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All around decent (2021-07-21)
Boots shipped and arrived quick, well packaged and in good shape from the EU. A little tight for someone usually wears a 9, maybe go a size up to a 10, but they still work just need some use and wear to loosen up. Excellent construction and quality, perfect for that classic look for reenactment or vintage look. I plan on Getting them fully soled and wearing them for winter in New England for classy days.

Great service (2021-03-10)
Arrived in a shorter time than I anticipated. Comment above about the tightness over the vamp is correct but my boot maker is adapting that.

96 inches of lace? That is intimidating, but it almost became fun.

I'll be back for a few more items.


Taylor - US
Great Reproduction and Quality (2019-11-14)
I give these boot 5 out of 5 for the great quality and fit. The boots compare favorably to the originals. As far as fit I have a little wider calves than normal but these boots are not too tight. I wear a size 10 medium width and they fit perfectly.
WPG ships fast too.

Logan - US
Super (2017-12-09)
Got 'em and they fit! Thanks for the help.

Greene - US
M31 An Excellent Purchase (2016-02-16)
I've had these boots for some 8 years. They've seen me on hikes in the mountains of the Big Bend country, on horse back, and motorcycle rides. They've aged beautifully! I highly recommend them!

Jonathan - Texas
Good boots (2015-11-09)
Like Jerry said, I needed to get the calves cut down but that went okay. I wear mine for serious horse riding in the mountains and found the leather soles to be too slick on steep mountain slopes while dismounted. I had mine resoled with very low or shallow vibram soles so they wouldn’t hang in a stirrup in case I came off and still would give me traction while afoot. For the average guy walking around or for arena riding, the soles are fine as is. If you are going to wear them in cold weather maybe buy a size larger than normal [or 2] so you can fit an insulated liner in them and still wear heavy socks.

Jeff - CA/USA
so cool! (2015-09-23)
I fixed the lacing weirdness by simply having lace hooks installed in the eyelets. Not exactly historically accurate, but a helluva lot faster to put on and take off. They look great with my vintage cycle!

Eddie - California, U.S.A.
M31 Boots look great! (2015-02-15)
I wear a 13 EEE boot usually and tooka chance on these boots for their "cool factor" Ordered them on a friday, they were on my feet by wednesday! Initially the vamps were very tight- a trip to the local shoe guy and they fit like a glove and are plenty wide for my big 13 s - overall the quality is consistent with my previous orders- in less than a week, five people asked where I got such custom boots made - I tellem WPG! Thanks again for your amazing reproductions- perfect for us Wild Bunch and Zoot Shooters

seth - Grand Jct CO USA
M31 Mounted Service Boots (2014-09-08)
Excellent riding boots. I am very pleased with them. While a bit complicated to lace at first, they are an outstanding repro of the originals. They are also very comfortable, having become my favorite pair of riding boots.

William - Wisconsi,n USA
Daniel, Gatineau, Québec (2014-06-30)
Excellent item.
I'm totally confused on how to lace these nice quality boots.
Please provide a lacing pattern or some pictures. Regards.

Roy - CA
Mounted Service Boots (2014-06-26)
Boots have just arrived. First impressions very good quality for the money. The shape and styling of them is excellent.

McCann - GB
firefighter32frfd (2014-06-10)
Very nice product, very comfortable to wear. Lacing is a challenge, but accurate for mounted use.

Kuhns - US
Mr (2014-04-09)
Excellent transaction, fast delivery, great boots, a 5 STAR service.

Roy - CA
Boots (2013-09-23)
Nice items.. well packed. ONLY problem was that the Royal Mail had them for ages awaiting clearance and the letter telling me that they where at the local depot came 3 days AFTER i went to pick them up.. not WPG problem.. a RM fault..

smerdon - GB
Jez (2013-07-12)
boots arrived really quickly and they look great; length and width is good but tight over the top of my foot/ankle area; 4 replacement hooks were with the boot and just from trying the boots on 2 of the hooks came fixings were supplied for the back of the hooks so I am going to have to buy some. My confidence in hooks coming off is not good and only time will tell how many more will come off,

Marren - GB
US M31 cavalry boots (2013-07-09)
Good boots, well made but I would say the sizing needs to be addressed. These are correct for my foot width and length but they are too tight across the vamp (over the top of the foot). This needs to be made better to be a correct fit for a UK 8 1/2.
They will stretch I am sure but will take some walking in.

