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Fast and very convenient delivery! (2017-06-05)
Looks great! Will fit in my willys jeep.

Ales - CZ
SonnyMartin (2014-01-31)
Used to get these bags surplus, they're good for multi purpose use. Can't get them surplus anymore so when I saw these I ordered a couple. I can tell you, apart from being a lighter colour, these bags are made to the same strength and quality as the originals, just what I wanted. Thanks WPG. I'll be happy to use your company again.

US Bazooka Rocket Bag (2nds) (2012-03-07)
This still looks and works great. If I wasn't told it was a 2nd I would've never known.

Irving - US
US Bazooka Rocket Bag (2011-06-01)
reproduction is well achieved, as the materials used. the copy is perfect and high quality.

Gmez - ES
US Bazooka Rocket Bag (2nds) (2011-04-20)
Great bag!

Bruce - US
Bazooka Bag (2011-01-06)
Very impressed with product. I''m adapting it to use as a carrying bag for my M1892 Field Trumpet. Regardless, in it''s original form, the workmanship is well worth the price. Thanks WPG!

Fred - California
Bazooka bag (2010-06-17)
Good bag for $20.

hunt - US
US Bazooka Rocket Bag (2nds) (2010-03-04)
Rated this a four because it's a second and not perfect but the price is right and most people will not be able to tell there is an issue.

Cassar - CA
US Bazooka Rocket Bag (2nds) (2009-02-23)
Very good quality and price for a second. This bag is a great value and is quite versatile, such as for carrying spare kit.

Jones - CANADA
rocket bag (2009-01-06)
great quality. exactly like mine original

colasse - BELGIUM
US Bazooka Rocket Bag (2nds) (2008-12-02)
This is a 2nd so you can't expect a perfect rating, but the price was right and it will do well for reenacting.

Kano - US