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Feather bonnet (2014-04-01)
Really like the bonnet. It looks awesome. And came with quick delivery.

Hatten - US
WPG Feathered Bonnets. (2014-01-17)
The Bonnet I received from WPG Is exceptional! The quality regardless of the price is awesome!It has real knitted dicing,the feathers are very full including the "filler" feathers around the frame and the leather adjustment strap in the rear is functional,to allow you some flexability with sizing. I don't know how Jerry does it but, he has great products for great prices!

Myatt - US
perfect (2013-07-25)
Thank you for the great product and smooth operation
Greetings from old Germany

spte - DE
feather bonnet (2013-05-24)
très très bien comme toujours un grand merci ,piperluce

luce - FR
Great Ebayer (2013-03-07)
I was pleasantly surprised by the speedy delivery and also by the quality of the bonnet, but unfortunately the Belgian customs charged me 25 euros extra.

Van Durme - BE
Feather Bonnet with red hackle (2013-03-06)
Very high quality. Adjusting strap gives an exact fit. Everybody loves the look of it.

PiperJohn - US
Feather bonnet (2013-02-15)
Received my feather bonnet with the red hackle today. Very fast delivery time. The feather bonnet is very impressive. I couldn''t be happier. Thanks to Wajed for all your help.

John - Aurora, Colorado U.S.A.
Feather Bonnet (2013-01-23)
Très heureux du produit et pour la rapidité de l''envoi. Merci énormément

wolgang - France
PM (2012-12-31)
The feather bonnet is all I had anticipated. Thank you very much for the quality product and excellent service from WPG.jb

Best - GB
Feather bonnet and redd hackle (2012-08-05)
The feather bonnet and its hackle, that I have received from WPG is sensational and impressive, I am very satisfied with it, as well has been one of the best attractions in my uniform that I carried in my performances and parades. My congratulations to WPG

Fernan - ES
feather bonnet (2012-03-19)
very high quality as always, there is never any unpleasant surprises in What Price Glory, the top, thank you jerry piperluce

luce - FR
Feather Bonnet (2011-06-24)
Sehr schnelle Lieferung Ware Tio-Top

Reuter - DE
Feather Bonnet (2008-07-26)
A very well made product for the price. Rivals any British MOD or Canadian made bonnet.

Steve - San Diego, CA
Feather Bonnet (2008-07-24)
The feather bonet i ordered is a great addition to my highland Piping uniform . it is well made and looks stunning. I trimmed the front to hang exactly as I wanted .

Mark - Memphis, Tenn. USA
UNBELIEVABLE!!!!! (2008-01-08)
I just received my Feather Bonnet and I want to impress on any of you reading that this is of up-most quality and manufacture. I am thrilled with this and it is going to be a stellar part of my uniform!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Josh - Sacramento
Great Feather Bonnet! (2007-12-17)
I received one of these from WPG a few months back and was very impressed with the quality of the bonnet. I have had no end of compliments since receiving this item. It completes my outfit! The ordering process was simple (through eBay) with a prompt turnaround time for delivery.
Keep up the good work.

Gregor - United kingdom
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