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Good value spot on replica flying jacket. (2020-02-23)
Very wearable realistic with correct cut and feel.

Entwistle - UK
perfect product & good service (2020-01-18)
The jacket is perfect for reenactment, the only one good reproduction of this type, without pocket like the originals.
I thought i had problem with the delivery but in fine all was good

Lecuirot - FR
Great Jacket!!! (2019-11-29)
Outstanding quality. Very fast shipping. These guys do it right.

nans - US
Excellent (2019-06-23)
I'm very happy with the jacket. It certainly looks the part! Nice and warm on the bike too.
Only slight annoyance with the waist strap, as it doesn't reach the second loop.
Also, the right sleeve is slightly roomier than the left.
Not complaints, as much as observations.
Many compliments from friends, and have given them your site details.
Cheers, Karl. ☺️

Richardson - AU
very fast delivery (2019-06-02)
The cut is good! the material too but it is necessary to take a size below because it size big

Fantastic Lightning fast shipping (2019-05-21)
I've owned many Irving's, originals, Eastman, and this Is my second from WPG and a fantastic jacket! Tou will not be disappointed.

Warm (2019-05-01)
The right hand sleeve zipper was broken when mine arrived and needs to be replaced. I'll also echo that the waist belt doesn't reach the belt loop.

Despite these issues the jacket is excellent although I have no faith in the integrity of the zippers now.

I will say that its the cosiest, warmest jacket I've ever worn and extremely comfortable.

If the relatively minor faults are fixed it would easily be the best Irvin on the market for the price.

Reddish - AU
Fastest delivery speed...EVER!!! (2019-04-14)
The jacket arrived after only four days!! Sizing was very accurate. I have an Eastman Irvin which, due to 10 years of IPA consumption has grown s bit tight so I thought I would take a chance with a jacket 1/4 the price. I couldn’t be happier! Only a total flight jacket geek would notice the inaccuracies (zippers, strap in back). From 5 feet away you can’t tell and the jacket feels and looks wonderful. My only suggestion, I’m 6’-4” and 260 . I like baggy jackets and a size 54 would be nice but the size 52 fits quite well. Over all, you can’t go wrong with this jacket!

Nelson - US
Very reliable (2019-03-25)
The jacket was beyond expectations. A bit to large for my size. So I am going to sell it to a bigger person and buy a smaller one.

Paalvast - NL
Excellent service (2019-02-21)
Lightning speed delivery to UK.
Really good quality jacket for the price, but it didn't suit me.
Really quick response to an RMA request and the refund was made as soon as the package arrived back with WPG.
Excellent service.

Peate - UK
superb (2019-02-18)
beautiful, the price and quality are not discussed, ordering an extra size is perfect

pauletto - IT
superb (2019-02-06)
Beautiful, my friends when they saw the RAF flying jacket, and I bought 3 more

pauletto - IT
super (2019-01-08)
Excellent workmanship, beautiful RAF flying jacket really nice, I thought that the size 44 was right but I dodge, and I thought to change it and WPG is really professional and they sent me RMA, but at the same time a friend saw it and me he bought a lot and a lot. So I bought another one

pauletto - IT
Very good (2019-01-03)
I don’t own a real, modern-day, Irvin jacket, but I have seen one (and tried it on, longingly) in the IWM shop. As others have said, the WPG jacket is of a lighter weight construction, principally, the lining isn’t as thick. I think this is an improvement on an original, as most people won’t need the extra warmth, as they won’t be wearing it at 25,000ft in an unheated cockpit. I see Irvin now make a light-weight version too.

The colour of both the outer and lining of the WPG is a slightly redder shade than the Irvins. But I’d guess that during the war, lots of manufacturers made these jackets, in lost of batches, and I doubt they all were exactly the same colour.

The WPG jacket doesn’t have any pockets. A shame, because I imagine sheepskin-lined pockets would be very nice to put your hands into!

It has to be said that the quality of the WPG leather isn’t up to that of a ‘real’ one.

But overall, I’m really impressed with the WPG jacket. I like it, it looks really good, only a perfectionist could fault it, and likely only someone with a real Irvin would know it wasn’t the real thing. And best of all, it is great value for money. I’m really pleased with it, and would recommend it.

