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Fast delivery (2019-12-09)
the size of the tops is fine. only they were a little tight around the calves while my calves are not overly large. possibly the tops were stored for a long time and the rack was a bit off. I set my chances for the next wash.

Knol - NL
Plenty of Hose Tops! (2019-06-13)
I'll have hose tops for a long time! They're truly minty! These will be much better than havin' to deal with full length hose! Just the thing to go with my Bombay Bloomers!

Schmidt - US
Awesome! (2016-03-26)
Mint condition. Original WW2 items. Shipping to Poland was ultra fast!

Turzynski - PL
Australian Hose Tops (2015-08-30)
Received my dozen bundle of hose tops in a timely manner. I got them to use with a Victorian camp impression and they will be great but as I am a big fan of John Masters I really wish I had a squad of Gurka Riflemen to share them with. Thanks.

Jarrell - US
Trousers (2013-05-12)
Good, great timing on courier mail

(Aust. mfg.) Hose Tops (2012-05-16)
- Though I collect mostly U.S. & German "Kit", I am still at a bit of a loss in understanding Brit gear; These Hose Tops are essentailly a knee length knit wool "sock" (less the foot portion) akin to the "leg warmers" sported by mini-skirt wearing Japanese schul girls. I think of these more as a leg tube covering (over socks & under the Boot/ Gaiter combination)-at some point, these (I think) were rolled over to form a top 'cuff'
- In any case I purch. an Aussie made WW2 original tied bundle (12 pr. in all !) - they were "mint"/ unissued - No 'issues'

Reus - US
Dr (2011-12-18)
Useful substitute for WW1 Jocks' khaki hose-tops. We in Gordon Highlanders 1914-1918 are now equipped for the foreseeable future. Many thanks

Greenshields - GB
Hose tops (2011-10-24)
I couldn't pass up this deal, as I have 4 mannequins that will use this particular type of hose tol=ps. Thants for being there.

Whitney - US
Super! (2011-05-12)
Great deal, great stuff, spot on colour. Lovely!

Kelly - GB
Aussie hose (2011-04-22)
I thought great deal on bundel of 12 excellent color

Taylor - CA
Australian khaki wool hose tops (Bundle of 12) (2011-04-21)
Came in a couple of different shades, but I plan to repair my denison with them anyway.

Paulson - US
Well done Maj. Jerry !! (2008-06-06)
Jerry Lee, you might have been falling behind..but my order came in fast, and the quality of the stuff is EXCELLENT. The Brit Officer boots look really well done...will tell you how they go on the use. You remain my reference supplier for any good repro wife is only lamenting she would like a Waves uniform...and can't find one.

Maurizio Piglia - New Zealand