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Very satisfied with this. (2019-03-12)
A great repo, nice weight, well worth the money!

Oram - CA
Fast Delivery (2018-10-17)
Seems good, it was a bit "hairy" but the frizz burned off easily enough.

graves - US
Fast delivery (2018-03-16)
Same as the rest

Ruud - NL
Excellent (2017-08-15)
Good product , fast service.... as always.

Barkley - US
toggle rope (2016-05-11)
Excellent, just what is required to finish off the British Airborne impression.

Kitcher - UK
Toggle Rope (2015-09-21)
Great looking product. Very believable reproduction. Nice thick rope.

Hillenbrand - US
exelent!! (2014-05-31)
in exelent condition!! and best price ever!!! thanx !!

Nasioulas - GR
toggle rope (2013-09-09)
rope looks great ,I would recommend,it was here in 5 days thank you

harding - GB
Excellent (2013-07-09)
Great copy, very close to the original! Excellent!!!

Airbornecollector - NL
Heavy Duty. (2013-04-07)
Great reproduction as usual from the guys at WPG.
A real heavyweight rope that looks authentic and feels like you could tow a Sherman tank with it.

Pouch - IE
UK Toggle Rope (2012-11-29)
Very good repro and good service.

Tihonov - RU
ted (2012-11-09)
Excellent. Good price

koks - NL
Toggle rope (2012-09-28)
Quite pleased! Although the wooden toggle is held in the splice by the loop by some string not by the actual loop itself... have not clue if it''s supposed to be like that but it can''t be too hard to rectify. Overall quite pleased. Very hefty rope!

Connor - Canada
Toggle Rope (2012-01-07)
Superb repro. Well made and well pleased. Many thanks guy's.

Hunt - GB
Toggle rope (2011-09-04)
First rate. Authentic in look and feel.

O'Hannon - US
UK Toggle Rope (2011-06-30)
perfect reproductions

casariego - ES
Rope (2011-04-07)
Verry good copy, stil awaiting first use.

Neuser - DE
Toggle rope (2011-02-18)
Excellently made and a fantastic repro.

Henley - AU
Thanks! (2011-02-02)
Bought this as a gift for someone who is a stickler for historical accuracy and he was very pleased. Arrived right on time. Highly recommend this!

Dillard - US
toggle rope (2011-01-10)
god price, well satisfied

Crawford - US
Toggle Rope (2010-12-01)
Overall, it's a very good piece of kit. I had to redo the eye splice, because the splice was a little bit short, and I didn't want to take any chances, since I actually use it for its designed purpose. For that same reason, I twine wrapped both splices and tightened up the toggle, but it's WELL worth the price. The quality of the materials used to make it is first-rate, and it can be put to full use without fear of it breaking. A client buying it for display, or as a uniform accessory can rest assured that it's identical in every visible way to the original.

Giffin - CA
UK Toggle Rope (2010-07-21)
Top quality reproduction, looks like an original one

morieux - FR
Toggle Rope (2010-03-11)
Great reproduction of the British Toggle Rope. Great addition to my kit.

George H. - US
UK Toggle Rope (2010-03-09)
Top quality reproduction, looks like an original one... Perfect for commandos and airborne troops.

Pierre - FR
Toggle Rope (2010-03-04)
First rate all around.Product,shipping and customer service could'nt ask for more. Found a new home.

cahillane - US
rope (2010-02-17)
the usual high std which i have come to expect from wpg, cant wait to use it in displays

moore - GB
Great rope! (2010-01-10)
Perfect accessory for my Brit Para impression. Nice quality. Recommended.

Andrew - USA
Toogle Rope (2009-12-31)
Great reproduction and fast delivery my compliments!!

Lamberto - Italy
toggle rope (2009-12-08)
Rope looks great. Looking forward to adding it to the collection and the impression.

Getz - US
Toggle Rope (2009-11-19)
Nice piece. Well executed.
Excellent shipping.

Lin - US
Looks real, very practical (2009-07-25)
A useful bit of kit, authentically presented.

MacPherson - CA
UK Toggle Rope (2009-07-09)
Excellent. Good price and swift delivery. Certainly looks the part.

Morgan - GB
toglle rope (2009-06-22)
Excellent reproduction of ww2 gear Thank

Florian - FR
UK Toggle Rope (2009-06-08)
Very nice repoduction, it will work nicely

Paulson - US
Excellent (2009-05-21)
I compared it to an original a local collector has and it was darn close! Perfect addition to my Brit impressions.

Nelson - US
toggle rope (2009-04-22)
Excellent reproduction of ww2 gear,100% on fast shipping & communication,THANKS

baldwin - IRELAND
UK - Toggle Rope (2009-03-26)
Great piece of gear and good reproduction. Super fast delivery, thanks !

Thomas - Germany, Hamburg
Toggle rope (2009-03-05)
V Nice

Parker - UK
English Para/commando toggle rope (2009-03-01)
Perfect copy of the real thing used by the British forces in World War II. Just like all the stuff I buy from you ,it exceeds my expectations! T. Webb

Tom - US
corde para GB (2008-12-28)
good rope, very nice , no problem.

gerard - FRANCE
Toggle rope (2008-12-14)
You don't know how great this design and this product is unless you use them with other toggle ropes. Jerry's version looks very accurate, and is well made.

Redmon - US
Davin Australia (2008-11-03)
good reproduction, thickness of rope really stands out against bad copies.

Evans - Australia
downes uk (2008-10-15)
well made and well priced

downes - UK