Stroud - GB
Great boots (2012-01-04)
I like the boots a lot but the laceing office is the confusing. I think perhaps would be easier if it had either the eyelits or hooks at the top the same 1 full size rather than as it is now. it just makes it confusing and too hard to lace up

Butler - US
cavalry boots (2011-12-18)
Very nice pair of boots.
A bit wide in the calves, and would look better with leather laces instead of the modern laces, but that can always be fixed.
Good boot for the price.
Fast shipping to as always.

Wallin - SE
Nice boots! (2011-05-16)
I knew I wanted these boots the first time I saw them on your website!! As previous customers have mentioned, they are tricky to lace up and to get the lacing even so that they look smart but once you have it, they look right for the part.

Althouhg I haven't had the time to break them in yet, I suspect they will do the job!!

Thanks.. I will be orderign the rest of the uniform in the next few months.

Saumure - CA
US M31 Mounted Service Boots (2010-11-19)
Perfect stuff,great product!!
Very fast shipping!Friendly and helpfull contact.
Shiping with low cost invoice and help over GDSK
is a desaster.
This case give additional cost to GDSK.

All in all, i will order in future. :))

Uebi - DE
Great boots!!! (2010-08-30)
They crossed the pond to Spain in less than a week showing the great attention of WPG and they are great. Best of the best.

M31 Cavalry boots (2010-05-10)
I got these boots in late February and wanted to wait with comments after "field trials". As another reviewer said, the leather quality is only midling, but the stitching and overall constuction are sturdy. While the right boot fitted like a wooly sock after 3 days, the left boot took ages to break in, but now the boots are very comfortable, with an inlay sole for extra comfort. Also on the negative side is that two hooks on the left boot came off the first time I put them on, but WPG very thoughtfully provided some spares. I ordered US size 10, one size larger than I normally wear, and it fits great with room for thick socks. The lacing takes some time getting used too (hooks on one side, eyelets on the other), and while I played cat''s craddle with the laces for the first time I discovered the meaning of "swearing like a trooper". Once in the saddle, the strange lacing makes sense, as there are no hooks on the inner side of the calf which could get caught in stirrup leathers. WPG''s customer service great as always.

Philip - UK
Excellent Boots (2010-02-28)
I am immmensely pleased with the 1931 Cavalry boots. I have never been able to wear off the shelf riding boots, but these fit my 19 inch calves perfectly. The construction quality is excellent. The leather quality is really only mid-range, but at this price they are an outstanding value.

Chiarello - US
Customer (2010-02-11)
Wow, I have never had a pair of boots fit this well out of the box! These were just what I needed to complete my between-the-wars aviator attire.

Mikesell - US
M31 boots (2009-12-29)
Really pleased with these boots,they arrived well packed and they fit really well. They had a lot of admirers on there first outing.Well worth the money.

John - UK
US M31 Mounted Service Boots (2009-12-27)
I love my boots. I wear them whenever I get the chance. They aren't great for walking all day in, but then again they are Mounted Service Boots. A little insole helps a lot.

Bruce - US
Quality Boots (2009-09-24)
Super qualty boots that fit great. There was a mix up on sizing on the first pair, but after contacting Jerry he had a prepaid UPS return label sent to my computer that day, and had the correct pair in the mail the next day and that was before I even had returned the others. Great service!
Thanks much, John.

John - KY, USA
US M31 Boots (2009-07-02)
They fit perfectly.
Everyone asks where did you get those boots from?
Ideal for pre war re-enactment both military and civilian.

Richard - England
US M31 Mounted Service Boots (2009-03-06)
Very Nice boots. I do need to get the calves cut down, but for the price they can't be beat.

Scherrer - US
US M31 Boots (2009-03-05)
What a great surprise when I got home and they were waiting for me. A very fast delivery. The boots are very nice, the color is what I hoped for. Even the wife likes them and I can''t wait to show them off to my buddies and have them for the next event.

Barry - Austin, Tx.
Great boots (2008-10-26)
These boots are excellent quality and at the price represent unbelievable value. I love my pair :-)

Bruce - London
M31 boots (2008-07-10)
I have been out of town and wanted to tell you, the M31 boots are GREAT! I have shown them to two other guys and they may order too.

Thanks so much for sending them so fast! I will be ordering more of your stuff as time goes on.

Thanks again.

Bill Paul - CA, USA.
US M31 Service boots (2008-06-25)
Got a pair of these boots GREAT boots! One problem the insouls came lose in both boots glue not good. Over all really like them!!

Galen - Denver CO
M31 Boots (2008-02-28)
I am VERY pleased with the boots. They fit great and the quality is great as well. THANKS Jerry@

Joe - KS