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Beautiful and well made (2017-07-04)
I cannot express how impressed I was with these breeches . They far exceeded my expectations - so much so that I called Jerry after they arrived to tell him in person. Not a cheap cosplay item but an actual well made pair that any soldier would be proud to wear. The wool is such high quality and the craftsmanship is incredible.

Harrison - US
Great workmanship! (2016-11-12)
Great workmanship!
Good job replicating the now rar Light OD wool elastique
Same fabric would make great U.S> WW1 Officers Tunics
Many thanka

Excellent (2016-05-15)
As described excellent quality materials

Pierce - US
Best I have ever seen! (2016-02-27)
Deal;ing with What Proce Glory is always an excellent experience. They try to get it right the first time. The quality and accuracy exceeds all others. If a mistake is made, yours or theirs, they correct it immediately. It does not get any better than this!

Hair - US
Great service (2016-02-15)
Extremely good quality.I was surprised at how quickly it was delivered.

pearks - AU
Cavalry Trousers (2015-12-20)
A great product and very comfortable. Very quick delivery also.

Maddox - US
US Breeches in OD Wool (2015-03-20)
No complaints what so ever.
Like shopping around the corner instead of overseas.
Change sizes no problem. Have the right sizes within two weeks.
A great salute!

Hermans - NL
Wool breeches (2015-02-03)
Fast delivery. Trousers meet my expectations and no problems returning them for a different size. Feels like shopping around the corner instead of having a big ocean between us.

Hermans - NL
US Breeches in OD Wool Elastique (2014-12-31)
Great Service, Great Breeches, fast delivery...7 days to a small country town in NSW Australia even over the Christmas holidays.
Breeches are top quality with the fit & finish being superb & are very well made.
Was a little worried about size but these breeches are true to size.
All in all I am a very happy customer. Thanks Jerry & the Team. AAAAAAAAA++++++++++

Donkin - AU
Great Breeches, Great Service & fast delivery 7 days to my door in country NSW Australia & tha's over the Christmas Holidays too. Size is very good & was glad I didn't go a size larger than I wear. Style, fit & finish is right on. Another great product from WPG

Ron (2014-12-15)
Always happy with WPG!

Bingham - US
Estupendo (2014-06-16)
Excelent Breeches, like used in Spanish Civil War by officers. Very good fabric. I use this ítem in reenactement.

Carlos Hernández - España
100% Satisfaction (2014-03-26)
Prompt shipping, great quality, sized accurately, and 'very' comfortable. I am looking forward to wearing them in the saddle for mounted work.

CA Mounted - US
US Breeches - Elastique (2014-01-28)
These are great. I ordered them to ride in, and hope to do so the first time this week.

Rairdon - US
Joe Wicen (2013-11-25)
A great pair of breeches. Weather your a reanactor or history buff, These are great. Beer season starts in PA today and I'm wearing mine. This type of wool is very comfortable. Size and fit are perfect.

Wicen - US
US Breeches OD Wool (2013-11-18)
True to size fit and appear to be very good quality. Very prompt delivery with reasonable shipping rate.
Well done WPG

Danny - New Zealand
Director (2013-11-07)
As advertised, quality product, lightning fast delivery. 5 stars without hesitation.

Stenbakken - US
Excellent Product (2013-10-02)
Material is excellent. Buttons sewn on well and laces elastic. I am 6ft, measured a 40" waist and these breeches feel a little large. Probably could of got away with a size 38. Still, once you have all your kit on, they will still look and feel excellent. No braces buttons or tab to tighten the dip at your lower back, but forgivable if you wish to do that, easily done, but probably not riddt didge.

Mickey G - Sydney NSW Australia
US Breeches in OD Wool Elastique (2013-09-06)
Excellent quality!

Asher - US
Great Quality and Fit for Regular Wear (2013-05-06)
These breeches are not "costume" reproductions but top quality with fine material and reinforced stitching. Probably better quality than the originals. I have wanted a pair of these for years to wear hunting with my Gokey tall boots. Wash in delicate cycle using Woolite(tm) and hang to dry slowly and they will keep their nice shape and last for many years.

Gutfinski - US
Breeches (2013-04-29)
fantastic quality & an excellent fit.

sewell - GB
mr (2013-04-26)
Excellent quality and very efficient international mailing

alain - GB
Wool Breeches (2013-02-26)
I bought a pair of these and was very impressed with the weight of the fabric and the match to the originals in both texture and color. I own originals, and am glad there are now proper reproductions to ride with. Very nice quality item.

