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RAF SD uniform package (2012-12-13)
I compared it to my original Canadian 1941 dated tunic/trousers and I can't see a difference. Very pleased with the items and the shipping. Just need to get the wedge cap now. Hurry up and get them back in stock WPG.

Gavel - CA
RAF OR Service Dress (2012-05-08)
Excellent, adjusted sleeve lengths, great overall fit.

Kendrick - GB
Feedback for RAF O/Rs uniform package (2012-03-25)
Absolutely amazed at how fast the uniform was delivered, 4 days from order to delivery!
Communications throughout were excellent.
The uniform itself is very good quality, and good value for the price! I'm glad i checked on the sizes before purchase as i was able to order Tunic/Trousers which fit remarkably well.
If you want to be picky, the colour of the material is a little on the light side, but then again a friend of mine has original RAF uniforms and several of those differ in shade, i changed the buttons for originals, apart from that i would happily recommend this uniform and WPG to anyone, over all i'm very pleased!

Bailey - GB
Could be better (2012-02-19)
Overall I am happy with this Uniform Package but I am not happy with the cut. It seems very tight in the arm pits. Also there isnt a good chart to figure out the sizing needed. If I hadnt read the feedback from forums, I would have bought the incorrect size. Seems to run small. Also I am unhappy that an American company has yet again outsourced. The uniform is made in and shipped from the Middle East. If a OA ranks uniform was made by Pegasus, I would have purchased one. At least they are true to their country.

Valvo - US
RAF uniform (2011-12-07)
Very nicely done for a reproduction. Wool for uniforms is not easy to find and this is a fine reproduction. It is a generic cut so some tailoring is in order, but that aside my husband is impressed with how close it came to his original and excited over this gift. Very pleased with this product.

Campbell - US
RAF Other Airman Uniform (2011-03-20)
What can you say, well made, sleeves need a bit of adjusting.
Amazing delivery speed as well.
Now the insides of the legs are shaved (trousers, not mine!) comfortable to wear. Would boe good with AM mark in it. but over all well worth the money and im very satisifed.

Mark - UK
OASD (2010-05-12)
The uniform button spacing is to far apart, making the jacket longer than the original. Not quite what I would class as museum quality as along with the colour shade being to light, there are discrepencies to the original cut(button positions) and lining RAF OASD were not lined. Very long leg length (need shortening) but on the plus side uniform is a good fit waist and chest. Delivery was super fast.

uniform package (2010-05-10)
Very fast delivery from UAE. Was suprised to see items are made in Pakistan. Shape and texture measure up to my original, however the colour is slightly on the light side to the original. Pity you do not attach WW2 Albatrosses to each shoulder. The belt buckle although well made is slightly small to original, but jacket fit is reasonable. Supprised also to see jacket is lined, as Airmans Simplified is not, and would save on production costs. Trouser legs very long, and will need shortening. Just a pity about the colour.

J (2010-03-10)
Once again, very fast delivery as always. The tunic and trousers are fantastic. I take a 38'' but only the 42'' was in stock, but with a jumper on the tunic fits like a glove as do the trousers.
Many thanks WPG

Andrews - GB
UK RAF TUNIC & TROUSER (2010-01-04)
Very good product. No comment / It's ok !
Thank you

Herkenrath - FR
UK RAF Other Airmen Service Dress (OASD) Tunic and Trouser (Package) (2009-07-07)
very nice dress!! arrived quick and in good condition !! AAA+++ love to work with WPG!!!

duysters - BE
Very nice uniform. (2009-07-02)
This uniform is beautiful! With minor tailoring this is going to be the sharpest in my reenacting wardrobe.

McNamara - US
UK RAF Other Airmen Service Dress (OASD) Tunic and Trouser (Package) (2009-06-29)
Very nice set. Sharp price too :)

Van Riet Ralph - BE
UK RAF Other Airmen Service Dress (OASD) Tunic and Trouser (Package) (2009-06-02)
Very fast dispatch, very good items. Thank you.

Michal - CZ
RAF, OASD Uniform package (2009-03-07)
Minor tailoring required, on the sleeve and trouser hems, very easy. Great price.

Appleby - US
Mr. Ian Wheatley (2008-10-23)

Wheatley - UK
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