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fits well, but came in the day after I left. (2022-06-10)
not your fault.

Fareas - US
Very nice (2022-03-02)
A really well made shirt that looks great

Morouney - US
Great shirt! (2021-10-26)
The officers chocolate shirt looks and fits perfectly. A great addition to my original officers dress uniform. And super fast shipping. Well done!

wescott - US
Great Shirt! (2021-10-17)
Pulled the trigger and bought one on sale. Well worth it. Size was spot on. Sharp looking details. Shipping super fast!

Kevin - NC
Thank you! (2021-09-11)
Quick delivery. Fits very well!

Idle - US
fast service (2021-07-29)
looks good, fits fine.

Kline - US
great fit (2021-07-19)
ordered one size up and great fit. looks perfect

dudrow - US
WW2 US Army Officer Shirt/Chocolate: Satisfied... Finally! (2021-06-06)
Stated sizes are a bit large (17 x 34), fit like a circus tent, so exchanged for a 15 x 32 (which would normally be too small for me); fit like a glove. Great color.
Only complaint: either the buttons are too big or the buttonholes are too small. When getting dressed with this shirt, plan for an extra half hour trying to get everything buttoned.
Still... a very nice product overall.

Beekley - US
Excellent (2021-03-16)
very happy with my order

Moore - US
Excellent Quality (2020-07-06)
A very nice example of WPG quality.

Brimecombe - US
Third "Chocolate" Shirt (2019-10-03)
This is my third shirt of this type. Perfect every time. I would recommend order one size larger than your usual size.

Cook - US
no dissappointment (2019-09-11)
I am not disappointed. fit is spot on and good quality.

Black - UK
Chocolate Shirt (2018-11-17)
Really pleased with this shirt. Color and the wool gaberdine material are great. Sizing was spot on. The shirt does have an odd double button arrangement at the neck - a sort of "pull tab" sticks out if you are wearing the shirt open collar. I just took mine to the tailor and had him lop off the extra bit.

Wiley - US
Narrow Epaulets (2018-10-23)
Love the shirt but the epaulets are narrow and off to the rear a bit.

Ridge - US
Highly recommend , good color, and great material (2018-07-11)
Very pleased, I am picky, NICE good job HAPPY

Berger - US
Fast (2018-03-28)
well done all round thank you..

Hunnewell - US
Excellent (2017-06-01)
Fast, excellent transaction..Thanks

Christensen - US
Great copy of shirt (2017-05-25)
Great copy of the shirt, and it's a fairly heavy material. The size in the chest area was very large, so it needed a lot of tailoring, but it was worth it. It arrived quickly, which is nice.

Zielinski - US
chocolate shirt (2016-09-16)
First shirt I ordered was a little snug in the collar, retuned for next size up which fit perfectly. No hassle exchange, replacement shirt was shipped fast. WPG has great products and great customer service

Curt - Michigan, USA
One small issue (2016-02-17)
Shirt was good but the buttons around the collar were difficult to button

Cardona - US
Good Job (2016-01-30)
Shirt fits well, appears to be of very good quality. Price quite reasonable. I wear some earlier purchases of shirts and wool breeches everyday winter riding garb. They are excellent for the East TN winter and priced competitively with places like Dover or State Line (whose offerings for male riders are pitiful).

Kambic - US
Double-Buttoned Collar (2015-12-17)
This is a very well-made and essentially authentically-styled shirt. The tab for the double-buttoned collar is a bit curious - as far as I'm aware, the double-buttoned collar feature didn't have the tab for the second button. Also, the breast pockets should be rectangular with bevelled corners rather than being scalloped. But given the variations in privately-purchased shirts these differences are acceptable and this shirt is highly recommended. The shipping was super-fast as usual!

Hutchins - UK
O/D shirt (2014-09-25)
very nice quality shirt with an superior fit. Would buy another!

attew - GB
Officer Shirt (2014-07-17)
Nice shirt. Can't wait to wear to next event.

Lawrence - US
Great Shirt! (2014-07-13)
As always with WPG, very fast delivery, shirt is high quality and true to the stated size, I normally buy a 16 x 36 from Nordsroms and I ordered the 16.5 x 36 and the fit is very good. I have shopped around for this shirt and this is by far the best value out there.

Caskey - US
Dark OD Officers Shirt (2014-04-04)
First class shirt quality excellent as good if not better than original. I ordered size 17 the shirt is on the large side but with a couple of tapers will fit and look superb

Ged - England
MR (2014-03-08)
Very good product, one of the best i've owned

Cradell - GB
Dark OD officers shirt (2014-03-03)
This is an excellent shirt, especially for the price. Good fit and it looks very authentic next to my original shirt.

Hartzell - US
Dark OD Chocolate Officer Shirt (2014-02-04)
Excellent shirt! I have original WWII USAAF (no longer available),WWII Impressions (no longer available) and Eastman Clothing (History Preservation Associates--no longer available). If your dress shirt size is 16 1/2 or 17, order size 16 1/2. Unlike the Chocolate OD Officer trousers, these shirts run large. You will need to have the shirt custom tailored and tapered. Once done, the shirt is beautiful. I've ordered several.