Raynor - UK
Bargain Flight jacket (2018-11-21)
I was about to buy from Eastman leather Co. Aero Cockpit USA. Simmons bilt, Aviation Leathercraft, and from a few more website.In the process I just happen to come cross WPG,after exploring some of the feature offer on this particular site I type in the seach box B

Blackstone - US
top class looks great (2018-09-06)
first class service bought a 42 first thinking I would wear a jumper under but too hot so bought a 40 perfect fit I own a original 70 year old Irvin jacket and yours is a brilliant repro being a bit lighter makes it great for every day wear but great in every detail forget Eastman aces high and the rest buy wpg by the way anyone want to buy a 42 jacket worn twice cheers steve

Jones - UK
Great jacket (2018-06-26)
Very happy with my purchase. After reading all the reviews over and over I finally ordered and cannot be happier.

Adams - AU
Great Deal (2018-05-08)
As with everything I've bought from WPG, best deal and great stuff. Nice fit and well made.

Faltesek - US
A Genuine Pleasure (2018-03-14)
If you are considering a WPG Irvin, don't hesitate. These are super jackets and even more amazing is the price, currently 1/4 the cost of high end makers . A wonderful option for RAF reenactors or anyone wanting an authentic repro. I own a number of original WW2 jackets and recently sold an Eastman Irvin that I never seemed to wear. I actually prefer the sheepskin used by WPG to Eastman as it looks more authentic and has nicer/grainier grain right out of the box. A very convincing fit and drape. The jacket is also slightly longer than an original Irvin which is a wonderful modern day and I must say, practical addition.........but not long(er) enough to notice. True, the zippers are not exact repros but they work exceptionally well and don't bother me as being not 100% authentic....they are close enough and I certainly won't complain considering the HUGE cost savings. The sheepskin looks great both inside and out yet is significantly lighter weight than an original. In this case, the wonderful ease of mobility with the WPG Irvin is a practical advantage to the heavyweight and in my view cumbersome weight of an Eastman. I agree that the correct weights of repros should emulate originals but WPG is a practical and for me welcome feature. Oh, there is no elastic color band on the WPG Irvin......absolutely no big deal. I have to say, this was/is one of my favorite of many military jacket purchases over the years. My expectations were guarded as I am usually not happy with "bargain" purchases but this jacket exceeded my expectations. There were some scratches on the exterior of the jacket, small ones from storage but they disappeared with the application of some Pecards leather dressing. An absolute must purchase for all Irvin fans save super OCD ones. Yes, an Eastman is a more exact copy but at 1/4 the price, WPG is the way to go!

Jeter - US
Nice Jacket! (2017-09-11)
I've bought a few things from WPG and bought this one for my wife. Great quality and fits her perfect. I had considered buying the Eastman version but this is excellent for the price.

Ivansek - US
For the price,unbeatable (2017-03-28)
I had in my possession an Irvin from 1940-41. It had seen a lot of use,and had been repaired,main zip mostly. WPG's Irvin compares very favorably,not an exact replica,try to find an old Lightning main zip nowadays,but a quality garment all the same.I have never had an Eastman or Aero,but I cant believe they could be three times better than WPG's

Mays - US
Excellent service as usual (2016-10-12)
I compared this repro Irvin with an earlier WPG jacket owned by a friend.
In my opinion the overall quality is not quite as good as the first run. The primary differences are the shearling on the new jacket isn't as thick and the leather tapes on the seams aren't quite as finished as the original.

As mentioned in a previous review, the waist belt could be shorter or have a few more holes for a proper fit.

That said, the quality overall is good and the size 44 fit just fine with plenty of length in the sleeves. I am 6'3" tall and wear 44L. An excellent jacket for the price.

