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Kilt Apron (2022-09-16)
Beyond pleased!!! Thank you!

Westerberg - US
great quality (2022-04-15)
great quality!

Chuang - TW
As expected (2021-11-22)
Ratings for items # 601735003 and 204539000

Disappointed that one item (#20149000) I had wished to get was out of stock and not expected to be available any time soon.

Also, very surprised that these items came from Dubai.

Winkle - US
Very good (2021-06-08)
Excellent work. Thanks!

Carpenter - US
Tremendous service (2021-02-13)
Everything I expected. Necessary for the proper care of a kilt.

Clark  - CA
A very good and well made Reproduction Item (2020-12-31)
Readers; This retired tailor and weaver just received his Kilt Apron from WPG, in good time and with email notices. First off, I note the fabric is very sturdy, the color is well set and well chosen. The selvedge edge is quite broad and should resist falling apart. The details were VERY GOOD, right down to the front pocket button, and the faux label inside.
For those who do not know, this Kilt Apron is meant to cover the Army style kilts. That means when you wear it with a year 2020 kilt{as I will} the Apron comes up around your rib cage, somewhere. This is historically correct; and weird to the modern eye.

So, a fine product well made and priced, please keep it in stock and not stop selling it

Anthony - US
Very quick delivery - impressed in current climate! (2020-05-17)
The kilt apron, in XXL is a great fit over my original A&SH kilt, but will probably cover my repro BW for reenactment - next year!!

Pitt - UK
Great quality (2020-02-27)
Really nice kilt apron. Fits well. Thanks again for another great product.

Mark - US
The best (2019-10-10)
Accurate, in sizing and built.

Arnaud - FR
Very Quick delivery (2019-08-28)
Kilt apron perfect. Nice fit over my kilt and it offers good protection.

Simmons - US
kilt apron (2019-01-01)
highb quality product. very well priced. Fast delivery.

Sharp - US
splendid so many thanks (2018-11-02)
very good work excellent thanks a lot

Super (2018-02-12)
Très très bien .

daboval - FR
very pleased (2018-02-05)
very pleased with the product and purchase experience.

schweighofer - US
Excellent delivery time. Just before xmas. Well done. (2017-12-26)
Well done!

Cook  - NL
Not sure (2017-06-29)
I'm a size 38 but the XL size 42 seems a little small. Maybe I'm fitting it wrong but it seems very tight.

Reddish - AU
Great Product (2017-04-08)
Amazed at how many do not know how to look after a kilt properly. Excellent item, well made and I hope you never discontinue them.

Clark - CA
Cover your Kilt! (2016-12-07)
It's a simple item at the heart of it, but the production value is top notch! I considered this to be an essential part of my living history Scottish kit. Oh yeah, just stupid fast shipping as well.

Shane - Kansas City, Missouri
Quality & Fast delivery! (2016-09-01)
Great Thanks to WPG & Jerry to offer us Top quality items, with easy process to order.
Merci Beaucoup!

levy - FR
super (2016-08-03)
merci très rapide ! bonne qualité ! merci beaucoup

Fast delivery (2016-07-09)
I have appreciated your professionalism and fairness, besides having appreciated the quality of the material..

Martinelli - IT
Brilliant! (2016-06-28)
Superb Service! Excellent Quality, well priced, and very well researched. Could not get one here would you believe.But I am delighted to have come across the pond for this one. Many Thanks!

Binns - UK
Fast delivery (2016-04-26)
I was very pleased with the apron. Good quality material, sewing was perfect. Very pleased

Sieben - NL
Very nice! (2015-10-03)
This apron is very well made and fitz exactly to size.

Merrifield - US
10 (2015-09-15)
Always great service.

Kangas - CA
Kilt (2015-07-30)
Great item really pleased, and fast delivery, wish Others would offer such service.

Fairbank - UK
kilt apron (2015-05-05)
very well done piece of was even better than I could have asked for.Thanks for the great product and service.

