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Great item (2022-12-19)
Love this with my smock and it fits perfectly.

kennedy - US
WWII experts (2022-09-29)
WPG are de best experts in WWII items

Soler - ES
Fantastic repro Airborne Berret. Fast postage. Very pleased. (2022-07-10)
Thanks for my order. Very happy. Always good quality.

hobbs - UK
Nice Beret (2021-11-28)
Great item, prompt shipping and great communication. The crown is the correct vintage sizing. I would have like to see a cotton lining vs. synthetic material.

Great and Extremely Fast Delivery (2021-02-12)
Super impressed with the quality of the beret and the replica nature of the product.

Cox - CA
Great product and excellent service! (2020-12-27)
Great beret and belt. Both look and fit great. Super fast delivery!

Traxler - US
Great looking beret. Correct color and weight of wool to boot. (2020-07-10)
Ordered my son's beret and was pleasantly surprised to find it in the mail the following week. The fit and finish is "spot on" and right up to spec. Thanks to Jerry Lee and everyone in his chain of command for your hard work.

Roop - US
Excellent (2020-03-03)
Very happy with my order thanks

hobbs - UK
fast delivery (2019-05-09)
amazing fast delivery, good quality

prinsen - NL
Great (2019-02-04)
Well made, looks like WW2 issue. Great product.

graves - US
Fast Delivery (2019-01-15)
Everything was as advertised, Looks great, confident to move forward with additional purchases. Thanks for the great service!

Durkin - CA
Awesome product. (2018-01-24)
Very pleased with the beret I recieved! I will be ordering more products by this company.

Nance - US
Super fast delivery excellent quality and product (2018-01-16)
The beret arrived a lot quicker than I expected and to be honest I am so so impressed with the quality and look and feel of the beret it is just like a ww2 one Super super happy

harris - UK
Fantastic Service! (2017-10-12)
Order four excellent British Airborne beret's and they arrived within a few days, super service!

Davidson - UK
Very chic (2017-02-05)
I do not reenact but like berets and this one is very elegant, and well made.

Andrea - US
Large crown (2016-08-10)
Excellent build and colour, with a decent wartime large crown!

Chalk LH - UK
Quality / delivery (2016-05-13)
WPG's beret is much better quality than from other suppliers and reasonably quick delivery to the UK

Blank - UK
British airborne beret (2016-03-21)
Item received safely, head size is good likewise the crown size. Colour is great. Only one problem why oh why do we have to have the modern logo inside. If anything could be done with this I would recommend them to all our affiliated airborne groups as they are good value for money. So that it's not a copywrite issue just leave it bare. Leather sweatband could be improved on with a slightly thicker & better quality item.

wright - UK
Quick Delivery! (2016-02-29)
I was a bit disappointed with the beret, as marked size 7 but is way too big even after hand washing it and even putting it in the dryer as a despite last resort, it's way too big for size 7. Also the fake leather band around the cap isn't real leather and rips accidentally as it happen to me as I was trying it on just after opening it from the package and doing it gently too!???

The quality of wool is close to the good ole Dorothea Mills quality of Canada, and the inside cloth lining is perfect as well. If they could work on the sizing's and use 'real leather' instead of fake, it would be a perfect product.

Furlotte - CA
A++++ (2016-01-19)
Excellent quality. Super fast delivery. Thanks!!!!

guthrie - US
Beret (2015-05-21)
Fits perfect. Very well made!

kohler - US
Para beret (2014-12-22)
Both look as good as always.

Allen C - GB
Beret (2013-12-26)
Great looking beret. Looking forward to having my son wear it to an event.

Getz - US
British para maroon beret (2013-11-14)
Very high quality and nice WPG makers mark that has a WWII pattern 1943 date and broad arrow. My 7 3/4 was more like a 7 5/8 but it stretched out just enough. I don't think a soaking and stretching exercise will be necessary. Can't tell if the sweatband is leather or not and that is good.

Neuenburg - US
British para beret (2013-06-14)
Great repro. Colour, shape and size are perfect.

Przemek - Poland
Maroon Para Beret (2013-03-22)
Size, shape and colour look to be spot on!

Lowry - US
UK Para Beret. (2012-12-22)
This is far and away the best reproduction available anywhere !
Excellent materials used and perfectly sized to replicate the WW2 'dinner plate' size which is the hallmark of the wartime item.
Bravo !

appleton - GB
Eh, seems alright to me.. (2012-04-12)
Took fairly well to being shaped, though some of the dye washed out after I dunked it and it smelled to high heaven until it dried. Not sure that this would ever fool anyone as an original and I'm not too sure the sweatband is real leather but the maker's mark on the inside is a nice touch, it's pretty comfortable, and the size seems to be pretty accurate.

Carlson - US
Beret (2011-11-28)
Fantastic item, speedy delivery.

fyfe - GB
Excellent! (2011-07-15)
Great Beret. Well Made!

Fernando - BR
Nice (2011-06-02)
Nice beret, nice fit and great quality.

Giovanna - US
beret (2011-05-17)
repeat customer, this is my second beret, these are such good quality. thanks wpg you guys are fantastic

Heynders - AU
Brit Jacket (2011-04-12)
Great jacket, well made & fast shipping.

Tozzini - US
Maroon Beret (2011-04-03)
Great berets. Need shaping, but that's even a bigger plus! very high quality wool. Perfect.

Tom - BE
Para Beret (2011-02-08)
Nice beret the maroon color is perfect, 100% wool and thick, correct large style flop on these berets, well made!

Barrett - US
Maroon Beret (2010-10-27)
Was my first time buying something from WPG and all I can say is that i am very satisfied with the service.Thank you WPG for the great service,and superfast shipping. The beret is very high quality.

Heynders - AU
beret (2010-06-09)
Nice beret, great color, shipping was fast with my denison. Great addition to my re-enacament

Truong - CA
Para Beret (2010-03-27)
Very nice color and construction, great beret

Harbs - US
British Army WWII Pattern Beret (2010-03-22)
Beret is of a high quality and fits fine. Since I purchased to "replace" one with a splitting sweatband, I may not use my new beret until the older one is deemed to badly damaged to wear.

Holland - US
Got It (2010-02-18)
I received the p-40 jacket, beret, and collarless shirt and everything is good.



Waisner - US
Para Beret (2010-02-01)
Great quality at a great price! Once you wet and form this a bit, it fits perfect.

Andrew - Columbus,
Beret (2007-07-27)
Perfect colour and construction.

Mike - Ontario
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