Kilgore - US
Excellent and fast shipping (2016-04-26)
A great job on detail (omitting as a cretic point, elastic collar band to pull collar up and to keep it erect) and no pockets super! Other positive points, is lack of acrylic spray and shorter fleece adds to phenomenal mobility. Some might thing a shorter fleece is less elegant, but it suits this jacket perfectly . The Irvin is extremely comfortable to wear with all seam tapes nicely done. My own modification was to coat down some of the seam tapes, mostly where there is a lot of bending moments, such as arm seam tapes with “jojoba oil” (həˈhoʊ.bə) which will not go rancid or oxidize, its just expensive. This personal modification was not really necessary, I just like to tweak on small details and enhance longevity on jackets that I have. The main zipper, I haven't had any issues with. Pseudo Talon zipper, it works well and most zippers should be pampered anyway. The Irvin traditionally, had a Lightning brand zipper, but I'm not a purest about that and any good military grade zipper should do fine. To sum it all up: WPG did an astonishing job on their new run Irvin and I was not disappointed at all, for a jacket that is modestly priced, It’s excellent.

Petrie---State of Maine - US
. (2015-12-19)
excellent irvin style jacket,warm and fits great,also it arrived in England 2 days after i got the tracking info,impressed would use again

kershaw - UK
RAF Jacket (2015-11-28)
Not a bad jacket...far better in many ways than one I'd ordered before (the zipper broke on the previous jacket). One thing I DO have as a criticism, and this is why I cannot give this item a five-star rating) would be the Talon zippers. Did the RAF use Talon zippers on these jackets? And the jacket closes from the AMERICAN side, not the British. Otherwise, an excellent and classy jacket!

Gregg - New Mexico
RAF Sheepskin Jacket (2015-10-31)
Excellent Quality, Super fast shipping from UAE. Three uses for it: #Fly an open cockpit aircraft, #2-Live in snow country, #3-Drive a 43' Jeep-a DMV registered rolling museum, use it in parades, veterans functions, adorned with military gear/weapons. This goes well with my Dad"s flight helmet, oxygen mask,Mae West, flight suit, .45, etc.

Whiting - US
Irvin Jacket (2015-09-24)
Very impressed with the jacket. It was just as described and will look great when driving my Jeep on a cold day. just one word of warning for UK buyers, customs got their hands on the package and I had to pay about £20 import duty!!! Even so it is still great value for money.

Arnold - UK
Erik from The Netherland (2015-09-05)
Excellent service and quality, thanks

Jellema - NL
raf sheepsin jacket (2015-06-22)
superb fit the jacket is tailored to the wareings contract the sheepskin has a wonderful leather jerky patina and robust zippers you can bring out patina with a few coats of instant shine liquid shoe polish if you like for an antique finish

bob johnson - uk
RAF Irvin Jacket (2015-03-18)
Very good delivery service and communication. Very happy with the item which is good quality.

McCann - UK
RAF Sheepskin jacket (2014-12-22)
I received today the RAF Sheepskin jacket and frankly, I am more than satisfied . The item is quiet identical to the website picture and once again,I''m not disappointed with the WPG''s product quality .

Tan Loc CAO - Paris France
Minor problems (2014-12-07)
I'm very impressed with the overall quality.
Unfortunately the waist belt is a total fail.
I buckled it up all the way...and it did not reach the belt loop.
Although, there is another is another one sewn in on the right hand side...which serves no function.
Once again, I will have to go to the local leather shop to have things altered.
This will cost me additional money.

Cross - US
Open Cockpit (2014-10-15)
After years of saving my nickels I finally bought my mid-life convertible - just in time for winter. Your sheepskin jacket will come in hnady on those cold but clear days we have all winter long. Many thanks for the quality, price, and service.

Abell - US
Rerpo, British B# Type Flying Jacket (2014-07-13)
Smooooooooth easy deal! As before, great quality! Very Quick to Ship! Very pleased! Thanks again!

Fessenbecker - US
superb (2014-05-18)
Unbelievably superior piece of leatherwork for a reasonable price. Very pleased, and fast delivery from Dubai as well.

Hunter - US
flight jacket RAF (2014-02-20)
hello I have well received the item very good quality and fidelity in the reproduction thank you cordially

boyer - FR
Raf jacket (2014-02-09)
Just got it fast shipping . Wore it the next day fits great . Worried about the zipper though. But for the price one step at a time. Thanks . Wig has great stuff bought a lot never been disappointed. Now I need an raft uniform saving money

Welsh - US
The Best (2014-01-12)
I never and I mean, NEVER, write reviews but now I have to. This item is the best priced on the net and the quality is second to none.. Please believe me, you will not be disappointed.

