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Strongly requested! (2021-07-30)
This is a really great product.
We need this to experience the winter situation.
Please reproduce!
Our new members are very sad.
That is, we can no longer buy WPG overshoes.

koda - japan
Excellent (2020-09-24)
Identical to my originals. Hardware fasteners seem thinner but spot on visually! Very pleased

Benjamin  - US
Great (2018-06-01)
Very good replica. I recommend

Abramov - RU
Buy big! (2017-09-13)
Boughthe size 10, but way too small for my size 9,5 shoes. May try a larger size next month.

Mc - US
best (2016-12-29)
This is the best! I have not made any other parts. We already have over 20 bought. I will be in trouble if it runs out! The strength is a little weak. The price is wonderful!

chief Koda - JP
Outstanding! (2016-10-20)
Great repros! Very close to the originals, very well made: both the fabric and the hardware is good quality! It's a deal!
SIZING: you need to order one size bigger than your boots. I were a 11 and I bought a 12. If I had bough an 11, my boots would not fit.

Guido - Italy
us canvas and rubber overshoes (2013-05-29)
love em great service

Crawford - US
Overshoes (2013-04-30)
This is item is very good, the only problem is that the soles were unglued in some points.
But once glued them back, these are very good!

Rossi - IT
overshoes (2012-02-21)
The buckles were put in backwards and the seams are coming unglued,,but is a good item.

Brito - spain
Overshoes (2011-11-29)
Received the overshoes yesterday. I absolutely love them! They fit perfectly. Will field-test them next weekend and hope they hold!

Joeri - BE
canvas overshoes (2010-12-19)
Very nice copy,they look great.Very fast shipping.Great service.

Aerts - BE
US Canvas and Rubber Overshoes (2010-09-10)
Great item!But the glue on the inside seams is pulling loose and the shoes are REALLY hard to get on over boots.

Anisimov - RU
snow boots (2010-05-06)
very happy with these boots from WPG

steegen - BE
US Canvas and Rubber Overshoes (2010-04-21)
They look good, but I noticed that the seams are easily pulled apart. They are just glued and not very good. Should have had some stitching to help hold them together. The buckles are a bit flimsy... over all they look good and should keep your feet dry at least for a few re-enactments and at the price hard to beat

Lawson - US
Work good (2010-03-23)
These are great reproductions.
Your correct size will fit , However order one size up and they will be easy to put on and just a little roomy in the toe

Rob - Detriot, MI USA
great overshoe (2010-01-06)
I've already slipped these babies over my jump boots. They look great and have a very nice price!

Schober - US
U.S. canvas and rubber overshoes (2009-12-30)
I finally got them on over the Type II boots. They will work just fine. Only problem that I have is that the sole is not even close to being accurate. Other than that you can't beat them for the price.

Speer - US
US Canvas and Rubber Overshoes (2009-12-21)
great item, well made, well packaged and fast delivery
thank you

US Canvas and Rubber Overshoes (2009-12-06)
Just tested them during 24hrs "POW escape" event in heavy terrain,good for cold protection,almost waterprof,no damages!

Milan - Czech Republic
Order one size up! (2009-11-17)
These look good, but the glue on some inside material is already starting to come up after a few uses. However it sounds like this is normal for originals too.

Anyway, definitely order one size larger than your shoe size! They are probably impossible to get on/off over your service shoes otherwise.

Bubert - US
US Canvas and Rubber Overshoes (2009-10-26)
Great item at a really good price, Fast delivery to Poland-> 24hrs!

Weiss - PL
overshoes (2009-10-19)
Great item at a really good price, Fast delivery to the UK as well!

Smith - GB
overshoes (2009-09-29)
Great reproduction. Only problem being the
"WPG" printed on the bottom. Still would recommend to others.

Williams - US
US Canvas and Rubber Overshoes (2009-07-01)
Excellent repro item, they look great. Can't wait to try them out. Look very much like our vintage galoshes we wore as kids.

DeBow - US
Wow (2009-04-01)
Wonderful stuff and service.......

Staines - US
Looks very good!!! (2009-03-28)
Very fast shipping!!! The service and the communication were very well!

US overshoes (2009-03-27)
The quality is very good as always. Rather difficult to put on over boots of the same size. Overall I''m very happy with these.

Allen - Oregon, USA
US over shoes (2009-02-24)
delivery good
quality good.
I had a hard time getting my size 8 jump boots into the size 9 overshoes. I worked with it and got them in. I am leaving the boots in the overshoes for a while and they should be ok.

Rowell - US
US Canvas and Rubber Overshoes (2009-02-23)
Nice overboot for the price. My Corcorans and 2 buckle boots are size 9. I figured by ordering a size 10 overboot that I would have enough space to put a set of insoles in the overboots for extra insulation. As it turned out, the fit over size 9 boots will not permit use of insoles, and is actually snug in the toecap region. I'll see how the boots measure up during the remainder of the winter.

Jones - CANADA
boots (2009-02-15)
I could have used them at the Gap this year.
I am ready for next year. Fast delivery. Good product for the price.

Borowski - US
US canvas and rubber overshoes (2009-02-02)
Used them at the Bulge event at FIG; tight fit over boots I found, but worked well.

Berte - US
US canvas and rubber overshoes (2009-01-26)
Very nice reproduction, almost the same as the originals ! A bit hard to put them on in the beginning but afterwards a pleasure to have them. Once again a very nice purchase from WPG. My favourit supplier !

US Canvas and rubber shoes (2009-01-10)
very nice copy, almost like the original - very good shipment to Belgium - very good service from WPG

Great overshoes, order 1 size up! (2008-12-10)
These things are worth every cent. They''ll keep you warm and they are decent repro''s. Not 100% correct but then again which repro''s really are!

My advice is to order one size up; that way they''ll be easier to put on and you won''t notice the difference once you have them on and closed.

Imme - Netherlands
Canon Mark Hayden (2008-11-02)
Fantastic delivery time to Ireland and the boots are brilliant. We have a Bastogne reenactment this month and I won't have to worry about wet feet. For $35 you would be crazy not to buy a pair. I bought a size larger than I needed and they are a dream to put on over the regular jump boots.
Thanks Jerry!

Hayden - IRELAND
Ok (2008-10-06)
GREAT! CAN''T wait to wear them

Mike - Niagara, NY
Bit of a shame (2008-04-11)
I bought a pair of these at FIG, and boy, was I impressed! From what I hear, this is the only run Jerry will ever make...I would have bought a pair sooner, if there had been a few more pictures on the site!

The boots themselves are high quality, extremely well done. I continued to wear them through the rest of our rotten winter, and I am very hard on footwear...they''re still going strong.

At the price they''re at, I recommend you pick them up now - it may be the last chance you ever get.

Squirrely - Ohio
Pretty dang good! (2008-03-19)
I used these at Camp Hale, CO for a 10th Mtn. event and my feet stayed dry and warm even in the snow and 20 degree temps. My one gripe? The glue on the inside seams is pulling loose and the shoes are REALLY hard to get on over boots.

Matthew - Denver
Canvas Overshoes (2008-01-20)
Great Job! I compared these to an mint original pair. The hardware on the repros has a shiny metal and the texture on the soles has a different pattern. The quality, weight, and feel are dead on.

Mike - Nebraska, USA
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