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Amazed (2019-02-26)
Best repro for this package..You should also make a modified "French indochine" version with a zip in front and button tabs at the bottom of the sleeves .. but otherwise it's superb..

Eric - FR
super (2018-08-21)
i am very happy but not for the Belgian custom, bill= 28,00€ custom payd in + 34,85 € my state is a thief, friendly

Robert - BE
5 (2017-11-15)
very nice stuff, I'm ready to jump over Éliane 1!!

the only bad things is some internal stiching are to modern, you see it when you rolled up the sleeves.

lejeune Pierre - France Picardie Oise
UK WIndproof camo set (2016-09-10)
Best repros-first WPG windproof set lasted 16 years-TAKE JERRYs ADVICE GET AT LEAST 2 SIZES LARGER-every man in 15 Scottish Div will be getting a set-these are impressive-durable material, quality stitching, compares or pics of originals for button placement, pattern, hood, belting, etc.-bathe in tea for off green result-fast shipping from WPG is AWESOME-Ta Ta, L/Cpl Johnnie, 2 A&SH-15 Scottish Div

John - 15 DIV HQ Maryland USA
UK Windproof set (2016-09-10)
Best repos ever !!!! My first UK Windproof set from WPG lasted 16 years, many campaigns. THAT was impressive !!! Each man in 15 Scottish Div is going to get a set of this excellent smock & trousers uniform, as this new issue is as good or better. Best stitching, pattern & details. Compares to originals in pics, buttons placed correctly, made of good quality material, hood & drawstrings great quality. TAKE JERRYS ADVISE - order a size or two larger so this fits over your BDs, you Tommys. A little green color-wise, bath in you-know-what & you'll get great results. Probably last for years !!! Fast shipping is EXCELLENT !!!! Ta Ta, L/Cpl J.Hoffman, 2 A&SHs. 15 Scottish Div

John - 15 Div HQ, Mayland USA
Perfect Camo Pattern (2012-01-18)
I compared this reproduction with my origina set in my collection and the patterns and colour are spot on!I wore this over my WPG wool BD, collarless shirt and string vest in 30 degree F weather and kept toasty warm, even during periods of inactivity. I am very pleased with the set and will recommend it to others.

Ray - California
UK Windproof Smock and Trouser (2010-01-28)
The uniform was made well. Couple of things that sit well with me .Frist thing is why i was carged for sales tax if the uniform came from England,and I would like to have bought only the smock.

Kim - US
Windproofs (2008-05-24)
Good construction, fit, and fade well to a good look.

Richard - NY,NY