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Very well made (2024-02-26)
Love this jacket.....heavy duty....very warm....goes great with the M1905 US Turtleneck sweater sold here.....I got the 2XL....fits over the Sweater with a t-shirt just fine.....Thanks

William - United States
US tanker jacket (2024-01-19)
I was very impressed with the replication and craftsmanship of the jacket The color of it was also spot on. I would highly recommend this jacket to anyone re-enacting WW2 impressions. Thank you

patterson - US
Great Jacket for the price...except one issue (2023-05-05)
I always use the WPG Customer reviews to determine what size I should order as the sizes do tend to vary a lot. I am 6' 2" tall and about 220lbs. In this Tanker Jacket a size large fit me well with extra room. An XL would have been too large in my case. The jacket is heavy, well made overall and a ringer for the real deal. However, I have to say that the zipper leaves something to be desired. I have only had this coat a few days and twice now the zipper has come undone after I have zipped it up. I know expecting a YKK zipper on a garment of this price point is expecting too much, but I wish the zipper used was a bit more reliable.

Weidman - US
Feels real (2023-03-31)
It came here on good time and the jacket feels awesome. The best part is that it's heavy and will definitely keep you warm during the real cold days when you're in your tank during a reenactment.

Patterson - US
Best Winter Tanker Jacket Ever! (2023-03-20)
This is my new go to cold weather jacket! Much warmer then I thought it would be. Perfect as an alternative to my A-2. Love wearing it as a day-to-day jacket. Fit is pretty good I usually wear a 48R and it's a bit snug but it's supposed to be. Color is pretty right on when compared to an original. Jacket is well stitched and constructed.

Mike F. - US
Tanker Jacket (2023-03-18)
As always, from the ordering to the receiving of the item, it's prompt and professional. The overall construction is well made. I have two concerns. First, the two pockets are barely deep enough for the hand to fit. Second, the waist is cut too small proportional to the size. I have purchased both a XXL and an XXXL size, both fitting the chest and arms well. If both were maybe an inch to an inch and a half larger, whereby the elastic band would maintain a good fit, it would be perfect.

Baltzer - US
WPG Tanker Jacket is superb! (2023-01-12)
Love this jacket! Craftsmanship and materials top notch.

Andy - New York
2nd pattern tanker jacket (2022-12-30)
Best repro tanker jacket on the market. I am a ww2 uniform historian. This jacket is dead on!

Jeffrey - WA. USA
2nd pattern tanker jacket (2022-12-30)
Best repro tanker jacket on the market. I am a ww2 uniform historian. This jacket is dead on!

Jeffrey - WA. USA
Great! (2022-11-29)
NB: just got the jacket today

Size S fits great, i am 5'10, 130lbs. Wide, but thats expected. Definitively size down if you can. QUALITY heavy construction, 100% wool lining, thick cotton shell, and talon zipper. This feels like it could last a long time.

T - Norway
fast delivery (2022-10-18)
excellent jacket. The elastic in the cuff and waistband is very strong but will stretch with use.

mattimore - US
Great jacket (2022-09-03)
Ordered the 42-44, (I'm a 42 with a 36in waist) it fits well. Good durable material. Wool lining is a bit picky, so you'll want to wear a long-sleeved shirt under the jacket.
Fast shipping.

Hurlbut - CA
great (2021-09-07)
Very good jacket fits good, looks great ,packaged very good for shipment.

VERY GOOD (2021-05-17)

High Quality (2020-10-23)
Another fantastic jacket that is hard to call a "reproduction'!!! Looks great and is high quality! I'm 6'1" and 235 pounds and the XL fits great.

Richard - US
Fast delivery and exact description (2020-10-06)
I went undersize and it’s perfect.

Baz - ES
Nice jacket (2020-09-29)
I usually wear size 40 but I took people's advice to go for size S (normally size 36-38) and fits very nice. The quality is excellent and it's true that the elastic is tight.

Iker - Spain
Too big (2020-08-13)
The jacket construction is simply amazing. It is rugged, warm and comfortable. Sizing is the problem. I am a 42-size chest and 33-size waist.
I ordered the smallest size available. Result: SMALL is about a 51" chest and 48" waist. I like roomy but this is simply too big for me. I had to sell it.

Jose - US
Great jacket (2020-06-15)
Looks great, fits great! Perfect addition to my impression!

Schmidt - DE
Fit perfect, fast delivery (2019-12-16)
Nice jacket, I wear a size 42 coat and the medium fit me perfect.

Larry - Illinois, US
Excellent jacket. (2019-08-19)
I was very impressed with the quality of the jacket for the price compared to other vendors. Prompt shipping and good communication concerning questions and tracking info.

Kenny - US
Zipper sticks (2019-05-14)
Large size fits well (5'10", 195lbs), sleeves are a bit baggy; most annoying is that the zipper sticks when first zipping up, even after smearing some chapstick on it. Will try some other lubricants, such as graphite, in hopes that improves it.

