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++ (2021-03-09)
Great little Hand/ shaving towel!

Jacobs - BE
Amazed, Super, fast delivery (2020-04-22)
Amazed, Super, fast delivery

lee - KR
Ideal WW1 Towel (2019-01-07)
It is hard to get too excited about a towel but when it fits the bill for your WW1 impression - happy face all around.

Moncrief - US
A Nice Little Item (2018-09-19)
It's a towel, but nice, and arrived fast.

Blum - US
Second one! (2018-05-12)
Great repo, an essential thing to have. Second one I have picked up.

Oram - CA
Another great purchase. (2018-05-05)
WPG never disappoints, another piece of kit everyone needs!

Oram - CA
British Army Issue Towel (2017-11-13)
Considering the price, I cannot think of a reason why you wouldn't add this to your kit display; a lot of others miss it out... a lot. It's well made, accurate to originals and adds an extra element to your kit display.

JJM - United Kingdom
REALLY NICE (2017-04-20)
As always, WPG leads the pack with accuracy, quick shipping and great customer service... and the product is awesome too!

Brown - US
Reproduction British towel (2017-03-14)
Very good reproduction and fast shipping.

Carpenter - US
towel (2014-10-29)
Accurate reproduction

Clark - US
Towel (2014-04-02)
Nice addition to my kit. WPG always seems to have these kind of little items.

Jenkinson - US
nice product (2014-03-09)
excellent service, shipped very quickly, perfect colour and a good size

Nicholson - GB
British army wash towel (2014-01-13)
Very nice item. Quite close in look to an original. Well done!

Budz - AU
British army issue towel (2014-01-02)
belle qualité, merci

british towel (2013-12-15)
Very good quality towel. super fast delivery as usual from WPG. Great reenacting piece.

Popiela - US
towel (2013-12-01)
very nice towel

Jaroszewski - PL
British Army Issue Towel (2013-11-11)
nice,ordinary,but authetic towel...demand marked:)))

Shestopalov - RU
towel (2013-10-02)
Good item fast shipment

mudde - NL
British Army Issue Towel (2013-07-21)
Nice piece, weave close to original, thanks.

Cole - US
British Army Issue Towel (2013-06-03)
Very good & useful item.

Michael - RU
Good Towel (2012-12-04)
This is a highly authentic towel which is made out of the same fabric like the originals were. On top, the price is, as always, truly unbeatable.
So on the bottom line, I really recommend this product!

Konrad Sladeczek - US
Towel (2012-09-23)
Nice towel, a great addition for personal items for a British army backpack.

Mcginness - GB
British Army Towel (2012-04-28)
Another great item from WPG and super fast shipping.

McCleaf - US
British Army Towel (2012-03-27)
Could be larger, but very nice and fast shipping! A+

Carpenter - US
British Army Issue Towel (2012-02-28)
It seems very thin, but I've never compared to an original. Super fast shipping.

Irving - US
Towel (2012-02-10)
Well made, excellent addition to my kit.

Armbruster - US
British Army Issue Towel (2011-10-26)
Great towel! thanks Jerry!

Henley - AU
A perfect accessory. (2011-06-22)
An excellent light weight and very practical towel for travel or every day use. The size is 17 x 29.5 inches and it folds to pocket size. It is well made from an old fashioned smooth weave towelling fabric. Comfortable, readily absorbent pure cotton, that is easily laundered and dries quickly.
Buy at least two of these for your kit. A very useful addition to the WWI Officer Musette Bag which I also purchased.

George - Australia - Melbourne
Spot on! (2011-02-25)
Nicely done Jerry!

Kane - US
WW2 towel (2011-02-16)
Construction appears spot on. Well made, and great customer service.

Newman - US
Classic Gov'nt Issue (2010-12-31)
As I noticed in other instances, I was issued with nearly the same item in the italian military. I don't know a thing about UK military issues, but it really looks like Military, Regular, Useless!
Anyway, during the time & testing garnments/items on the field, WPG has become my favourite retailer in military reproductions: refined, correct & well built. Not least, deliveries are accurate, neat & Really lightning quick.
Flattering? A bit, maybe..

Ricciardi - IT
British Army Towel (2010-10-31)
good copy, makes you think when you consider what we have now!

Kendrick - GB
Towel (2010-09-16)
Good product, and fast delivery

Peper - NL
great item (2010-08-29)
spot on colour, good size

Vrolijk - NL
Towel (2010-08-19)
Nice looking towel, fast shipping.

Bengtsson - SE
Great Service! (2010-08-04)
Very good towel, shipped very fast!

McDonnell - US
41RMC (2010-06-17)
Looks like the GI towel but white.

Sorich - US
Towel (2010-04-22)
It was exactly as promised. Fast shipping and a good price. Thanks again.

Cusick - US
Towel (2010-03-18)
It was exactly as promised. Fast shipping and a good price. Thanks again for everything.

Cusick - US
British Army Issue Towel (2010-03-09)
Very good reproduction of this must-have item. Thanks for the fast delivery!

Pierre - FR
Repro white towel (2010-02-03)
Ideal for use as 1stww period, but not 2ndww!

tim w

weller - GB
UK army towel (2010-01-19)
Rreat reenacting piece!Very pleased.

Cole - US
Perfect! (2010-01-10)
Nice Towel! Great quality!

Andrew - USA
Towel (2009-12-12)
Very good repro British towel

Glen UK (2009-11-03)
Well pleased could not believe how quick I recieved it

Cooper - GB
white wiper (2009-10-21)
Nice repro of a scarce item. Throw away that tea towel and get one of these! Dobe up in style in the field!

Steve - Melbourne Australia
Brit Towel (2009-08-23)
Another quality repro, recomended item for field events.

Evans - AU
THANKS! (2009-08-16)
The towel is a great addition to my kit, as is everything I get from WPG - you guys are great!!

Erny - US
British army Towel (2009-07-06)
Good item fast Ship. Thanks A+++++++++

Glover - CA
Towel (2009-07-04)
Great item, and fast delivery

Kruger - US
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