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Perfect! (2018-05-25)
I just removed the camo loops, just to make it more a appropriate for ww1, and it was exactly what I was needing.

Goddard - US
helmet cover (2014-07-26)
Fits well, looks great!

Matthews - CA
Nice cover (2014-04-22)
Great realistic easy cover for my WW1 british hlemet. However I had to cut all the cam-loops off !! Think you should make this without loops.

Downham - NO
UK helmet covers (2013-11-14)
Good example of a helmet cover-just right for 2014(WW1 Centenary)

Borg - AU
helmet cover (2012-10-22)
I have purchased the helmet cover for my husband for part of his birthday prezzie so I haven't opened it yet and if I did I probably wouldn't know if it was ok or not but from my past experience I expect this item to be exactly what I ordered

Curtis - GB
helmet cover (2012-10-20)
Excellent. Perfect fit and I got it on right away. Just put it over the helmet and tightened it up. I don't know why others seem to be having difficulity. No worries.

Simmons - US
British helmet cover (2012-04-02)
Great reproduction. Might I suggest making them without the camouflage loops as well as with the loops. Great service and fast shipping. I wish all businesses shipped as fast as WPG.

McCleaf - US
No issues at all... (2012-02-25)
I had no issue putting mine on, Nut I also spent the last 12 years in the army s im use to these things. I also like the fact the burlap has writing on it. gives it the field made look.

Allcock - US
Helmet Cover (2012-01-24)
Great quality and perfect for both wars.

Armbruster - US
British helmet cover (2011-08-28)
fits easily, so this might be another batch which has been improved over the originals, judging by the comments relating to the difficulty fitting them, nice reproduction which looks the part.

Keyte - GB
helmet cover (2009-11-17)
Real nice looking cover. Great reproduction. Need a couple extra hands to get on, but that's alright.

Loewe - US
Tommy-Atkins (2009-10-30)
Needed 4 hands to get it on - a lot like a bicycle tyre - but when on its grand!

Tegart - US
UK Helmet Covers (2009-02-27)
Great repro- fits really easily and really well. Four piece construction. Strong hessian- will take the addition of late WWI Brigade/Divisional badges if sewn on. Simply remove the camo loops for accurate WW1 piece- took me about 10 minutes. Neatly covers up any knocks and dints on an original helmet.

Dave Clarke - UK
Pretty Nice (2009-02-04)
fit great once I got it on the helmet! looks pretty fine too!

Mad Tim - Canada
Uk Helmet Covers (2008-10-17)
I bought one,but I shall not again!.A veritable beast to put on,and when after hours of trying you succeed, you will deeply sigh with relief and have a far deeper appreciation of child birth!.
That is to say, it is just like the real thing,except hopefully you are not doing it to make your head a harder target for a German sniper,but rather to make your battered Helmet look cooler.BTW I would not recommend putting one of these one a precious museum piece because there is a danger of losing paint!.As far as the actual item is concerned,It is a hessian goes on a british can in no way be concidered different from the originals as I believe their was no real standard or conformity in the historical examples.

Good - New Zealand