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Looks oriiginal. (2017-06-13)
Had to "tweak" adjusters to hold.

Steel - US
Excellent product (2016-11-01)
Great item, like original made, excellent!!!

Airbornecollector72 - NL
Good product (2016-10-30)
NIce product. A little on the small side. They arrived just in time for me to take them into the filed for the weekend. Put them through their paces during a rough weekend afield. Straps slipped out a couple times, but otherwise they did their job

Farnan - US
Great gaiters (2016-08-08)
Excellent item shipped very quickly. I will continue to use WPG for all my repro item needs.

Winholtz - US
Super (2016-07-10)
As usual, super material, quickly arrived !

Duruz - CH
Outstanding! (2016-06-19)
Blindingly fast delivery and high quality merchandise! Looking forward to more WPG purchases in the future!

Farragher - US
Mr. (2015-07-20)
Fast shipping excellent product

Edmonson - US
UK P-37 anklets or gaiters (2015-01-16)
Very good quality. The color is a little too sandy, but after blanco they look great! Very good value.

Carpenter - US
Anklets (2014-07-31)
Nice reproduction, had a small size.
No idea if there is any bigger size than a 4?

Bekink - NL
UK P-37 Gaiters or Anklets (2014-07-02)
Perfect hihgt cuality

casariego - ES
UK P-37 Gaitors (2014-06-24)
I am impressed with all the items I bought from WPG. Very reasonable prices and incredibly fast shipping via DHL. Thanks. All the WWI Scottish items I bought make for a superb bag-piping uniform.

Fairless - US
Good Product (2014-06-09)
Very clean, color and size well done.

Herkenrath - FR
exelent (2014-05-31)
the UK P-37 Gaiters or Anklets
are on exelent condition !! great repro too!!!! in a great price!!!! thanx!!

Nasioulas - GR
UK-P37 Gaiters (2014-05-10)
Fantastic! Great service, quality item, great value. Keep up the good work.

Duncan - US
UK P-37 Gaiters or Anklets (2014-05-03)
Superb item for a superb price.

massaro - IT
Anklets (2014-02-19)
very close to the originals and very fast delivery!

Bolin - US
Excellent (2013-07-09)
Great set Anklets, like originals!!!! Very happy! And as always very fast handling and shipping.

Airbornecollector - NL
Gaiters (2013-05-28)
Very pleased with the quality. Thanks so much.

Gavel - CA
UK P-37 Gaiters or Anklets (2013-05-06)
Belle copie, merci

Comment (2013-04-10)
A very good reproduction. They match the rest of my original web gear perfectly.

Crouch - US
Splendid (2013-03-25)
These would have could have been made in the 1940s and I couldn't have told the difference! These are even better than I thought.

Konrad Sladeczek - US
ted (2012-11-09)
Excellent. Good

koks - NL
British anklets (2012-03-10)
Good quality and spot on!

Jones - US
UK P-37 Gaiters or Anklets (2012-09-21)
Very good reproduction and price

Lukas D. - CZ
British webbing anklets size 3 (2012-09-17)
Excellent quality just the thing I needed - many thanks

Jelley - GB
Gaiters (2012-08-30)
Very nic

Brackett - US
Very good (2012-08-21)
Great article ! now, it my British uniform complete, and for a very good price ! as usual, fast shipping. WPG ? they are the best !

Duruz - CH
UK P-37 Gaiters or Anklets (2012-07-05)
These are without a doubt the best repro gaiters anywhere!

Henley - AU
Gaitars (2012-06-18)
Great value. Good fit Amazing service!

gaiters (2012-04-30)
i have a size 11 foot, and am about average in overall girth. size 4 (the larger size) fits well- am glad i didn't go any smaller. color is excellent, weave very passable, hardware almost seems to be original old stock. small price to pay for such fast service and quality

erik s - US
Just like the originals, very good (2012-04-12)
Just like the originals, very good

Werner - BR
UK P-37 Gaiters or Anklets (2012-04-08)
Very nice item, very good quality!

Popryadukhin - RU
Graham (2012-03-04)
The gaiters are just perfect in so many respects and I would highly recommend to anyone wanting a pair. However, one comment, I would say that the size 3's are good for a medium sized person. The size 4's weren't in stock so, for $10, I had a shoesmith unstititch the straps and relocate. Worked great.

Good value and good service from WPG. Thank you.

Nielsen - CA
British Gaiters and Desert Rat shirt (2012-03-03)
The gaiters (size 3) which were the only available are good for a medium sized man, perhaps. I had to cut off and move the straps (done at a shoe store) but they are still awesome. For large men or those with 'developed' ankle you'll want a 4 or else do what I did.

The desert rat shirt is totally cool and fits to a T. Good work WPG.

Nielsen - CA
gaiters (2012-02-01)
excellent item , fast delivery, i would not hesitate to reccomend the seller or this item it was spot on.

alexander - CA
Gaiters (2012-01-15)
WPG is my best friend when looking for these, price is excellent and the shipping is fast.

Gavel - CA
Mr. (2011-11-28)
Very nice, just like the originals

Still - US
pat 37 gaiter (2011-09-29)
awesome product and service as usual.

Radford - AU
Great, great item (2011-09-05)
Recommended. Good condition and quality.

Perez - ES
UK P-37 Gaiters or Anklets (2011-07-29)
"cojonudas", is the best replica of gaiters and low price

casariego - ES
p-37 gaiters (2011-07-27)
very good reproductions and quick service - regrettably the largest size (4) are still too smal for my size 12 boots!

clark - GB
gaiters pat37 (2011-07-23)
Same fantastic service as always...great product

Radford - AU
Great Seller! (2011-07-15)
Excellent reproduction. Recommended.

Fernando - BR
Boots (2011-06-03)
Excellent, just what I needed.

King - US
Jim (2011-04-08)
Rally nice repro! Agree that straps are a little too short. I removed the buckle straps and moved them closer to the edge. Much better now. Worth the time to do the modification.

Custeau - US
ancklets (2011-03-17)
A good buy for me, cheap and adecuate

Cruz - ES
gaiters (2011-03-14)
Looks the part perfectly, wish the the canvas was a little thicker though. Overall a very good item.

Arroyo - PH
UK P37 gaiters (2011-03-09)
The size 3 is very short, I will have to get size 4 and you have not it

casariego - ES
A+ (2011-02-25)
Like them so much I bought another set!

Kane - US
5 (2011-02-10)
Exactly as I ordered, but not exactly what I wanted. Must return for refund.

Roberts - US
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