Bryan - Selah, WA
Great winter riding (2013-01-08)
I foxhunt in the winter with these breeches. They keep me warm and cut the wind better than anything else I have worn. And look great with the traditional black hunt coat.

Joe - Westminter, MD
Mr. (2012-11-09)
Good quality material and workmanship. The look great.

Cover - US
Breeches (2012-10-23)
Excellent quality - Excellent service as usual.

Best Wishes,

Sparke - AU
US Breeches in OD Wool (2012-10-16)
Excellent product. In parade use within 2days.
Good service. Thanks

McInerny - GB
PB (2012-09-24)
Turns out this item was out of stock in my size (38L). I ordered the cotton breeches instead and am very pleased. I would still like the wool breeches if they become available.

Bickel - US
us calvary breeches (2012-07-07)
the breechs are terrific and wool elastic is hard wearing material . I ordered the 42long size since I thought many items come in smaller than stated sizes due to overseas manufacturing. I was wrong these were made in the good ole USA and were true to size so I had to reorder a smaller size. Terrific deal for the price. I highly recommend them to anyone. I was a motorcycle officer and breeches of this quality usually ran 150-200.00. Thank you WPG

Stillman - US
wool breeches (2012-05-12)
excellent pair of breeches,
very happy. thanks

James D. - US
US OD Breeches (2012-05-11)
These are the best made riding pants I have ever seen. They fit great and the quality of material and sewing is the best. Thank you WPG

Patterson - US
5 (2012-05-02)
Love 'em! Love 'em! Love 'em! Why? Because, I finally have a pair of mounted trousers that...FIT! Being a TALL cavalryman, I have many trousers. But, no "jodhpurs" like these! Thank you, Jerry! I'm VERY pleased!

LOPEZ, Cisco - SoCal, US
Dave (2012-02-20)
Nice material, well made, fit was good and very fast shipping.

Krill - US
wool breeches (2012-02-17)
1st class well made quality.

Mark - England
Great item! (2012-01-18)
Just like the originals but with a better fit for the modern fat calves. I will probably order the cotton model later.

Gregory - US
Wool Breeches (2011-09-27)
Great quality, well made, exactly as described. I am 6' tall and had to exchange them for short as medium was a bit long for me.

Bewley - US
breeches US (2011-07-11)
good quality, they fit like a glove.

Saumure - CA
GREAT britches (2011-07-07)
I could not have found better ones anywhere. Excellent quality and super fast shipping

Fass - US
Just Like Originals (2011-07-06)
What a great item. Looks just like the originals. Fast delivery & accurate description.

Charlie - California/USA
OD Wool Breeches (2011-06-26)
Great product. I made the mistake of chooing a style (short, medium, long) without asking first. I'm 5'-8" and ordered the medium but they were too long. Sent an e-mail and Jerry told me the mediums were made for 6' and I needed the short. Got the return code, sent them back and got the short. They fit great!!!

Strickland - US
SGT (2011-05-31)
Sopt on. Great. Just what I expected. Extremely fast delivery. No problems. Would recommend Jerry and his crew. Most helpful and personal service.

Misso - AU
US Breeches in OD Wool Elastique (2011-04-28)
1. Arrived in four calendar days
2. Perfect fit
3. Looking forward to my next ride in these breeches!

Pedersen - US
exceptional value (2011-03-30)
These breeches arrived in 4 days, including weekend and are very cut.

brackett - US
Great Breeches! (2011-03-30)
WWII OD Breeches - Spot on accurate as far as cut, fabric, and other construction details. At first I thought the lacing was a bit too far "forward" (instead of along the outer seam) but then I compared to a pair of cotton originals I have and they are right on! They fit and feel well too! Great job on the turnaround as well. Thanks, A++

Crawley - USA
Excellent (2010-06-21)
Perfect pants for what I needed

Zacharias - US
My Breeches (2010-05-29)
Perfect fit and the quality was beyond my expectations.

Hengst - US
US Breeches in OD Wool Elastique (2010-05-20)
Fast, within days I had them home. Very nice and well made breeches.

Whitley - US
Mr (2010-05-19)
Awsome pants!!!

Everhart - US
Breeches (2010-02-23)
Great quality and workmanship. Very authentic. Customer service is the BEST.

Roth - US
Proud to be a Trooper (2009-11-10)
These riding breeches are superb. The quality of the construction and color are excellent. Match them with your ''04 saddle and you will feel right at home.

Jeff - Virginia / USA
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