Joseph - Michigan, US
Nice jacket and fast service (2019-04-02)
This jacket is a well made Replica. I got the xxl size which fits my 51" chest well. The drop however is more than the standard 6 inches, so it's very snug in the waist especially if you have a bit of extra padding. The pockets are simple hand warmers. No internal pocket, as the originals, but might be a nice addition going forward. Great for the cool days on the motorbike or reenactment. 4/5 only cause the waist is soooooo tight.

Warren C. - CA
Tanker jacket (2019-01-21)
I had purchased this type of jacket in the 1980's from a store in NYC called the cockpit. Had one stolen from my car and wore the other one out. Liked them both. So for X-mas this year wanted another one. Went to city to go to the cockpit but they are closed on Saturday. Did some google research and found this and ordered. Coat is very good, material is good, wool a bit thinner then i remember. Size is odd, I am a 40 so I got a medium. Kind of tight across scholder, but long in the sleeve. Not a big deal and at 75 dollars off the rack can't bitch all that much. I like the coat, happy I have it and people at work think its cool. Well worth the money.

fitzsimmons - US
Great jacket (2018-12-10)
Excellent guality at an affordable price.

Marc - US
Fast delivery (2018-10-30)
46/48 too small. Runs small.

Brock - US
Great Jacket (2018-01-06)
I was very surprised by this jacket's quality and weight. I'm 5'10", 165 pounds with broad shoulders, 36" waist, and wear a size 42 sport jacket. This puts me in the medium size category for this jacket, but I took the advice of other postings on this page and purchased a small. The jacket fits me perfect, with enough room for a couple layers of clothing underneath. Given the style of this jacket, I think you want to wear it a little snug. There are two things I don't like about it, however. First, the zipper is a little sticky, although it seems to be getting better with use. Second (and perhaps more importantly), when I zip-up the jacket the waist is a little tight. The darker-green elastic trim material that's around the waist, collar, and wrists isn't actually all that elastic (compared to other jackets I own). To compensate, they've sewn an extra elastic strip that's about 1" wide around the waist. You can feel this elastic strip under the darker-green trim material. This is what's causing the tightness. Still, overall I'm very pleased with it. Great value for the price.

Arizona/USA - Phoenix
Super (2017-12-05)
Yes.. got everything...and it's great stuff!

pearsonjr. - US
They DO make them like that anymore !!! (2017-11-07)
I wanted a quality jacket with classic styling and old fashioned craftsmanship. I receiving that and so much more! Incredibly well made, extremely comfortable, you know, the way they used to make them. The wool lining is like walking around wrapped in your favorite blanket. The shell is soft yet durable, the trim works beautifully. Better than any modern design I have ever run across. Keep up the good work.

Generally Pleased (2017-11-06)
Generally pleased with my WPG Tanker jacket. After reading other reviews as I’m 6ft, 205lbs with a 36 ins waist I followed the advice to size down and went with a Medium. The fit is OK but would’ve preferred it to be just a little roomier as there’s little space left for it to be worn with anything else than a thin sweater. Others have noted that their jackets weren’t very tapered however mine is almost too much. If my waist was just an inch or size larger the jacket would’ve been too tight as the waist doesn’t appear to be very elasticated. If it wasn’t for the high cost of returning it back to the UAE I may have been tempted to try the Large size.
While the quality is pretty good it ought to be noted that it’s not the most accurate reproduction available. A few obvious points let it down, such as the zip going right to the top of the knitted collar, rather than just half way up being one. The typo error on the label, ‘Stock’ is spelt ‘Stcok’ , being another.
Anyway, bearing all the above in mind it has to be said the WPG Tanker jacket is still good value and probably better than most other tanker jackets of a similar or comparable price.

Richard - UK
Nice Jacket (2017-11-02)
This Jacket is an outstanding value, looks and fits very nicely. The only issue might be the zipper, which seems rather cheep and hard to zip.

Riggs - US
Perfect Everyday Jacket (2017-10-07)
This jacket is a bargain considering it's quality. Really, you can't beat the price and superfast delivery from UAE! I am 6'2 with 44" chest. My concern was the arm length since I require 36" from neck to cuff and usually 26" from shoulder to cuff. I have NEVER worn a medium in anything However a medium in this jacket is superb and fits me PERFECTLY! This is a good quality jacket made with quality materials. I have seen reviews that there is no taper at the waist but this isn't the case with my jacket. My build for my height is slender to average. I really like the color, a nice balance between green and khaki. Looks great with jeans! If you're second guessing like I did, don't hesitate. It's a worthy purchase!

Travis - CA
Tanker jacket (2017-09-26)
The jacket came in record time and was perfect. Perfect. Thank you Jerry.

Simmons - US
Outstanding (2017-09-07)
I took everyone's advice and got the smaller size and it fits perfectly. The tanker jacket is a great quality repro and also is the best price for a tanker jacket out there on the market. It shipped quickly and arrived on time. I am glad I got it. I can't wait to wear it to my next events.

owens - US
Excellent Quality (2017-08-31)
If you are like me and examine the photo for details before buying, let me assure you that the online photo does not do it justice. I am very impressed with the small details, it is very well made. As for fit, I usually wear a large and the large here fits me fine. I love the wool lining, very well done. If you are not aware, this jacket was adopted by Army fighter pilots early in the war as the cold weather leathers were too cumbersome for small cockpits. Look closely at old photos of P-38 squadrons and you'll almost certainly see pilots wearing this jacket. I find it very comfortable and am delighted upon delivery.