Floyd - US
Kilt Apron back in stock! (2015-04-16)
I was glad to see the kilt apron repro back in stock as I have wanted one for a while. It arrived very quickly and the quality is excellent. I only wish their was a larger selection of kilts to wear them with, as there once was from WPG.

Hendryx - US
Kilt Apron (2015-04-08)
Very good. Quality and price. Delivery very fast via DHL: 3 days!

kilt cover (2015-03-22)
good fit on time thanks for the service

rush - IE
Apron (2015-03-13)
Excellent quality item. Just like the original

Hufenus - CH
Kilt apron (2015-03-01)
VG+ Great for my steampunk use as well as WW1 Scottish

Borg - AU
kilt apron (2015-02-17)
As always great item will help fill out my kit
WPG makes the best repo stuff on the market
Service is also the best

Hammett - US
kilt apron (2015-01-30)
Item quickly recieved and good quality but for reenactement, it seem to me, that the original apron (seen on museum or web) have 5 pleates and the wpg one have 6 pleates (2 left pleates, one "center" double pleate and 3 pleates to the right ).
Due to this number of pleates, the double center pleate isn't at the right center of the back apron.
But it's a good item and it well made to protected the kilt

dusautoy - FR
perfect (2013-08-31)
They only have smalls but that even fits me. and I'm a 36 waist!

Harrison Irvine - CA
Great Apron (2013-03-06)
Great apron, price and delivery speed!
Am still trying to goad you guys into making more - in my size - M - LOL.

Holm - US
Excellent. (2012-05-25)
Great for motorbiking in a kilt. Using a copy and turning it into leather. Thumbs Up Jerry!!!

Concon - US
kilt apron (2012-05-14)
Very pleased with both product and service.

joyce - CA
Kilt Apron (2012-05-13)
very good, worth every cent of the reasonable price.Do not discontinue this item!

van - NL
Kilt Apron (2012-04-12)
Initially the wrong size was delivered but communications were great and a replacement was sent very quickly. Please ignore other buyers who moan about unfinished bottom hems. I know about the originals and this was how they were finished, It's called a 'selve edge'

Woodcock - GB
Kilt Apron (2012-04-01)
Fast delivery and great product. BUT, Wrong size delivered, Have RMA but waiting for advice on exchange and refund of postage. Hope to get replacement soon as looks to be ideal, bottom edge correctly left unfinished to enable final fitting.

Woodcock - GB
Kilt apron (2011-10-26)
Top product, super quick delivery! Thanks!

Richter - NL
kilt apron (2011-05-08)
super qualité comme toujours ! presque la copies original !!merci jerry et malik

luce - FR
Kilt apron (2011-04-19)
great quality, colour and material just right. Have recommended to other members of my group

Crichton - Scotland
fantastic service (2011-01-26)
If only they all gave the same service as WPG.
Thank you for another fast delivery and fantastic item.

Brown - GB
Kilt Apron (2010-11-19)
This Kilt Apron is Perfect,great product!!
Very fast shipping!Friendly and helpfull contact.
Shiping with low cost invoice and help over GDSK
is a desaster.
This case give additional cost to GDSK.

All in all, i will order in future product by WPG. :))

Uebi - DE
Kilt Cover - wrap around XL (2010-11-06)
Very exact specs., pleased with detail, had a miscomm. about size. That was taken care of with ease, these guys make the coolest stuff. I'm treating myself early for the holidays.

Cooper - US
Kilt Apron (2010-10-01)
I was very pleased with the apron. Good quality material, sewing was perfect, reinforced where it needed to be. I wasn't expecting the pleats so that was a pleasant surprise.

Harding - US
? (2010-05-07)
Excellent item, neatly finished. Excellent value for money. One happy customer.

Osaer - BE
. (2010-04-24)
Item quickly recieved, well protected. Very good quality, the seams were precise beyond expecations. Good size too. Totally satisfied.

Dussaume - FR
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