Ridosh - US
Very Big (2014-01-14)
I ordered a shirt and needed a 17" collar. The rest of the shirt is massive, very disappointing to say how much it cost. Lucky for me I will have a jacket over it, otherwise I would need to spend loads altering it.

Officer's Dark OD Shirt (Chocolate) (2014-01-11)
Very nice product, and accurate in color. Although the fabric is lighter that the originals, it is very comfortable, even in warmer climates. I find the shirts run a bit big, and require tailoring (sleeve length and taipering). Good job, overall, and great to have these available.

Ridosh - US
Shirt (2013-12-18)
Very nice shirt, had to have it tailored in,both on the sleeves and sides though.

Santucci - US
US OD dark shirt. (2013-10-15)
Outsatnding quality. Looks and feels like the real shirt. Not a bad price either.

Briola - US
Comment (2013-06-07)
Nice shirt. Super fast delivery.

Terzani - US
US Army Officer Dark OD Shirt (2013-05-23)
Nice shirt however with modern neck sizes I ordered a 16 1/2 size to fit my neck and the shirt is a lot bigger than I am(and I am a 38 in the chest). I needed to have it taken in quite a bit.

Foose - US
2nd Order (2013-04-26)
I ordered a second shirt because the first one was superb. I had (a year ago) gotten a cheap eBay knockoff and was very disappointed, eventually throwing the poly / wool thing in the trash. The one I got from WPG was great, the all woool fabric right, and the fit was good. Fortunately I ordered a ½ size up fearing the collar might be a bit snug … so as it turns out ½ a size up at the collar was just right for me. The waist fit was more generous than I expected, but I would rather have the shirt a bit bigger at the waist. All in, it was a good shirt, faithful reproduction, and well worth the price, so I ordered another one before somebody screw the shirt(s) up by fixing them.

William - Washington, USA
US Army Officer Dark OD Shirt (2013-04-24)
Excellent value for this product . Right sizing
Fast delivery . I am very satisfied of WPG quality and service

Delecolle - FR
Better than Hershey "Chocolate"! (2013-01-12)
Very impressed with the fabric, quality & fit of your chocolate officer''s wool shirt. The size runs true with plenty of room for my not so slender upper waist.

Doug - South Central PA, USA
Dark OD Shirt (2012-09-10)
Size ran true, for me at least. Excellent service department.

Mr. Green - US
Brown Officers shirt (2012-06-27)
Super, great shirt--fits great and looks great...

Mazzarella - US
Excellent Shirt! (2012-04-17)
This is an extremely well-made shirt and an excellent reproduction. The material, construction and attention to detail are all top notch. Shipping was extremely fast and communication was excellent. I will definitely be ordering from WPG again.

Peattie - US
OD Officer Shirt (2012-03-08)
Beautifully made and a more tailored fit than a cotton shirt, which suits my build very well. There were several versions of this and other garments so don''t worry about that. I have originals with box flap pockets and this has scalloped, also correct. These were private purchase as all officer clothes are. Some have single button cuffs, some two button. I can sew therefore I hand stitched two more button holes into the cuffs to make them fit better and not slide down over my hands, and you can too if you need to. There are two adjuster buttons on each cuff for you to use. Neck closure is perfect and ensures a neat fit with a tie. I moved a button over a smidge to loosen it up just a bit. There is modern interfacing inside the collar and cuffs which tends to buckle just a little but the manufacturer doesn''t understand they need to use a period interfacing material so just accept it. Same is true for the officers poplin cotton shirts. Can''t be helped; Pakistan, you know. I suggest you guys get more than one of these as they won''t be around forever and they do make a wonderful winter shirt. LL Bean ain''t got ''em. And I am not really a WW2 re-enactor, I wear my shirt, tie and wool officer pants with a Borselino dress hat and the brown shoes for a winter outfit. Girls love it, guys. Or you can wear it with rank and the coat to enjoy the idea of killing germans. Bombs away.

Randel - Texas
US Army Officer Dark OD Shirt (2012-01-31)
As always, superb product, very well made, fits right and DHL got it here to me quickly and effectiently.

Stanley - US
Chocolate US Officer's Dress Shirt (2012-01-24)
Great shirt; the color, cut, texture and buttons are spot on. It has a great period feel but also the dimensions to fit my modern, aging body. The 18" neck makes it comfortable for a big guy like me. Well done WPG.

Krivjansky - US
Great quality - perfect fit (2012-01-23)
When I opened it, I thought it was a synthetic, but it's a perfect replacement my well-worn original. Great quality, perfect fit.

Little - US
Officer's Chocolate Wool (2012-01-22)
this is a very nice shirt, better than I expected! And wow FAST shipping.

Stapleton - US
Best Shirt (2012-01-12)
What can I say. Great great great product. Fit, material, quality

Allen - US
US Army Officer Dark OD Shirt (2012-01-10)
Great shirt. Excellent quality. Very happy with my purchase.

Clark - US
Chocolate Wool Officers Shirt (2012-01-07)
Nice quality and fast shipping. Neck size is a little tighter than advertised.

Hanrahan - US
Excellent Shirt (2011-11-21)
What more can you say beyond excellent? Very well made, sizing is correct, color is perfect. Best of the best.

Jeff - New Jersey USA
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