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Good Quality, Excellent Price (2020-08-22)
This product works as advertised. The only thing I had to do was clean up some rust on the metal pieces but it fits my Grease Gun with no issues.

Somers - US
Great (2020-05-01)
Appears good quality and looks like originals.

Jenner - UK
Decent, serviceable repro of the original (2017-08-03)
Great value for the price. Quick delivery.

Happenblap - US
Once again, very fast delivery (2016-03-07)
The reproduction M1 Carbine sling is amazingly close to an original Carbine sling.

Ford - US
M1 Carbine sling. (2015-11-27)
Zero complaints. The item is an exact reproduction of original slings I own. I did fit it to one of the new Auto-ordnance carbines, so it was a little snug around the oiler. In fact, I had to whack the metal tip with a hammer a couple of times to flatten it out. Which is the most minor inconvenience.....

Hoff - US
Nice! (2014-12-05)
Beautiful reproduction

collins - US
Great Sling and Value (2014-02-11)
Very nice reproduction, complete with c-tip hardware, "lift the dot" marked snap, and nice OD3 color. Looks absolutely identical to my original new old stock WWII carbine sling, but at a fraction of the price. It compliments my restored carbine nicely. Some have mentioned that it is a tight fit in their carbine stocks, but I had no such problem. With careful and proper installation, it took only a matter of seconds to set up with an original stock and oiler, and fit just fine on my repro highwood stock too. If you need a sling that is a carbon copy of the real deal, pick one of these up. You won''t be disappointed.

Charlie - TN/US
Not sure (2013-05-13)
I have not seen an original WWII era M1 carbine sling up close to compare this reproduction too. However, it did fit on my carbine. The only problem I had was that the fit in the butt stock around the oiler was so tight I had to use a rubber mallet to set it in place. Its an original oiler, but a reproduction stock, so that may have had something to do with it. nice webbing, hardware, and color though.

Mr. (2013-05-10)
I have no original to compare it to, but it seems satisfactory.

Mr (2013-04-17)
It certainlty does the job for me. A great piece of equipment.

Wilson - AU
US M1 Carbine Sling (2012-10-13)
it was good

Hao - CN
m-1 sling (2012-09-23)
looks right and service was great

Johnson - US
US M1 Carbine Sling (2012-09-10)
Works for me. Nice reproduction.

Johnson - US
the mess sgt (2012-08-05)
good repro fast delivery great going

vinyard - US
M1 Carbine Sling (2012-02-21)
Couldn't ask for anything better! Very nice looking sling.

crahen - US
M1 Carbine Sling (2011-12-12)
Very,Very Nice Repo!

Tom - Wisconsin - US
m1 sling (2011-12-01)
great ,and verry fast service Thanks

Schlomacher - DE
Carbine Sling (2011-08-31)
The sling is very nice, and well constructed. It looks great in my M1A1 carbine.

Gray - US
Excellent (2011-06-16)
Fit perfect. Best reproduction I've seen.

Del - IT
Great sling (2010-09-10)
The sling looks great and is almost indistinguishable from an original. Perfect for my M-3 grease gun.

Warner - US
Nice sling (2010-04-15)
The best reproduction "C" tip sling I have seen!

Ludy - US
necesity (2010-03-06)
great but now i need an oiler bottle

zarilla - US
M1 Carbine Sling Repro (2010-02-07)
Very heavy duty item. Better construction that many originals I have seen...

Cunneen - US
sling (2010-01-06)
This sling looks just like the one on an M1 carbine I have from Korean war vintage. I'm using it ona 1903 springfield.

Schober - US
carbine sling (2009-12-18)
sling looks great on my carbine. close as you can get to an original for $9.

Jake - PA
great (2009-05-06)
All items received and exceeded expectations. Thank you for your usual great service...

shook - US
carabine sling (2009-04-26)
all the best advised very very good ++++++++++

Luciano - IT
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