-07-10)
Great condition

Fenech - MT
straps (2014-06-29)
Straps in good condition.

Fenech - MT
Good stuff (2014-06-06)
For those of us not entirely happy with SOF. Do this instaed, I have an original and this matches to the stitch

denton - GB
Extension straps (2014-04-24)
These straps worked great, quick delivery

papendrecht - NL
uk extension straps (2013-11-02)
all good.....genuine thing

Radford - AU
Great (2013-06-14)
Just as described. I received two straps dated 1943. Great condition and great price - thank you.

Roberts - US
pack extension straps (2013-06-01)
These straps worked great, quick delivery, I actually used them to with the brace attachments to make a hanger for my sword. It worked great.

Gibbens - US
Grade III. condition (2013-03-25)
The particular set that I received was 1942 dated and only had minor corrosion on the brass parts. the straps themselves did, however, show heavy signs of use. They are still usable and most importsntly original, so I am content with them.

Konrad Sladeczek - US
UK Pack Extension straps (Original) (2012-09-24)
Quick delivery, great items as described. Many thanks!

Romanovskiy - UA

Norris - US
great (2011-06-24)
excelent condition for the age, well dated

frederic - FR
Straps (2011-04-22)
What can I say I needed you have them and in excallant shape Thanks again

Taylor - CA
UK Pack Extension straps (Original) (2011-04-20)
very, very good and very fest!

Stano - US
pack straps (2011-03-14)
First rate item, I use them on both my large and small pack

Arroyo - PH
Good Price Great Condition (2011-02-08)
superb quality+excellent price

Daniel - DE
Straps (2011-01-29)
Excellent, great for my 37 pattern kit. Thanks for the great service

McCue - CA
UK web extension straps (2011-01-19)
Nice price and promt delivered.

Wallin - SE
extension straps (2010-12-10)
Perfect condition delivered promptly.

Bord - US
Where were these for 68 years? (2010-09-02)
They look just like they did when packed into a crate in 1941. Clear markings, an an essential piece for a Full Marching Order kit.

Jicha - US
UK Pack Extension straps (Original) (2010-08-20)
excellent quality and swift delivery… to the thanks

Karaschuk - RU
Pack Straps (2010-04-27)
Brand new 1941 dated straps. Good deal

Kinney - US
my thoughts (2010-03-22)
very good cond.

Owen - US
Straps (2010-03-18)
It was exactly as promised. Fast shipping and a good price. Thanks again for everything.

Cusick - US
GREAT! (2009-08-17)
In good shape for it's age Thanks!

Watson - US
UK Pack Extension straps (Original) (2009-06-11)
ExCond new straps that look great on the large pack and orders arrive so fast!

Arnott - NZ