Charles - Texas
Better than expected (2016-02-19)
I just got mine from France of all places. WPG was out of stock and I nailed mine on ebay for $80 including air mail from France. Fit is perfect for me, I'm 5'11" and 200lbs with a barrel chest, I normally wear a 44R Jacket. This WPG tanker is tagged size "small" so I was skeptical but seller gave good measurements and I took a chance. Perfectly proportioned for me and I have room for a medium weight sweater. The material is substantial and all the stitching and workmanship seems top notch. My only criticism is the flimsy YKK zipper... it looks like something off a modern baseball jacket. Would have liked to see a more substantial Conmar or Talon. If this jacket is any indication then I suggest going one size down.

Eli - NY/USA
Tanker Jacket (2016-01-18)
Read reviews and ordered a large where I would usually order an XL. Fit is fine but note their is no stretch to the bottom of the jacket. Lot of comment about color and I think if you just throw it in a mud hole and drive your car over it for a month and let it dry out. Then beat it with a stick and put it on it will be accurate. Don't wash it!! Then you will be authentic after about 4-5 months of daily wear.

Jack - USA
Tanker jacket is real deal. Very happy. (2015-11-03)
Tanker jacket is real deal. It is stiff, heavy, thick, substantial. By stiff, I mean it has not been "stone washed," pre-softened, or any of that stuff they do to clothes now. It feels like it will last forever. It feels like something supply sgt threw at me as I was being issued uniforms. In 1983 I got US Cavalry tanker jacket on the day I graduated. That was a cheap civilian jacket. My new one seems like something in pristine condition from 1943. Sizing: I am 5'9, 200. No, I did not look like that in '83. On me, a Medium is plenty roomy, a good fit. I can wear GI sweater under it. The medium on me fits a good bit larger than Brad Pitt's bespoke model, if we were to use his fit as a reference. I would not want mine nearly as tight as the one Pitt wears. Great piece of work, WPG. Thanks.

Acuff - US
very heavy duty jacket (2015-10-19)
This jacket exceeded my expectations. It is well made from quality materials. Its wool lining is very warm. The shell is heavy duty... Almost like a work jacket. Fits great. Price is great. There are sewn in vintage type labels....which is a cool touch.
Excellent jacket.

Michael - US
tanker jacket (2015-09-08)
I'm very pleased. The delivery was amazingly fast and the quality /authenticity of the jacket is superb. It's very warm. I wear a size 42 so the medium fits.

Grace - US
Tanker jacket (2015-08-31)
This is the 2nd one I have bought from you. Both are great. I have both set up differently, one like my original and the other with my qualification patches.

Steffensen - US
quality tanker jacket (2015-08-26)
This jacket arrived very quickly and the quality is superb. I wear a 42 so the medium fits just about perfectly. Highly recommended.

Dave - Mass. USA
US tanker jacket (2015-07-23)
Received quickly, high quality jacket with heavy duty wool liner. I will definitely be ordering more from wpg in the future. Thank you!

Tanker Jacket (2015-05-08)
Great Quality and it will keep me warm this winter for sure! Outstanding!

Mateos - US
Perfect jacket! (2015-04-02)
Perfect jacket! Just like the original, and very warm!! Arrived super fast!!

George - Czech rep.
Tanker Jacket (2015-03-15)
My third purchase from WPG. Superb in very respect. I could not ask for more.

turner - US
Tanker jacket (2015-03-03)
No problems here. Great jacket, well packed, fast shipping.

Lasse - SE
Living historian / motor pool mechanic (2015-01-03)
Very nice jacket, great quality and color. I usually wear a 38 (5'10" 150 lbs long arms). I tried on the medium a friend had and found the shoulders tight and body good. I tried on the large another friend had and found the shoulders not much larger but good enough to add layers under neath. The body was much larger but it looks okay. I thought the medium could have had the shoulder width of the large. Anyone normally wearing a large would have shoulder issues. It came quick however the payment page looked scary I guess because it went right to the manufacturer.

Just what I wanted (2015-02-26)
I ordered my jacket on Thursday (EST) and received it on the following Wednesday. This is an excellent reproduction. The wool lining is just like the wool blanket material I've seen. The color is spot on for a new issue jacket. The size is a little big so if you're on the fence and want a little snugger fit go with the next size down. I wanted mine a little more roomy so a Lg fit me fine. I wear a 46 in a sport coat. I'm very pleased with WPG and wouldn't hesitate to use them again.

William - NC / USA
US Tanker (aka Winter Combat) Jacket (2015-02-24)
Exceptional quality and great fit; color and materials all very good. Clearly one of the best repros avialable at a bargain price. Very highly recommended. TANKS!

Kose1 - US
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