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Fast delivery (2021-03-18)
Very happy with the pants and was very impressed with the speed of shipping. Just waiting for my size of jacket to restock.

Brett - US
Xmas present (2020-12-28)
very good quality and size, perfect

Paratrooper trousers (2020-01-28)
Perfect. Fast delivery & excellent product.

Simmons - US
makes me glad (2019-08-11)
Great uniform, nice reproduction, thanks.

42 paratrooper trouser, unreenforced (2019-01-27)
Size is right and good quality. jacket will be next. Can't beat the price.

Meyer - US
perfect & aquick serviceand (2019-01-22)
perfect aa recommander

Daniel - BE
Excellent Quality and Price (2018-11-16)
I purchased these trousers as I have purchased one previously as well as others from various manufacturers. I prefer the look and feel of this one over the ATF version and this ones cost is better than both the ATF and WWII Impression versions. The quality is excellent as well with the pricing, it becomes a win-win purchase.

Somers - US
M42 trousers: Very nice! (2017-01-01)
These pants fit great, are very well made and look quite authentic. Highly recommended!!! Super fast shipping and great customer service to boot!

Thornton - US
Good torusers ! (2014-07-27)
These trousers are perfect.
Good color (beautiful OD3), the size of pockets are really good : they are big just like the real ones.
Waist is ok. I usually worn 34, and this 34 fit me very well.
I compared it to my WWII Impressions trousers. Except from the zinc plated button on the WWII Imp (which I prefer), the WPG trousers is the same !
Really good !
It looks like a ATF M42 Standard set.

I recommand it !

Gauthier - France
mr (2013-10-22)
great trousers have always been satisfied thanks

clark - US
M42 pants (2013-07-13)
very good, quite accurate et nice shade of color

hadjadje - FR
M-42 Paratrooper Trousers ( unreinforced ) (2013-03-06)
Trousers fit well, and the sizing is dependent on the correct use of trouser suspenders and trouser belt used in conjunction for a proper fit ( avoiding seam blow-outs!). These seams are well done and have been reinforced by me, using iron-on patches on the inside, for added strength. As far as the pockets are concerned, they are strong and I have not had any issues with them in the field. The leg ties are properly done. You can reinforce them or tear them off after your jump, as most did.

Beville - US
WWII entuusiast (2012-07-28)
Good product size right for me.

Morris - CA
m42 standard jump pants (2012-02-09)
color excellent, material pretty good, BUT sizing about 2 sizes too SMALL than marked.

great (2010-10-08)
Great product my gear came in about 5 days not including weekends

Wight - Canada
Mr (2010-07-18)
nice fit nice colour nice price

Farnfield - GB
M42 Jump Trousers (2010-05-12)
Great Customer Service, they look good. Shorter inseam (S) would be welcome

Hannant - GB
original (2010-03-14)
look and feel like the original.
perfect in size, style and colour (it is od 3)
thank you wpg

Schatull - DE
M42 Para Pants (2009-10-08)
Again, I really enjoy the quality of the garment. I will almost certainly ordered more items as I need them.

Anderson - US
m42 trouser (2009-06-27)
I''ve receive my 2 trouser in size 30, they looks very good. They are perfect ( sizing )

Definitely if you worn 32, take a 30.

A very good reproduction, a little price, i like this !!

Cintract - Funkatirekiller551st
m42 trouser (2009-06-23)
i''ve receive mines in 5 days, the shipping is very fast !!
The trousers have a big cargo pocket like the originals, and the colour is very good !!

A good production, but the sizing is of, i take 32 for my trouser and here the 32 look like a potatoes bag,

If you would purchase one,take a 30 if you normally take 32 =), and the tissue is a little thick, but they look very good, more like the atf who are very little cargo pockets.


Cintract - Tibo
m42 paratrooper pants (2009-06-21)
these are high quality pants hard to tell from originals very happy!

larry - north carolina
ATF WHO??? (2008-06-27)
These M42 trousers must be the most authentic and accuratley constructed reproduction Ive ever owned. I own 4 pairs, each from a different vendor. In comparison to repos from ATF, to, This pair is almost identical to many original pairs that Ive seen. These trousers are authentic from the waistline to its HBT bias taped ankles. The inner ankles also posess the rare 4x10 triangle of extra fabric that enable one to re-alter the tapered legs back into a straight leg cut, for an extra baggy fit. This is a detail skipped by nearly all other repo companies, who in comparison, make nothing more than glorified, over priced, khakis with paratrooper pockets. This product alone has by far, won my loyalty over ATF. Bravo WPG!!!!

Alex - Tolleson Arizona
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