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string bag (2015-04-16)
I have no idea what I'm going to do with this...yet. But for $1.00 I felt what the heck. The net/bag I received is in perfect, unissued condition. Would likely make a good helmet net or pack camo cover (or two) for a reenactor or bushcraft camping. WPG are great people to deal with, and fast shipping as always (three or four days to the southeastern US!).

Steve - US
British stringbag (2014-08-07)
Fast shipping and excellent product!

Carpenter - US
string bags (2014-07-14)
arrived very promptly. very good items

Robertson - AU
water bottle corks (2014-07-14)
Arrived safely. very prompt response

Robertson - AU
String bags (2010-06-11)
Excellent items and service

Taylor - GB
Original string net (2010-06-07)
Exellent service and item

Taylor - GB
Great (2010-05-15)
Great quality item, some with labels attached. A+++

Daniel - DE
UK Stringbags (Original) (2010-03-09)
Very nice and useful original item!

Pierre - FR
Sergeant Major (2010-03-04)
Real deal and super cheap, fast delivery!

Gutoski - US
UK Stringbags (Original) (2010-02-27)
Easily the most fun you can have for a dollar.

Of rough twine, functioning like dockyard cargo nets. Substantial and sturdy: one of them can corral a few blankets or a man's uniform with greatcoat.

Get a few for stowage at any period event: Bedding, laundry, bales of sandbags, animal fodder, maybe firewood.

The first time you deploy one, make sure you've got a friend to help unfurl the thing and stretch it out into a rational shape. These have been in storage for a while.

243Herbert - US
UK string bag (2010-01-19)
Neat and useful piece! Execellent condition.

Cole - US
String Bags (2009-11-03)
Exactly as described; arrived fast

Draa - US
An original item in excellent condition... (2009-10-30)
Don't know how you manage to find this stuff Jerry!

I ordered 12 of these and one even has the original paper label attached to it. All in great condition, no sign of any decay etc...

They are actually going to be used to re-enact a much earlier period, Byzantine Empire infantry soldier kit, for which they would appear to be exactly the same.

Amazing to think that this simple item has been used by soldiers to carry their gear in since the Roman Empire...

Griffiths - AU
UK Stringbags (original) (2009-07-09)
What a strange item! God knows when I'll get to use it but it looks great.

Morgan - GB
"String Bag" (2009-06-29)
Looking at previous reviews, I had a fair idea what this item really was. I ordered one, which asrrived in record time, and it is, as I suspected, not a common old string bag, such as my mother brought home the shopping in, but a cavalry HAYNET: a "horse''s haversack", in which the horse carried its day''s ration on the march. It is an excellent example. Thanks, Jerry!

Jon - Ireland
UK Stringbags (Original) (2009-06-29)
"everyone should have one" indeed.
Amazing the amount of stuff you can tuck into them.

Van - BE
UK Stringbags (Original) (2009-04-09)
quick delivery, good condition, all ok.

corkery - IE
Stringbag (2009-04-01)
A good and useful item all ok.

Petros - Germany
Good (2009-03-17)
Good kit,

driver - UK
Stringbag (2009-03-17)

Kenneth - BELGIUM
Bought lots, many uses. (2009-01-13)
Yep, the real deal down to the smell of sisal and creosote.

Shell - US
stringbag (2009-01-06)
Genuine, good stuff!

Plachta - BELGIUM
UK string bag (2008-05-13)

David - UK