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Thank you WPG!!! (2010-01-17)
I am very pleased with the quality of the items I ordered,Thank you for such prompt service. I will be ordering all my future orders, which will be many as I am new to re enacting from WPG.

Carr - US
web gear package (2010-01-06)
The set of M1936 musette bag, M1936 suspenders, and M1923 cartride belt is very authentic and good value. Added on the 1910 shovel and 1924 medical pouch for an even better deal!

Schober - US
Sgt. I / III / 13e DBLE (2009-07-03)
Sir, Service was very fast and equipment was well packaged. Quality was fine on almost everything. The exception was the cartridge belt, one of the Lift-a-dot studs edge had penatrated the cloth and the clasp needed filed to remove the casting edges. As for the stud I will live with it because I need it now and returning it for such a small fault did not seem needed. I will place a renforcement patch on the back of the stud, as I have done when carring them in the 50's.

Dabney - US
Para web gear set (2008-12-22)
I am using all of it for static display on a mannequin. It isn't all the same quality the weakest being the pistol belt. The small hook to size the belt does not fit through the hole and the gromit came lose. Everything else is really pretty good. I don't know why some metal parts already have minor rust but that's a plus for reenactors. Price is good for all you get I did shop around.

Decker - US
US web gear package (2008-10-22)
Comparing my repro set from WPG to originals in my collection I have to say that the attention to detail and craftsmanship are very good. I am very satisfied with my purchase!

Dockall - US