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Great product! (2016-12-22)
A very well made product. The jacket fits very well. The slacks were small and had to bump to the next size. However, the return process was painless and quick. I will deal with them again!! Thank you.

Bush - US
Ike jacket, "Pinks" & shirt (2012-11-27)
See my comment of oktober 15th: it's difficult to recalculate from U.S. measures into European. Trousers; although waist size is correct they are much too big (see also comments of August 22nd); had to redo all (5) main seams of the trousers and still can only wear them with suspenders. Jacket is great and shirt too.

de Heer - BE
Problems with sizes: European/U.S. (2012-10-15)
Materials are fabulous ! Had to send back trousers and shirt and exchange for sizes that fit: originals were much too big, correctly picked but somewere ther was made a mistake in the "recalculation" into US sizes in inches.

de Heer - BE
U S Officer Ike Jacket Package (2012-09-17)
Shippng time and Trakcing Info was excellent.
The quality of the uniform is topnotch. Everything fits as ordered. But I have one disapointment: The fly on the pink trousers should have a zipper closure not buttons.

Middleton - US
Mr (2012-05-22)
Nice workmanship, fit was great, Beautyful outfit.

Selner - US
Perfect quality (2011-09-29)
I have received the officers package, and the quality is great.

Mens - NL
Good value! (2011-08-22)
The quality of the officers package is perfect. The speed of delivery is also very good! But the pink trousers are marked 42, but it is much larger!!I have to replace this item.

Mens - NL
Ike jacket package (2011-08-10)
Jacket, trousers, shirt & tie arrived quickly.

Ike jacket & 'pinks' trousers were perfect -- just what I ordered.

The shirt had a cuff button pattern (single button in the middle of a wide cuff) that is quite different from the WWII-vintage original (double buttons, one above the other, at top & bottom of the cuff) -- but it fit & I can get the buttons redone.

Speedy delivery -- good value for the money.

Hammersen - US
I originally order what I thought was my size, so I had top exchange part of the package. Oddly enough the shirt size (as originally ordered in my usual American size fit like it should). So if you order, the next size up is recommended (I wear size 44R jackets but had to exchange for 46R);the trousers as well from 36 to 38. The exchanged items actually looked better than those in the original shipment.

Waszak - US
Costume Designer (2010-10-26)
Pants were huge, but jacket, shirt, and hat were wonderful! The actor wearing the suit is ex-military and very impressed.

Wanless - US
Ike jacket package (2010-08-25)
Excellent quality, with the following comments:
The pink trousers were about six inches too long, but I'm having them rehemmed. I shouldn't have had to do this, as I should've been asked what my proper inseam is.
The officers crusher cap was sold as 1 1/4, but is actually 7 1/8, and the style looked more British than American. I know there were theater made variants, but it just doesn't look right. I also did not receive the khaki neck tie with the package, so I will need to contact them about that item. Otherwise, everything was first rate.

Putnam - US
Pinks miss marked? (2010-08-11)
The pink trousers are marked 36 but are closer to 32. I will need to return and then receive ones with a 36 waist . All other items fit properly and are outstanding. But do need the pinks replaced to complete my uniform, please advise.
Thank you,
Gary Fox

Fox - US
Ike Jacket set (2010-06-16)
I am VERY impressed by the quality of my purchase. Excellent fit and quick shipping! Thank you!! Bill Bethke

Bethke - US
officer's ike package (2010-02-25)
great items, really close to the original, great quality, thanks for fast shipping

Brunelli - IT
Absolutely fabulous! (2010-01-07)
Thank you, I have just received my US officer’s Ike jacket package yesterday evening and wanted to drop a line to thank you! The quality is superb, and I have not seen museum quality uniform pieces like this at these prices! I am very impressed! Thank you again, you have earned my return business.

Guerrero, David - US