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Gobsmacked (2011-12-11)
Were it not for the plastic wrap, I'd have thought I was opening a dusty old forgotten footlocker that had been hidden away in an attic, under all the unused Christmas ornaments and neglected toys from childhood. What a treasure! This uniform would certainly have passed muster in 1916. Good job.

Steve - US
Scottish WWI Set (2011-11-15)
The kilt did not arrive when planned, but after inquiring, Jerry shipped it super fast. My ideal sized jacket was not in stock, so I had to order one larger and have it tailored, but the quality is top notch. The Glengarry, hose tops, kilt cover, and puttees are all excellent. I'll be a return customer, no doubt about it!

Haynes - US
Scottish Service Dress Package (2010-10-14)
Despite a minor shipping snafu (the Kilt is shipped from Jerry's warehouse in the U.S. and was somehow neglected until I made a phone inquiry)which makes me unable to comment on the kilt as of yet, the set is great. The tunic fits well and is made very well is extremely sturdy-well worth the money. The Tam is great, they come a tad big so really get your head size right. All in all good stuff as per usual with WPG.

Josh - US
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