Pete - Netherlands
Best jacket I have ever seen. (2013-12-10)
I have been looking for a RAF jacket for many months I have read every blog looked at every web site asked countless numbers of questions. Well about I ordered a A2 jacket from Flight It is beautiful and I have been very happy with it and decided to look at there RAF jacket and about that time I received a large bonus at work and decided to go with it. Even though the color on the web site did not look right. Well it was $850.oo The day it arrived it looked cheap and nothing like a genuine RAF jacket it was about 20 shades too dark. Well I sent it back. I was looking at WPG site and noticed for the first time there RAF jacket. I was thinking because of the price it was going to be a cheap knock off. I was absolutely shocked when I received it, it is awesome better than Eastman. Do not pass up on this deal.

Allen - US
RAF Sheepskin Jacket (2013-10-23)
Well made and looks the part. The lighter construction makes it comfortable to wear and I have no issues at all with the jacket. Time will tell whether the main zip will stand up regular use. Much better value for money that other more expensive copies of the Irvin jacket. I agree with the observation that you should buy one size up if wearing over a thick sweater or uniform. Usual speedy delivery.

Steve - UK
RAF Sheepskin Jacket (2013-10-11)
Just received my jacket. Looks fabulous, a well made Irvin lookalike. Time will tell whether the other comments regarding the main zip apply to my jacket. It looks fine to me so far. I agree that if you want to wear it over either a thick pullover or a tunic, you need to buy one size up. Another great piece of kit, just like all the other items I''ve bought from WPG. Well done guys!

Stephen Roberts - U.K.
Thanks! (2013-09-14)
Awesomely speedy delivery from UAE! Very pleased with the quality of this warm, comfortable jacket. Good authentic details like the vents, collar stitching and AM-style label. Looks convincing inside and out, at a very modest price. My only suggestion (not a complaint as the jacket is very well made) might be to supply a more heavy duty central zip. I greased mine and it's fine, but I'm being careful. Regret not ordering the Ascot scarf, plus not having a deckchair or waiting Spit. Chocks away!

Kincaid - SE
Sheepskin Jacket (2013-03-08)
Exactly what we needed for our stage production.

Copeman - CA
RAF jacket (2013-03-06)
Great price for a nice repro. The descritpion depicts as it is, awesome!

manzuco - ES
RAF Jacket Great Coat (2012-12-29)
quality was excellent. Priced excellent, my only problem was the sleeve''s were too long and can''t be shortened like the B3.Zipper also broke on one of the sleeve''s. Very warm, I grew out of it. I will get a B3 when they come back in stock.

Charles Johnson - Michigan/USA
RAF jacket (2012-12-04)
I am very happy with the jacket and fast delivery.
Thank you very much, I have purchased many items during last few years and I can say I am one of the happy customers.

Moszner - PL
Mr (2012-11-25)
First time I have used this company, Jacket and service both excellent. Would not hesitate to recommend.

Roberts - FR/GB
UK RAF Sheepskin Flying Jacket (2012-11-03)
Every one that has seen my new RAF jacket is very impressed. Fits well, even the sleeves were long enough. Last repo of this jacket I saw was 20 yrs. ago and then they wanted $1000.00.

Allen - CA
Great jacket! (2012-09-19)
My jacket arrived today. Really fast shipping. And really nice jacket!

Johan - Sweden
Un vrai look de Pilote (2012-07-09)
Très belle veste
à un prix très raisonnable, je trouve que c'est la reproduction qui se rapproche le plus des veste de la RAF que l'ont voient sur les photos d'époque. Personnellement j'ai aussi la veste d'AeroLeather, Belle veste, la peau de mouton est beaucoup plus épaisse que celle de
WPG, mais peu être un peu trop. Si vous recherchez l'authenticité du look pilote de la RAF de la grande guerre. je conseil vivement la veste de WPG. Et de plus au tires du prix de ce que ma couté l'autre avec le transport et les douanes Canadienne…
La procédure d'achat et le délais de livraison sont très rapide!
Merci WPG
Pilote de Spitfire 80%

Morin - CA
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