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Great repro! (2020-05-11)
I got this uniform for my brazil ww2 uniform video. Although the jacket dodnt fit the rest fit perfectly and was excellent quality. Ive been a customer for over a year and continuously been impressed with the products!

Stinson - US
Appreciation for superb service and products (2013-03-06)
Ordered the complete uniform for my 87 year old father for Christmas. When he opened the boxes on Christmas Day he was very touched since it had been over 68 years since the last time he had held one of these uniforms in his hands. The quality of the products are superb. I ordered late and it arrived on Christmas Eve at 5:00, what superb service! Although I ordered the Ike jacket a size above normal for my father it was still too small, seems he has grown through the years....ha ha. When I returned the jacket and wrote a note as to the sizing problem you sent a new one immediately out and it fits perfectly! I appreciate your wonderful service and products.

Amell - US
Mr, (2010-07-09)
I bought this uniform set of the Ike Jacket for a 90 year old friend who lost his in a move home to another state. He cried to see the jacket as he tried it on on the 4th of July. The quality was superb. Well worth the price for the quality. The colors of the blouse and tie were perfect. Thanks Much.

Dan - US
Awsome Ike Uniform!! fast shipping (2009-12-11)
Great looking uniforms! i will be married in this uniform, the ike jacket and trousers are an almost match of the WWII uniforms. great job. fast shipping.

Browning - US
Ike uniform package (2009-05-27)
Very fast shipment and great customer service.
Nice repros. I'll wear it during Dday events in Normandy.

Gianluca Rezzoagli - Italy
US Complete Ike Enlisted Jacket uniform (Package) (2008-12-29)
Great looking product and fast shipping!

Thomas - US
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